Kresten Palace 4 * (Greece / Rhodes / Kallithea): photos, room description, features of the service and reviews

Holidays in Greece - it is always informative. It cannot be compared with Turkey and Egypt in the "all inclusive" system. These are completely different areas for recreation and tourism. Many are sent to Greece with hopes for a tumultuous and fun nightlife, which is why they return unsatisfied.

Of course, resorts offer vacationers bars, restaurants and discos, but all this is not quite the same as in other places of rest. After all, the country honors culture, education and religion. Here they try to preserve nature and fight for cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

Hotel location

The resort of Kalithea is located on the Kassandra peninsula in an untouched corner of Greece. Here you can admire trees and shrubs in a natural, unprocessed form. A large variety of vegetation gives way to desert rocks and stones.

Do not confuse the resort with the same city in Greece.The resort has a hotel Kresten Palace 4 *, built far enough from the main part of the resort. Therefore, the place is very fond of quiet family couples with children and people of old age. The airport is only 20 km away, and the center of Rhodes is about 6 km away. Right next to the hotel there is a bus stop where you can take a regular bus. The distance from the hotel to the city or the center of the village is approximately the same, so you can safely choose different routes daily.


Hotel Kresten Palace 4 * built in 1993 on a hill. Therefore, from it in calm, calm weather, you can consider other islands and resorts. The total area covers about 60,000 square meters. The last reconstruction (redecoration) was carried out in 2008-2009. Furniture and equipment in the rooms is periodically updated.

Number of rooms

The hotel itself consists of a main three-story building and three additional. There are 283 hotel rooms available to accommodate guests. The maximum number of people in an apartment is 4.

Types of rooms

  1. Family - one-room with one double bed and two single or 4 single. The maximum number of residents - 4 people.The windows of the apartments overlook the garden, there is a partition (division of recreation areas in the room). Upon request, you can provide a family room with a balcony overlooking the sea. Such housing is provided only in additional buildings. The total area of ​​the room is 35 square meters.
  2. Standard - the room has everything you need (as in other rooms). The maximum number of residents - 3 people. Beds are available on request (single or double). The total area is 25 square meters.
  3. Room with flexible living conditions - one of the cheapest in the hotel. Its main difference from the standard is an indefinite period of residence. That is, perhaps a few days later you will be asked to move to another number. This option is more suitable for short tourist holidays. The total area is 25 square meters.
family apartment

Conditions in the rooms

For accommodation, guests are provided with the necessary furniture (bed, bedside table, wardrobe, table), TV, refrigerator, telephone, safe, radio and bathroom (shower or bath, toilet, hairdryer). Also available all the necessary bedding and towels.

type of number


Daily change of linen and towels is required in all rooms.The staff perfectly understands the Russian language and communicates in English. You will be offered for a fee laundry services, dry cleaning and ironing. The room has a mini-bar, for drinks and snacks from which you have to pay separately. On the territory there is a main restaurant and 2 bars (by the pool and on the beach).

hotel lobby


Near the hotel has its own ample parking for cars. At the entrance guard is on duty around the clock. The hall is large and spacious. The hotel has a conference room, as well as a room for watching movies. A small shop is also at the disposal of guests. Here you can rent a car for your own use.


In the lobby there is a currency exchange office, in which, oddly enough, a fairly acceptable rate. On the territory you will find 2 swimming pools with everything you need, as well as with places for children swimming. But for the Internet will have to pay separately. "Wi-Fi" catches only in the lobby and by the pool.


The hotel’s own restaurant offers several types of food: only breakfast, breakfast and dinner (it can be replaced for lunch), as well as all-inclusive. Most tourists choose one or two meals so as not to get attached to the hotel for the whole day. Still, Greece is a cultural country with a deep history.There are so many different sights and cultural values ​​that there is practically no time for numerous trips to restaurants.

restaurant in the main building

Hotel Kresten Palace 4 * (Rhodes) does not offer a wide variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, everything is fresh and in sufficient quantity. For breakfast, you will be offered eggs (boiled, in the form of an omelet), toast, fresh pastries, cheese and sausage. Tea, coffee and juice in any quantity. For the smallest flakes with milk and yoghurts. Dinner or lunch is also quite substantial: meat and a lot of vegetables for every taste. Once a week, themed dinners of different cuisines of the world are organized.


In addition to relaxing by the pool, you can play volleyball, table tennis, futsal or use the tennis court at the hotel. Tourists are even invited to have fun on the mini-golf course.

outdoor pool in the hotel

In addition, you can visit the massage room or spa. Lovers of baths and saunas will also be where to spend time. Keep fit in the fitness center or gym.

For children in Kresten Palace 4 * (Kalithea) there is a playroom, as well as inflatable balls and toys for swimming. There are slides in the pool.On the territory there is a playground. Every evening there is an entertainment program for both adults and children.


Almost all the beaches in Greece are sandy and stony, so you should buy special shoes. From the hotel Kresten Palace 4 * (Rhodes, Greece) go to the beach for about 5 minutes. And this is a whole adventure, because you need to go down to the bay. The view from here is simply gorgeous: the sea surface, around unusual wild vegetation, rocks, stones and the beach.

main beach

On the beach you will be offered umbrellas and deck chairs for a fee. The water is clean and clear. On the territory and in the water is always clean and tidy. By the way, the resort of Kallithea received the "Blue Flag" for the cleanest beaches in Greece.

The entrance to the sea is smooth, not deep, but there are small stones. There is a minibar on the beach where you can buy drinks and snacks.


Excursions to Rhodes very much. Guides will offer both one day and two day trips. If you plan to watch the surroundings and sights on your car, it is better to pre-route.

You need to buy excursions in specially designated stalls. So it will be more profitable, and they will tell you how and where you will be taken.

Be sure to visit the most beautiful and largest beach of Rhodes - Tsambika. Crowds of tourists come here every year. Transparent water and golden sand, many cafes and restaurants - this is what will meet you here.

The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion also does not leave tourists indifferent. These are the ruins of an ancient structure, which are located in a beautiful place in Greece. You can visit the unique archeological complex Delphi (near Athens) and do not forget about the thermal springs in Caliphea.

Many shops with branded clothing and jewelry will open their doors for you. You will not be able to pass by the numerous markets with fruits, fish and vegetables.

Difficulties while staying at the hotel Kresten Palace 4 * (Greece / Rhodes / Kalithea)

The pools are a very good and comfortable structure in the hotel, however the water is too chlorinated. Some tourists note this as a flaw. Although it is clear that everything is done for the purpose of disinfection.

Insufficient animation in the hotel, so tourists often have to go to the city of Rhodes. Many say that in the evening in the hotel and on the territory there is practically nothing to do. By the way, poor lighting of the tracks in the evening makes it very difficult to walk to the sea.

view from the terrace

Hotel Kresten Palace 4 *, reviews of which are mostly good, has a fairly simple repair and not new equipment in the bathroom. This brings some discomfort to tourists. There are problems with the plumbing and shower. By the way, air conditioning in the room only works when the balcony door is closed.

Problems with the Internet and payment for it are very sad for tourists of all countries. The network can be "caught" only in certain places of the territory.

The beach is rocky, so bathing children is quite dangerous in it. On the way there are large and sharp stones.

Hotel Kresten Palace 4 * (Rhodes): guest reviews

Most tourists respond well to the hotel. Friendly staff and convenient location delight everyone. The hotel has few Russians. For some, this is a big plus. It is quiet and peaceful, there are no noisy parties and parties. Food quite varied, tasty and fresh.

In their reviews, vacationers say excellent service: cleaning in the room and linen change is carried out daily. For children provide beds, playpens and high chairs. Many celebrate a wonderful holiday by the pool and on the beach.

Most tourists do not like the lack of high-speed Internet."Wi-Fi" does not work everywhere, the Internet is paid. Rooms require redecoration and plumbing. In some places there are leaks bath or toilet.

There are reviews in which it is noted that tourists do not like the food at the hotel Kresten Palace 4 *. According to them, it is not diverse enough. In the evening, young people are very boring. "Weak" animation forces you to go to the city, where you can return from at night only by taxi.

Holidaymakers at the Kresten Palace 4 * (Greece) are delighted in their feedback that there are several shops and a bus stop nearby. In 15 minutes you can reach the city and visit interesting places.

Tourists with children in their reviews say that the hotel Kresten Palace 4 * (Rhodes) is located in a great location. Far enough from the city and bustle. In the sea, you can swim with masks and see the underwater world. A lot of fish and plants like not only children but also adults.

Leave positive feedback and those who are in Greece is not the first time. The hotel is pleased with its service and infrastructure, an abundance of sports-type entertainment. You can easily rent a car and visit interesting places.

Vacationers like the service at the Kresten Palace 4 * and quick response to the problems encountered.Many people write that in case of problems they called the hotel administrators, and the staff resorted in a couple of minutes. I did not like the fact that the beach with stones, which is unacceptable for bathing children. The rooms are large and spacious, have everything you need.

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