Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice

Issei Sagawa is a descendant of a Japanese businessman,who was very fond of France, its history and culture, and therefore felt the need for its in-depth study. It was for this purpose that he arrived at the Sorbonne. However, in a hospitable country, he did something that shocked not only the French, but the whole world.

Acquaintance of young people

This happened in 1981. A small Japanese student Issei Sagawa met a Dutch student named Renee Hartevelt. The interests of both in many ways coincided, so they quickly found a common language and began to sympathize with each other. They were attracted by poetry, they read poems, while recording them on a tape recorder. Ideal relations continued with Issei Sagawa and René Hartevelt for exactly one month.Issy Sahawa

Rene Hartevelt's Murder

On June 11, 1981, during such a literarymeetings young people, as usual, began to recite poems. As the French police will later find out, Renee read them. At this time, there was a sharp and loud clap, after which came a gloomy and sinister silence. She became eternal for a young Dutch student.

Shocking details of follow-up actions

However, the country was not struck by the murder itself,because, like in any other state, such incidents are not uncommon. The shock of the public caused what happened next. A few years after Issei's murder, Sagawa told of his monstrous act.

He cut the girl's body, blood ran from there. Her meat looked like beef. Shaver tried to bite off first from the buttocks, after it did not work out - from the hip. But this also failed. Then he took a knife and cut off Rene's flesh. Meat melted in the mouth like fresh tuna. The ogre then thought that at last he felt the taste of a white woman. For him at that moment, there was nothing better in the world.

japanese student issei sagawa

Having eaten, Issei Sagawa, Japanese cannibal,cut off several pieces from the girl's body, packed them in plastic bags, put them in the freezer to come later and again to taste the humans. After all, no matter how horrific it may seem, a maniac in a calm state and excellent spirits went to the cinema together with his acquaintances.

Concealment of crime

Although from the side it may seem that IsseiSagawa is mentally abnormal, he was aware of the consequences of his deed. It was for this reason that he returned to the crime scene and decided to hide his tracks. He packed the remains of René Hartevelt in suitcases, called a taxi, which he went to the Bois de Boulogne. There the cannibal began to search for a place where it was possible to hide the remains. Deciding to drown the evidence in the pond, Issei Sagawa was already about to throw suitcases with terrible contents, but at that time he heard and saw two young men heading towards him. This frightened the psychopath, he tossed both suitcases into the bushes, and fled in panic.

issei sagawa Japanese cannibal

This behavior, of course, surprised a couple. Approaching the bushes to see what is there, they were amazed - a human hand protruded from the suitcase.


The capture of the criminal did not drag on for long. The taxi driver, who well remembered his passenger, told all about him to the police, and she found out his whereabouts. After a while he was interrogated in the police department, where he confessed everything, as there was enough evidence. From the death penalty, the scientist saved only the fact that right before this crime the new president of France announced a moratorium on this type of punishment.

Issy-sagawa books

After the long investigative actions and trials of Issei, Sagawa did not begin to be punished, having recognized him mentally insane.

Literary activity of the criminal

In July 1983, a Japanese cannibal from the prisonThe imprisonment was transferred to a psychiatric hospital located in the suburbs of the French capital. In that institution the criminal began to write a book about the atrocity he had committed. It was called "In the Fog". Issei Sagawa, whose books were sold in more than four hundred thousand copies, later wrote another work - "The Letter of Sagawa." The latter was recognized in Japan and won one of the prestigious literary prizes.


Issei Sagawa was rich enoughrelatives who began to make every effort to return him to their native land. A sufficiently powerful campaign was launched, as a result of which the maniac was nevertheless transported to Japan. There he was also placed in a psychiatric hospital.

issei sagawa memoir

Apparently, the treatment gave its results, though,most likely this was achieved by the aforementioned relatives, because on September 14, 1985 Issey Sagawa, whose memoirs became widely popular in his native country, was released and recognized as a healthy person. He was placed under guardianship of his parents.

Life after liberation

Strangely enough, but after Sagawathey freed him, he was busy with such activities, which were in the public eye. Even more strange is the attitude of the Japanese public to the cannibal. He was literally made of a star. So, in 1992 he was invited to a popular television channel in this country, where he worked as a presenter for several weeks. After that, he engaged in filming pornographic films, in which he took direct part. The plot of these films was inextricably linked with the theme of cannibalism. Sagawa played in them all the same maniac who wants to eat women. One of his films he called: "I want to be eaten by me."

Doubts that he got rid of the disease, after such films only intensify. And after statements cannibal that he sometimes wants to eat his girlfriends, this is firmly convinced.

strange history of the saga of Issa

An even more inconceivable fact is thatthe strange story of Sagawa Issei does not end there. So, some time ago he had a chosen one, on which the maniac decided to marry. She is only nineteen years old, she reread all the books of her lover and decided that he is her hero. When a psychopath is asked if he wants to taste a piece of flesh of his beloved, he jokes.

"She is too young, and the healers forbade me to eat meat because of diabetes," says Issei Sagawa.

However, the parents of Rene Hartevelt rightlyare outraged by what is happening and are seeking to return Sagawa to France by all means. They believe that if a maniac is recognized as healthy, then it can now be judged. But the defenders of the cannibalism are also on the defensive, taking all measures to ensure that the return to France did not happen. They achieved the fact that they placed Sagawa in a hospital where nervous people are treated. And to this day this criminal is working there on his work. And it became known that in the near future he would publish the book "Dictionary of cannibalism".

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Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice Killer-eater Issei Sagawa: biography, punishment and sacrifice