Kiev universities and their ratings

At the end of the school year, high school students beginthink about where to continue studying. Many try to leave for the capital. After all, there is a huge number of opportunities. You can not only get a quality education, but also to visit historical places, get acquainted with interesting people. Kiev universities are represented by different types of educational institutions. There is an opportunity to enter the institute, university or academy. Documents can be filed not only residents of Ukraine, but also foreign applicants.

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

If you ask any resident of Ukraine about the fact,what universities there are in Kiev, this educational institution will come to his mind in the first place. This is a state educational institution with a fourth level of accreditation. The university has not only 14 faculties, but also 7 research institutes. Students have the opportunity to plunge into the world of high technology, journalism, philology. There is also military training, postgraduate education is offered. Anyone can improve their knowledge, regardless of age.

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Educational institution is of interest not onlyfor potential students. There is a museum of the history of the educational institution, a real Astronomical Observatory, a computer center, and a scientific library, which anyone can use. The University offers three forms of training - day, correspondence and externship. Nonresident students may be provided with a hostel.

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

This is a public educational institution withthe fourth level of accreditation, which is the second most popular among Ukrainian entrants. Everyone can choose a specialty and enroll in one of 20 faculties. In addition, the educational institution has 14 scientific centers and 9 research institutes. Today more than 40 thousand students study here, and more than 2000 teachers share their knowledge. There are also Honored Professors of Ukraine.

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Like other best universities in Kiev, polytechnicThe institute offers three forms of training. There is an opportunity to enter a hospital or study in absentia. Some students get higher education by external means. The educational institution offers paid training, military department. There is an opportunity to finish the magistracy and graduate school. Non-resident students are also offered a hostel. By the way, more than 2,000 students from other countries receive higher education in the educational institution.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

If we consider the rating of universities in Kiev, then thisthe educational institution takes the third place. It is also the establishment of the fourth level of accreditation with state ownership. The students are trained on the basis of individual planning. Everyone has the opportunity to independently develop a plan for studying certain subjects. At the same time, one should not deviate from master's and bachelor's programs. The training plan is drawn up for the next academic year in March.

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The university offers both paid and freeforms of learning. Non-resident students are offered a hostel, and representatives of the stronger sex can enter the military department. There is an opportunity to get a bachelor's, specialist's or master's qualification.

For applicants, there are two typespreparatory program. The daily form of training is carried out on a contract basis and lasts 8 months. The applicant must attend classes five times a week. For senior students who can not miss school at school, an extramural preparatory program is offered. The training is conducted during the school holidays.

National Aviation University

If we consider the state universities in Kiev,Aviation University does not rank first in the popularity rating. But in the world NAU is one of the most valuable aviation higher educational institutions. Here there are about 36 thousand students, more than a thousand came from other countries.

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The educational institution prepares not only engineeringspecialties. NAU produces qualified ecologists, lawyers, economists, sociologists and translators. Having received the diploma here, you can build an excellent career not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of the world. The teaching staff includes 15 academicians, 230 doctors of science, as well as more than 900 candidates of science. Like other universities in Kiev, NAU offers paid training. You can finish the magistracy and graduate school. The boys are offered a military department.

Bogomolets Medical University

To those who consider honey. universities in Kiev, it is worth paying attention to this educational institution in the first place. This university has a really high scientific potential. Some well-known specialists who saved more than one life, were released precisely from this educational institution.

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The University has a Student Scientificsociety, which was organized back in 1881. Thanks to him, really talented children acquire the skills of scientific research. They are not only attracted to research work, but also receive quality medical education on a free basis. Only two forms of training are offered: full-time and part-time.

National University of Technology and Design

State educational institution with the fourthlevel of accreditation, which allows you to gain knowledge in the field of light industry. From the walls of the university specialists come out, on which the national economy is held. The guys get skills in the garment industry, learn to make quality shoes. Most famous Ukrainian designers were educated in KNUTD.

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Guys have the opportunity to get a degreebachelor, specialist or master. A military department works for the representatives of the stronger sex. Non-resident students are provided with a hostel. There are also a lot of foreigners studying here. Most of them are Chinese.

M. Dragomanov Pedagogical University

The educational institution has an excellent educational base. On the territory of the university there is a fundamental library, which has more than one million books on various specialties. Students can conduct self-education in 12 reading rooms. At the same time, more than 700 people can be accommodated here. The guys who entered other universities in Kiev, can well visit the library of the University. M. Dragomanova. It is necessary to enter only.

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The educational institution maintains contact with foreign universities. Cooperation has been established with Switzerland, the USA, Poland, China, and Bulgaria. Students have the opportunity to attend exchange training.

National University of Commerce and Economics

This school closes the list of universitiesKiev, which are most popular. There are more than 30 thousand students studying in 16 main directions. All specialties are relevant for modern society. Graduates of the university have the opportunity after training to get work in prestigious factories and enterprises.

The University offers paid and freetraining. Nonresident students may, if they wish, live in the hostel. Everyone has the opportunity to get a bachelor's, specialist's and master's qualification. The children are invited to undergo training at the military department.

All the universities of Kyiv have their ownfeatures, advantages and disadvantages. Find out more information about them should be long before it is time to file documents for admission. And that education was free, you need to prepare fruitfully for several years. It may be necessary to submit documents to several educational institutions in Kiev.

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