Japanese actors: legendary performers and newfangled idols

Japan has in its original culture a myriad of cinematic features, so its national film industry has developed in two main directions. The cinema of the Land of the Rising Sun either embodied the traditions of the national theater, or, on the contrary, used folk motifs as an entourage - themes for reproduction, understandable to Europeans. Therefore, Japanese actors differ from European and American not only by their specific appearance, but also by their professional skills. In addition to performers in the conventional sense, in Japan, especially in recent times, idols are very popular - actors, dancers, models, singers. On the performers of world renown and new stars of the film industry of the Land of the Rising Sun will tell this publication.japanese actors

Tomisaburo Wakayama

Japanese film actor and martial arts master Wakayama Tomisaburo gained world fame thanks to his leading role in the epic "The Lone Wolf and His Child."The first film, The Sword of Vengeance (1972), opened a 6-part franchise, eeming the popular eponymous manga, or rather, the gadiku Kazuo Koyke. Over the entire shooting period, many Japanese actors took part in the production of a series of tapes, but only Wakayama is associated with this film production.

Artist for his entire creative career was shot by various estimates from 250 to 500 paintings. His filmography includes several roles in Hollywood films. In the sports comedy "Scandalous" bears "go to Japan," he played the role of coach of the baseball team, and in the criminal thriller "Black Rain" Ridley Scott, the actor played a policeman. Wakayama had all the qualities to flawlessly play the roles of antagonists of all stripes, like many other Japanese male actors. Therefore, Tomisaburo often got to the characters of the gangsters or yakudz. Sometimes the actor got tired of the images of villains and frankly fooled around, shamelessly replaying in the frame, but always conscientiously worked out the tasks set by the director. Unfortunately, in the spring of 1992, the life of the actor was cut short, he died of a heart attack.japanese male actors

Tatsuya Nakadai

Japanese actor Nakadai Tatsuya got into the world of the film industry by accident. Once held, director Masaki Kobayashi spotted a young clerk in a clothing store and offered him one of the key roles in his drama Behind the Thick Wall. This picture was the initial milestone in the long-term collaboration of the director and the young performer. Together they worked on the creation of 11 joint projects, among them: the historical drama-action "Harakiri", the horror film "Kvaydan", the film drama "The Risen" and the trilogy "The human endowment."

In general, for his creative career, the actor has collaborated with many well-known directors. In addition to Kobayashi, he starred in 9 tapes of Kihati Okamoto (the most famous action films “Kill!” And “Sword of Destiny”), in 10 projects by Hideo Gosya (action adventure “The Shogun's Gold”), in 5 films of Kon Ichikawa (drama “The Key” and “Flame”), in six works by Akira Kurosawa (“Ran”, “Heaven and Hell”, “Bodyguard”, “Shadow of a Warrior”, “Brave Samurai”), in 5 paintings by Mikio Naruse (including the drama “When a Woman climbs the stairs ") and in the three masterpieces of Hiroshi Teshigahara (the fantastic drama" Alien Face ").Many Japanese actors, Tatsuya’s contemporaries, could envy such an invaluable experience.wakayama tomisaburo

Ken watanabe

Ken Watanabe is a younger generation of Japanese actors. He was born in the late 50s, at the dawn of glory Tomisaburo and Tatsuya. The young man studied at the Tokyo drama school and began to actively star in his student days. The directors, with whom Watanabe happened to work, noted his extraordinary charm and unsurpassed mastery of reincarnation.

Especially Kanu managed the role of samurai. Director Edward Zwick, who involved the actor in his project The Last Samurai, said that even the penknife in the hands of the performer looks like a warrior’s dagger. It was the film "The Last Samurai" glorified Watanabe to the whole world, giving invaluable experience of acting interaction. The screen partner of the Japanese actor in the project was Tom Cruise. Colleagues of the performer noted not only an amazing acting talent, but also modesty, calm, no star fever. At the moment, the most significant pictures of the performer are: “Batman: The Beginning”, “Transformers: The Epoch of Extermination”, “Memoirs of a Geisha”, “The Last Samurai”, “Letters from Iwo Jima”, “The Beginning”.Such a career advancement was achieved by few Japanese actors.

Modern phenomenon

Currently, the trend of the emergence of actors, musicians, dancers has spread throughout Asia, including Japan. Such performers are called "idols" and are mostly filmed in youth dramas. All of the following performers are men, students of Johnny's Entertainment, which has the greatest influence on the genre of youth doramas. Not all idols without exception reach global popularity and remain in the film industry for a long time, but most are quite promising.nakaday tatsuya

Top 5

The top five most popular and successful idol actors in Japan include:

  1. Kamenashi Kazuya.The artist as a child dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, but fulfilling the will of his father, he came to the agency, where he was immediately blinded by a star. His best acting works are roles in the films “It's me, it's me”, “Yuuki”, “The Joker Game” and in the dramas “Bam, Monster Man”, “Nobuty Producing”, “One Pound Gospel”.
  2. Kimura Takuya.The actor is a vivid example of how you can get into successful actors from pop johnnis.Currently, the performer is actively removed, in addition to doors (“Sleeping Forest”, “Mr. Brain”, “Life is Beautiful”) there are full-length paintings in its assets, for example, “I come with rain”.
  3. Yamada Ryosuke.One of the youngest idols, successful and adored by fans, by the age of 23 had accumulated a decent filmography. In addition to roles in dramas (“School of Detectives Q”, “The case is conducted by young detective Kindaiti”, “One-pound Gospel”), the performer plays musicals and full-length films (“The Killer Class”, “Cain and Abel”).
  4. Matsumoto Jun.This young man is known to every dorama fan, he is Johnny’s Entertainment’s most important idol. The actor made his debut in the TV series "Our courage", and real popularity came to Jun after the premiere of "Flower after the berries." His filmography includes a lot of projects ("Tokyo Tower", "My Favorite", "Last Promise", "Lucky Seven", "Abductions will no longer be", "Yellow Tears") and is regularly updated with new creations of the modern film industry.
  5. Yamashita Tomohisa- The most popular actor, Johnny’s Entertainment. His filmography includes the most famous dramas and movies: “Youth”, “Dragon Zakura”, “Kurosagi”, “Code: Blue”, “Tomorrow Joe”, “From 5 to 9” and many others.

Of course, this is not all famous Japanese actors.The land of the rising sun is rich and other talented people.

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