Lamination of hair: before and after. Hair Laminating Agent

Every woman dreams of attracting admiring glances to her beautiful and lush hair. To achieve the desired effect, the beautiful half of humanity spends quite a lot of money, acquiring expensive cosmetics. With their help, you can give the brightness and vitality of the hair, achieve a healthy shine, silkiness, get rid of split ends. That is why hair lamination has become so popular: "before" and "after" photos of women from around the world are simply amazing. Let's see what this procedure is and find out more about it.

Lamination of hair before and after

What does the term "lamination" mean?

Literally, "laminate" means "to cover with a film to protect against any external negative influences." We are all used to the fact that this term is associated with important printed materials, but today the procedure “hair lamination” has become quite popular (“before” and “after” photos can be found on almost any website of various beauty salons).An interesting fact is that in the world this process is better known as "elimination". The main thing in the lamination procedure is that each hair is treated with a special compound, as if it is "sealed" into a thin film, after which the hair is able to withstand the negative environmental effects without problems. In addition, the composition of this film has miniature pores, which allows the hair to "breathe", but not to lose its moisture. The effect of hair lamination exceeds all expectations: curls become docile, silky, voluminous, elastic and healthy. That is why it is believed that lamination is quite useful for those who have thin and weak hair.

Hair Laminating Agent

Lamination procedure

As a rule, the procedure strongly depends on what kind of hair lamination will be used in its course. Different manufacturers produce products that are slightly different in composition, so the duration of lamination can be completely different. But it has one general principle of operation: the tool envelops split, brittle and fragile hair, “sealing” each hair separately, which creates a truly ideal surface.The composition must be selected under the strict guidance of a specialist, then it is applied to the hair and left there for 20-30 minutes. Means of some individual manufacturers need additional wrapping of hair with foil and sealing with ironing. Others cost just heating the hair dryer. In general, hair lamination, the photo of which can be seen in this article, lasts about 2-2.5 hours.

The effect of lamination hair

Little about the result of lamination

Many girls are afraid that the result of lamination of hair ("before" and "after" the so-called) will give only after several procedures, but this is not so. Already the first procedure will bring a noticeable effect, your hair will become more healthy and well-groomed. But you need to understand that the result will quickly disappear, especially if you do not properly care for your hair after lamination, or your hair has been badly damaged before it. Experts recommend in the second case, first to carry out reconstruction, and only then to laminate the hair.

Hair lamination photo

What kind of hair can lamination do?

Lamination of hair (how to make it, it was described above) is suitable for all types of hair, but there are some special features to keep in mind.It is recommended to do this procedure, first of all, to people with thin, brittle, weakened hair that is constantly split. But you should not do lamination in the event that you have a dense, so-called Asian hair. They may then become too "thick." Also you can not be afraid to do lamination on dyed hair, they will become much healthier. In this case, the color will be "soldered" with the hair and will remain bright longer. After curling, especially medium and strong, you can also make lamination to make your hair feel better and healthier.

Can I use a hair dryer after lamination?

Whatever means for lamination of hair you would use, after the procedure the process of drying the curls with a hairdryer becomes much easier. The point is not even that the hair itself becomes more obedient and silky, but that the hot air heats the coating, and the styling is maintained for a long time. But the rest of the tools that girls like to use so much (curling, ironing, tongs) are best deferred until other times.

Mask for lamination hair

Lamination at home using professional tools

Of course, if you want to get high-quality lamination hair ("before" and "after" the photo can be seen in the article above), then it is better to use the services of professionals. But if you do not have the money for such an expensive procedure, then you can do everything yourself. In this special tool can be easily bought in specialized stores. It should be remembered that it should not contain corrosive substances that destroy hair, but it should be based on caring components to make your curls healthier (for example, Estelle or other professional manufacturers have lamination of hair). First, wash your head with a special shampoo, which will help to clean it not only from dirt and dust, but also from the remnants of other products. Dry the strands. Spread the lamination agent evenly over your hair. Cover your head with a plastic bag or cling film. Half an hour alternately heat the hair with a hair dryer (for 5 minutes), and then let them cool. After 5 minutes, repeat. Remove the film, wash the head with a special shampoo, apply conditioner, wash it off and rinse the head well.

Hair lamination recipe

The recipe for home remedies for lamination

If the purchase of a special medium also seems to be a little expensive for you, but you still want to make beautiful hair, you can learn how to lamination hair at home. The recipe for such a home remedy is quite simple. You need gelatin, a regular mask that you use all the time, and water. 1 packet of gelatin dissolve three tablespoons of water, add one tablespoon of mask or balsam. Such a recipe for home lamination of hair will suit you if you have rather short and short hair. For longer strands, increase the proportions.

A lot of impose on wet clean hair, so that it is well distributed. Cover your head with a plastic bag, wrap up with a towel and warm it with a hair dryer for about 15 minutes. Then let it cool down for another half hour. Wash your hair with shampoo.

Estel hair lamination

Why is home lamination better?

According to the recommendations of trichologists and dietitians, it is simply necessary to include fish and meat fillings, dessert jelly and other dishes with gelatin in our daily diet. The fact is that they contain collagen, which makes our hair more beautiful and healthy. Homemade hair lamination mask contains quite a lot of gelatin, therefore it is more useful than professional one.Immediately after the procedure, you will see that your curls have become healthy, elastic, shiny, that they no longer split and recovered. Also, and it is very important for girls with thin hair, strands become more voluminous. And all this you get without the use of chemistry.

The recipe for home lamination hair

Lamination: harm

We already know how positive lamination of hair is. "Before" and "after" photos often show only a positive result. But it happens from this procedure and harm. The fact is that human hair is able to withstand only a certain weight, and after lamination it increases significantly. If the procedure is wrong, then your roots will start to weaken and your hair will fall out. If you have thick and strong hair from nature, then you can not worry and do this procedure even at home, because it simply cannot cause harm. But with thin hair is better to work a professional.


This procedure combines the effects of conventional lamination and strong reconstruction. In order to get the desired result, the master uses collagen, hyaluronic acid, keratin and argan oil.After biolamination, the hair gets exactly what they need for a brilliant look:

  1. A protective film that lasts for hair for about 14 days. It will allow strands to preserve the brilliance, beauty and brightness thanks to the special substances that are included in its composition.
  2. Rough moisturizing. Even very dry tips, which are constantly split, will look much better thanks to hiluronic acid.
  3. Hair look younger. Relatively noticeable rejuvenation occurs due to the use of argan oil. Even the most damaged hair will become healthier.
  4. Hair will be laid faster and easier, you will not need to spend a lot of time on styling.
  5. Of course, they will become more brilliant.

This procedure is done faster than regular lamination. It will take about 60-80 minutes. First, the head is washed with a special sulfate-free shampoo, which is designed specifically to prepare your hair for lamination. Preparing the composition of the proportions that are selected individually. It is applied to the strands. The head is wrapped with a film and heated for 10 minutes. After that, rinse hair and styled them.Here is a simple procedure to help you maintain the health and shine of the curls. Biolamination is suitable for anyone who wants to impress others with a beautiful and lush head of hair. But it is not done on too short hair, for example, for a haircut "under the boy."

Hair lamination how to do

3D lamination

This procedure is not much different from the usual lamination, but with its help you will not only make your hair look more beautiful, but will also give it back vitality. This type of lamination did not receive its name by chance, because in the process the hair is covered not in one but in several layers, which consist of biologically active substances, but are of natural origin. It is they who form the film, through which the hair get quite elegant look. 3D lamination makes hair healthier and also nourishes it with moisture, which is better retained inside.

The tools used in this procedure operate at three different levels:

  1. Reconstruct hair and restore their structure. In addition, each hair is filled with the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as ceramides and proteins.
  2. Hair cuticle is filled with necessary substances, and its scales are smoothed.
  3. The result is fixed to make your hair look perfect for a long time.

The procedure of 3D lamination makes hair 10-12% larger. And if you do it on dyed hair, then it allows the color to linger on the curls. To date, there are no contraindications for the use of any kind of lamination.

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