Labor protection at the enterprise and its organization

According to Russian law, any person has the right to carry out work activities in a safe environment. It is obliged to provide the organization in which the citizen works. For this purpose, a wide range of various measures is carried out aimed at eliminating or neutralizing the factors that may have a negative impact on human health or life. At the same time, all features of a specific production are considered, and with their account a labor protection system is developed at the enterprise.labor protection at the enterprise

Organization of safe conditions

Labor protection at the enterprise is provided and monitored by the head of the organization, who is obliged to appoint a specialist with a higher technical education to the appropriate position if the number of employees does not exceed 100 people. It is also possible to attract a specialized company engaged in the organization of the safety of the workflow, and the firm must be accredited by the state.With a larger number of employees, an occupational safety service is organized at the enterprise.

Labor Protection Department

Together with the management of this department, a range of questions is determined on the organization of safe work in production. A list of jobs and professions is also compiled for which the development of appropriate instructions for ensuring normal working conditions is required.
organization of labor protection at the enterprise

Labor protection at the enterprise is carried out by one or several specialists who solve a wide range of different tasks. The responsibilities of these employees include not only the development of safety measures, but also the analysis of production, the preparation of various documents, and the control and prevention of production processes.

What does the labor protection service do?

Safety of work activities in production is ensured through the following measures:

  • The overall organization of labor protection at the enterprise, which includes the safety of equipment, buildings and the production process.
  • Assessment of the potential hazard of the enterprise and measures to eliminate harmful factors.
  • Informing and training employees of the enterprise on labor protection, with also carrying out certification of workplaces. For this purpose, special training and instructional programs are being developed.
  • Study of the latest legislation and advanced technologies in the issue of occupational safety and timely delivery of new information to the management and employees of the enterprise.

labor protection at the enterprise documents

  • Ensuring safe work in buildings and in open areas of production.
  • Development of an optimal work and rest schedule for employees to increase the efficiency of the production process.
  • Monitoring the implementation of preventive measures by employees to prevent possible injuries associated with the characteristics of production.
  • Investigation and analysis of accidents that occurred at the enterprise, and the provision of measures to prevent such situations.

This is not a complete list of all the tasks that occupational safety is involved in at the enterprise.

Documents and actions of the service are necessarily coordinated with the management of the organization and are carried out under the control of the commission. Requirements for conditions are determined by regulatory documentation,which regulates the level of harmful factors of production, non-hazardous to human health.

Instructions for labor protection

Organization of labor protection at the enterprise impliesuse of a number of mandatory documents required for staff training activities and monitoring the proper implementation of safety requirements.enterprise safety system

One of the main documents is the instruction on labor protection, developed taking into account the specifications of the enterprise and with the involvement of heads of departments. It is compiled not only for each profession, but also for a specific area of ​​work. At the same time, all instructions are periodically reviewed by the labor protection service for changes in the conditions in which personnel work and for amendments to legislation relating to a particular specialty.

Contents of the manual

The standard instruction contains several main sections that define the requirements necessary to ensure favorable conditions in the enterprise:

  • First of all, the general safety rules are specified, which should be observed by all personnel of the enterprise regardless of position.
  • For each specific area of ​​work or specialty, depending on the purpose of the document, the rules that require strict compliance before, during and after work are determined.
  • A separate paragraph deals with the order of actions in case of emergency or critical situations.

All items specified in the instructions must be certified by the heads of departments and the management of the company.

Requirements for compiling and issuing instructions

When drafting an instruction, certain rules are observed, for example, the document does not indicate such words as “necessarily”, “especially”, “categorically” and others that define the priority of the action. All requirements specified in the instructions should be strictly followed equally.enterprise safety service

In addition, if certain safe parameters are specified in the regulations, for example, the size of the gap or the height of the equipment, the exact value should be specified in the document.

The issuance of instructions is carried out under a list in the register of accounting for each employee of the enterprise. It is acceptable to post a document at workplaces or information stands specially designed for this purpose.Also, at least one copy should be kept by the head of the department.

Duties of the management team

The employer is also obliged to contribute to the improvement of the working conditions for their employees and to participate in activities that presupposes labor protection in the enterprise.occupational safety at the enterprise

To this end, a series of actions are carried out to normalize the situation in production and create a favorable environment. The employer must:

  • Establish the correct mode of change of work and rest, taking into account the severity of work.
  • Provide each employee with a workplace that meets all safety standards.
  • Provide all participants in the harmful production process with protective equipment in accordance with the degree of danger.
  • Develop a response system when critical situations arise.
  • Provide appropriate treatment for employees affected by no fault of their own at work, as well as in the event of an occupational disease.

In addition, labor protection at the enterprise implies compliance with the requirements and fulfillment of duties by employees and junior managers.

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