Korean carrots. Cooking secrets

Korean carrots are often sold along with other national dishes. For example, with kimchi. But cooking it at home is much safer. If you are not sure how to make Korean carrots correctly, you just need to carefully read the technology. There is nothing difficult in it, and rare seasonings can be replaced with ordinary ones. The result will be edible and beautiful in any case.

Korean carrot

The secret of burning carrots

A mixture of spices, oil and vinegar is often sold separately, in the form of ready-made marinade. But if such a billet is not purchased at a specialized Korean condiment store, it can be of dubious quality. In addition, many marinades are richly flavored with monosodium glutamate - this is a chemical additive that is very popular in China. If in our country this name can be read only on a pack of chips or other industrial products, then there it is widespread in home cooking. It is also added to Korean carrots.Another disadvantage of the finished marinade is difficult to regulate the sharpness and amount of salt. Until the optimal proportion is found, it is necessary to spend more than one kilogram of carrots.how to make carrots in KoreanIt is better and cheaper to make refueling yourself. You may have concerns about whether you can use the right amount of pepper. On this account, there is one trick. The flakes of pepper themselves should not get into the carrots in Korean. It is heated in oil, and then the filtered oil is added to the salad.


Carrot for salad pick juicy, young and smooth. This will be easier to peel and chop. It will take a spoonful of sugar and salt, 150 grams of sunflower (or other vegetable) oil. You can use unrefined. Half a head of garlic, onion, three tablespoons of soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. A mixture of spices may be different, but as a base it is recommended to take the following: a teaspoon of flakes of chili pepper, black, allspice peas and cloves. But you can add more coriander seeds.how to cook carrots in Korean

How to cook carrots in Korean

You can grate a juicy vegetable on a grater, but it is much better to cut it into strips - this will allow you to preserve the desired texture of the dish. Cover the finished carrot with salt and squeeze it out in half an hour.If it is very juicy, you can repeat it several times and then dry it on a sieve. Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Those time in a mortar grind cloves and pepper. Put them in butter and add chili flakes, onion, and heat to boiling. When the bow becomes dark - it should be removed and discarded. Prepared carrots pour boiling oil over several layers of gauze. After that, mix well, add soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and let stand. Then shake the mixture and store in the cold. Initially, in the East, it was not Korean carrot that was popular at all, but the pickled root of the tarodi plant, which grows in the mountains. But the adapted recipe was much more delicious. And now, without this dish, it is difficult to imagine the cuisines of many eastern nations, for example, the Uzbek.

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