Jeans is ... Description, history, types and models

Today, jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe, whereas the original blue trousers were working clothes for dockers, movers and cowboys. Maybe it is worth learning a little more about the thing that almost everyone has?

Jeans history

It is considered that the American movers were the first to wear comfortable dark blue trousers. In fact, tight cotton pants appeared shortly before Columbus discovered America. "Denim" fabric was made in the small French town of Nimes, it was called nimskoy yarn. From here, by the way, the word “denim” originated, and jeans are a French “invention”.

jeans is

Especially denim loved sailors who were quite picky and did not pursue fashion. They liked the fabric for its lightness and durability. At first Nimsky yarn was covered with cargoes, she was also patched by sails, and spacious comfortable pants were sewn from it. Sailors, by the way, invented flared jeans.They needed wide trousers so that they could roll up when the turn to wash the deck fell out.

It was the sailors who brought jeans to America in the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries. True, practical trousers in the New World were firmly established only by the beginning of the nineteenth century. The cowboys just needed sturdy pants for riding.

Many are fully confident that jeans were invented by Levi Strauss - the founder of a company of the same name, whose things are known and popular all over the world today, but in reality Jacob Davis, who offered tailor services to miners, did it. The latter, by the way, came from the Russian Empire. True, he had no money for a patent, so he asked them for Levi Strauss.

For decades, jeans served only as a robe for sailors, miners, workers and cowboys. Dark blue pants were cheap, served for a long time, and “decent” people treated them the way they do to the one who decides to wear sports pants to the theater.

Strong denim pants would have remained workwear if it were not for fashion. In America, many wealthy people from the industrial northern regions sent their children to summer camps in the south.There, the guys became “cowboys in miniature” and, of course, wore jeans. Children, of course, really liked that the pants were not torn and almost did not get dirty. This is how fashion was born - first among children, later - among adults.

jeans history

Jeans "thundered" to the whole world, when striking youth in the United States during the time of the sexual revolution decided to choose jeans in order to show everyone their solidarity and unity. Then, in the dark blue trousers, people began to walk, and quite wealthy people — bankers, university professors, and even office workers. Interestingly, anti-American sentiment and jeans sales were growing simultaneously around the world.

Jeans in the USSR

In the USSR, jeans were first discovered only in 1957, when simple dark blue pants appeared at the VI World Festival of Youth and Students. The first to know about them were residents of two capitals - Moscow and Leningrad - after all, it was there that foreign students and tourists began to appear. Also, Western things often appeared primarily in major international ports - Odessa, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok. It was in these cities that the first Berezki, shops where it was possible to purchase foreign goods, began to open.

Learning about jeans, they began to be mentioned in their works by E. Evtushenko, V.Aksenov and other cultural figures of the time. There is a known case when the political leader of the state, N. Khrushchev, at a meeting with the intelligentsia, reproached A. Voznesensky for having appeared in jeans.

The most famous jeans

What are jeans today? The first, of course, are the famous Levis. This enterprising young man opened the first store in 1853, when he was a little more than twenty years old. Strauss sewed durable trousers from any fabric that was durable in its properties and delivered them to the gold miners camps. In the United States, covered by the gold rush, it was a brilliant decision.

what are jeans

Modern-looking jeans are comfortable and practical pants with pockets and rivets, levies began to be produced in the 20s of the twentieth century. Then Strauss was already dead, and the company passed to his nephews.

In the 90s of the twentieth century, the company lost more than half of the previous market share, but not at all because there were many competitors around. “Levis” lost their positions only because they continued to produce classic straight jeans, while the whole world went to narrow fashion.

Today, the owners of one of the most famous companies that sew jeans, are the heirs of Strauss. The company was not sold, only the management is handled by outsiders.In 2008, the company's net profit amounted to almost $ 230 million.

history of creation and the appearance of jeans

Basic models

Each manufacturer introduces its own labeling and classification, but there are still common types of jeans:

  1. Slim - skinny, fully-fitting jeans.
  2. Classic straight leg trousers.
  3. Free cut or so-called "boyfriends."
  4. Skinny - tight-fitting pants.
  5. Breeches are trousers that fit tightly in the shins, but widen at the hips.
  6. Jeggings are a cross between leggings and jeans.

The main types and names of women's jeans are listed above, but there are other common types of these practical pants.

Denim Types

Modern jeans are rarely made of denim, as today it is the most expensive fabric. Most often, the pants are made of gin, stretch, ecru, shambri or broken twill. These fabrics are cheaper, they are dyed, as a rule, only on one of the systems of threads - longitudinal.

types of women's jeans titles

Fashion jeans 2017

In 2017, jeans are a must have. This season, classic high-waisted models, baggy oversized models and free boyfriends have become fashionable. You can wear jeans with classic shirts (best combined with classic dark blue pants), and with bright T-shirts.Classic models look good on almost any shape, high waist favorably hides too much on the hips, and straight cut (or tapering, which looks better on slender tall girls) visually lengthens the legs.

Interesting Facts

At one time, jeans became the brand-name clothes of hippie youth representatives - many people know that. But there are other interesting facts about practical dark blue trousers:

  1. The company "Levis" bought at auction in 2001 jeans, which were produced approximately in 1880 in the mining village.
  2. Fartsovschikov J. Rokotov and V. Faibishenko in 1961 were shot for trading jeans - this was one of the charges.
  3. In Peru, a fabric of more than six thousand years old was discovered, dyed with the natural dye indigo, which is used to make jeans today.


The history of the creation and appearance of jeans is as interesting as the current trends associated with this garment.

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