Kudrin Alexey: biography and personal life

The biography of famous politicians always attracts attention. One of them is Russian ex-minister Kudrin Alexey Leonidovich. The post is currently the deputy chairman of the economic council of the Russian Federation. He is called the toughest financier in the history of the country, as he responded to many projects with a refusal to allocate budgetary funds.

Childhood policy

Alexey Kudrin’s mother, Zinta Miller, moved with her family to the Krasnoyarsk Territory before the war with the fascists. Then she returned to Dobel, her hometown. There she met Leonid Kudrin. Zinta worked as an accountant, and her future husband was a military commander.

He was engaged in receiving and sending secret documents. He loved to take pictures. After the wedding, they had a long-awaited son - Kudrin Alexey Leonidovich. This joyful event for spouses happened on the twelfth of November 1960 in the Latvian SSR, the city of Dobele. In 1968, Kudrin Sr. was seconded to Mongolia, then worked in other areas and cities. Together with Leonid moved his family.Kudrin Alexey


Alexey Kudrin went to primary school in 1967 in Latvia, in the city of Tukums. A year later, they moved the whole family to Mongolia, where they were transferred to the service of their father. Aleksey started going to school there, but he only graduated from school for three years. In 1971 Kudrins moved to the Chita region, Borzya. Alexey again had to change the school in which he had been studying for three years.

In 1974, the family moved again, now to the city of Arkhangelsk. In it, Alexey was enrolled in school number two, and then transferred to the seventeenth. In it, he received a secondary education in 1977. The following year, Alexey entered the Leningrad State University for the evening department. After the second course I switched to full-time education.

He graduated from this university in 1983. Then Alexey Kudrin enrolled in the graduate school of the Economic Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He graduated in 1988. He studied military affairs at the artillery gathering in the Pskov region, the Struga Krasnye range. He has the rank of lieutenant in the reserve.

Labor activity

Alexey Leonidovich began his career when he studied at the Leningrad university. Kudrin's father advised his son to settle at the Academy of Transport and Logistics of the Ministry of Defense of the Soviet Union.Alexey followed the advice of the parent. Started working as a simple car mechanic. Then he became an instructor in the engine laboratory for the operation of automotive equipment.Alexey Kudrin

The scientific activity of Alexei Leonidovich

In 1983, after graduation, he was assigned to work at the Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR; he worked as an intern researcher. In the period from 1985 to 1988 he was a graduate student in the same educational institution. Then he engaged in scientific work. He defended his candidate. In the 80s. Alexey Leonidovich headed a movement of young scientists who wanted to change the current director of the institute.

The beginning of the political career of the future minister

The biography of Alexei Kudrin in the political sphere began as early as the Leningrad University, in which he met with the future presidential adviser Andrei Illarionov. Their relationship has since grown into a strong friendship. Together with Leningrad economists, among whom was Chubais, he was engaged in the development of free enterprise issues.

Then he worked in the Leningrad city executive committee, in the city hall and was engaged in investment policy. Since 1990, Kudrin Alexey Leonidovich has been the deputy chairman of the economic committee at the Lensovet.After the liquidation of the organization he moved to the Business Council.

From 1992 he headed the Main Financial Department of St. Petersburg. Since 1993, he became the first deputy mayor of Anatoly Sobchak. He was a member of the city administration, headed the Committee of Finance and Economics of St. Petersburg. He worked together with V. Putin. In 1995, Alexey Leonidovich had a conflict with Vladimir Yakovlev, who was in charge of the state of the urban economy.Kudrin Alexey Leonidovich

He tried to "knock out" an additional appropriation in his field of activity, but Kudrin refused because of lack of money. The media claim that Alexei Leonidovich gave a “turn from the gate” to almost everyone who addressed him. As a result, Kudrin even received the personal nickname "Mr. NO."

Alexey Leonidovich was able to achieve the ousting of several subordinates of Yakovlev from the city mayor’s office. But then there was a scandal because of the accident in the subway. The indirect culprit was precisely Kudrin. A year ago, he refused to finance the construction and reconstruction of the metro. Instead, a significant amount of cash went to the Goodwill Games. The order for the transfer of funding came from Anatoly Sobchak.

In the ninety-fifth year, Alexey Kudrin and Vladimir Putin were engaged in an election campaign for the position of the new St. Petersburg Governor. Both supported Sobchak. In 1996, he was defeated. After that, Alexey Leonidovich resigned and went to live in Moscow.

Career in government

He received an invitation to work in the entourage of the president, which at that time was Boris Yeltsin. Anatoly Chubais was in charge of the administrative apparatus, and there is unconfirmed evidence that he made a protection for Kudrin. When he moved to Moscow, Vladimir Putin went with him to the capital. They both belonged to the members of the Chubais team.Kudrin Alexey Leonidovich real

In 1996, Alexey Leonidovich became deputy head of the Main Department of the Presidential Administration. With his arrival at this position, demonstration checks began in some Russian regions. There was a promise of a hard punishment for violators. But soon these promises were forgotten. When Alexei Leonidovich left his post as deputy head of the presidential administration, he recommended replacing him with Vladimir Putin. This opinion has been taken into account.

In 1997, a deputy finance minister was required.Kudrin Alexey was appointed to this position. Within two years, he replaced the head of the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction. He held the same position in the International Monetary Fund.

In January 1999, Kudrin was removed from his post as 1st Deputy Finance Minister by Prime Minister Primakov, after which he briefly worked at RAO UES of Russia. In May of the same year he returned to his former position. In 2000, he became Minister of Finance and Deputy Chairman of the Government of Russia.

Kudrin received these posts by decree of Vladimir Putin. Alexey Leonidovich worked as deputy chairman and minister until 2011. In 2008, the Communist Party began to demand the resignation of Kudrin. Officials said that the minister is not coping with official duties in a crisis.Kudrin Alexey post

In 2009, Zyuganov continued to speak actively against Alexey Leonidovich. Kudrin spoke with negative comments about the country's banking and financial systems. He predicted a new wave of crisis, the growth of debt. Elvira Nabiullina and Arkady Dvorkovich were arguing with him.

In 2009, Dmitry Medvedev made a demand from the Cabinet of Ministers to refrain from pessimistic forecasts and not to stir up panic among the people.Anyone who can not cope with their own negative beliefs, offered to find another job. Specific names were not named, but Kudrin’s resignation soon followed. After that, he became the dean of the university in St. Petersburg.


Not so long ago appeared such a thing as "Kudrinomyka." She called the period of work Alexey Leonidovich. He is credited with a large-scale tax reform, the introduction of a "flat" income tax of 13 percent.

Kudrin's policy regarding the country's economy has often been criticized. The conventional concept of “Kudrino” is designated by specific directions in social and economic policy. It is assumed that the resources of these areas were “pumped over” to the competing countries.

The ex-minister is confident that, to date, sanctions against Russia bring great harm to the country. In 2017, Kudrin announced that the previous economic model had not been working for a long time, and the government was not launching modernization in this area. According to Alexey Leonidovich, the Russian economy should be focused on non-commodity exports.

Personal life

The personal life of Alexei Kudrin is somewhat inconsistent.At first he was married to Sharova Veronika Olegovna, engaged in commercial activities. At the same time, she was a co-owner of the Brothers Karamazov hotel.Kudrin Alexey L. post

Veronika Olegovna established Leader LLC, which previously produced the newspaper Delo. Then, due to lack of funding, the print edition was closed. Veronica Olegovna and Alexei Leonidovich married daughter Polina. Now she is the owner of LLC Art Center Grand Prix.

The second time Alexei Kudrin married Irina Tintyakova. Before her marriage to a politician, she worked on the board of RAO UES of Russia; she was press attaché of Andrei Trapeznikov. In his reception office Irina Igorevna and Alexey Leonidovich and met. Currently, the second wife of Kudrin is the president of a charity foundation that patronizes many orphanages and boarding schools. The organization is called the "Northern Crown". In 1998, the couple had a son, Artem.

Interests and hobbies

Kudrin Alexey loves music very much. Ex-minister can play percussion. In 2016, Alexey Leonidovich visited a jazz festival. At this event, Kudrin played drums along with musicians Igor Butman.In addition to music, Alexey Leonidovich is attracted to alpine skiing. And when free time is given, he and his family rest in the Austrian resorts.

Awards and Achievements

CandidatepowerShe encouraged him to create many scientific economic works. He has written several books. Until now, Kudrin has been teaching young specialists at the Higher School of Economics.

Alexey Leonidovich received two thanks from the President of the Russian Federation. From the Government of Russia was awarded an honorary diploma. Kudrin received the Order of the Fourth Degree for services to the Motherland. In 2007, Alexey Leonidovich was awarded the Russian Diamond Award.Alexey Kudrin biography

Kudrin received the Stolypin medal of the first degree. He became an honorary professor in several universities (Edinburgh, Dagestan and Buryat). He is a doctor of the federal northern university. He was named the best minister in Central and Eastern Europe.

Kudrin today

Kudrin Alexey Leonidovich in the presenttime - the main employee of the Institute named after Gaidar, there teaches economic policy. At the same time he leads the Civil Initiatives Committee, since April 2012 he has been one of the editors of the publication Economic Policy.

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