Laser biorevitalization: reviews

increasingly offer new technologies. One of them is laser biorevitalization. The word is new, not everyone knows what it means. Let's try to figure out what it is and what results can be achieved. Referring to reviews of women who have already passed biorevitalization sessions. We learn from them, whether to trust this innovative method?

What is laser biorevitalization?

As you know, hyaluronic acid is the leader among the anti-aging components. Many modern technologies use this ingredient to improve the appearance of the skin.laser face biorevitalization reviewsTheir essence is often reduced to the introduction of hyaluronic acid into the deep layers of the epidermis. For example, injectable revitalization consists of injecting this drug in the area of ​​the face, neck, decollete, hands. But there is a way to introduce hyaluronic acid into the deep layers of the epidermis without pricks. It is called laser biorevitalization. For its holding a special device is needed.

Stages of the procedure

laser biorevitalization

• Cleansing the skin.The specialist makes the client an easy peeling to remove the dead layer of the epidermis. But it can and just clean the skin with a special gel for washing. Now the skin is ready for the procedure.

• Eye protection. The wizard puts the gauze napkins on the client's eyelids. Then he puts on her special glasses to protect his eyes from the action of the laser during the procedure.

• Application of the drug. The master treats the treated area with a gel containing low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. By itself, this composition can not have a tangible anti-aging effect on the skin. In order to activate its components, you need special equipment. Therefore, we proceed to the next stage.

• Work with the laser. On the massage lines of the skin specialist conducts a multidiode laser emitter. As a result, the penetration of hyaluronic acid molecules into the upper layers of the epidermis is greatly enhanced.

• Apply the care agent after the procedure is completed. The master applies a nourishing mask with ceramides on the treated area in order to fix the result. Now hyaluronic acid will not evaporate.laser biorevitalization of the skin

Cosmetologists say that laser facial biorevitalization should be conducted in courses of 3-7 sessions per month. However, if there are obvious signs of aging of the skin, then the procedure should be done more often: 6-10 times with an interval of 4-7 days.

Indications for use

Indications for this procedure are:

• dryness and flabbiness of the skin, its poor tone;

• age-related changes in the face, neck, decollete area;

• mimic and age wrinkles;

• skin burns after sunburn or after chemical peels;

• scars and stretch marks.laser biorevitalization of the skin

Session Restrictions

Contraindications for such a procedure as laser biorevitalization of the skin are herpes, individual intolerance to hyaluronic acid, malignant tumors, pregnancy. Also, doctors do not recommend to conduct sessions for women who are breastfeeding.

Alternative to the method

• Non-injection mesotherapy. With the help of special equipment (laser, magnetic, ionic devices, cryotherapy apparatus), the master conducts the procedure of skin rejuvenation, treating it with a special “cocktail” consisting of vitamins, acids, homeopathic or medicinal products. The composition of the solution is selected by a specialist, depending on skin problems that need to be solved.

• Bioarama face. The procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetologist. Under anesthesia, he injects a special gel under the skin according to a special scheme.

• Plasmolifting faces. The newest method of face lifting using the client's own blood plasma. It involves injecting platelet-rich plasma into the face and body.

• Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy. Conducted by injection of hyaluronic acid in the areas in need of rejuvenation: face, neck, hands, decollete. The method is also called injection revitalization.

• 3d mesothreads. Skin lifting method. It is performed under anesthesia. A steel needle is deeply inserted into the skin, through which the so-called mesonit is delivered to the layers of the epidermis, which then dissolves. The method has proven itself well in eliminating nasolabial folds, “crows feet” near the eyes, transverse wrinkles on the forehead, tightening the facial contours, cellulite and stretch marks.

• Contour plastic. Implies the introduction under the skin without anesthesia of biologically active substances that contribute to its rejuvenation.laser skin biorevitalization reviews

Consumer opinion

Let's try to figure out what women liked laser facial biorevitalization.Their reviews suggest that many have already tried this method. Beauty requires sacrifice. Many modern methods of rejuvenation deliver a lot of painful minutes to our women, seeking to become even more beautiful. But these words do not refer to this technology at all. The main thing that clients of beauty salons indicate is painlessness and pleasant sensations during laser biorevitalization. Women say that the session itself takes about an hour. And all this time, customers are lying, relaxing, relaxing and enjoying. And while not experiencing no burning, no tingling, no pain. After the procedure, the skin is not reddened or inflamed at all. It is moisturized and soft, as if a bit tight. Even the lips after revitalization are getting a little better and look better. On the following day, the result does not disappear and lasts a few more days. Then the procedure is recommended to repeat.

What have you achieved?

laser biorevitalization facial skin reviews

Many women say that laser biorevitalization is especially good because the result of its action is visible almost immediately. You do not need to hide your face from the sun, mask skin defects with tonal means as after other methods of rejuvenation.The only thing that consumers are advised to do is repeat the course of revitalization procedures from time to time in order to preserve the result. As a rule, 4 sessions with an interval of 3-4 days is enough for the skin to gain tone, fine wrinkles disappear, pores narrow, and complexion improves.

What is needed for maximum results?

Often advice on care after the procedure gives a specialist in a beauty salon that carries it. But women who are familiar with laser biorevitalization of the skin of the face can also tell a lot of useful information. Here is what they recommend to those who decide to try this method:

  1. Ask a specialist in a beauty salon about what preparations he uses with hyaluronic acid. There are expensive imported products, the effectiveness of which is tested and proven. And there are budgetary little-known brands, the price of which is low. Salons who value their reputation use funds from the first group.
  2. After the procedure and during the course it is necessary to drink at least 2-3 liters of clean water per day. It is important to achieve a good result in moisturizing the skin.
  3. To maintain the effect, use face creams with hyaluronic acid or ceramides and collagen.laser face biorevitalization
  4. In the beauty salon, be sure to ask whether the master has a medical education. It is very important. After all, only a competent specialist will conduct the procedure so that after it there will be no side effects.
  5. Do not rush to coupons, gift discounts and promotions of beauty salons offering laser biorevitalization services at a low cost. As a rule, this is done to attract customers, and preparations for the procedure are used inefficient and cheap. There is a risk instead of rejuvenation to get only side effects in the form of swelling of the face.

Negative customer reviews

Not all clients of beauty salons speak so positively about this method. The presence of contraindications to laser biorevitalization of the skin of the procedure suggests the insecurity of the procedure. Reviews of women say that, apparently, this technology is not so harmless. Secondly, it is necessary to note its high cost. The average price is 2000 rubles per session. In order to get a noticeable effect, you need to do the laser treatment at least 3-4 times. And this already results in a tidy sum.In addition, it should be borne in mind that the course of procedures should be repeated every six months. Not all consumers are ready for such spending. There is one more circumstance that is mentioned in the negative comments of women. Some of them are sure that laser biorevitalization of the skin can bring harm and harm. Their comments speak of the following caution: you cannot use the method for women younger than 50 years. The fact is that hyaluronic acid has the ability to attract water from nearby cells. That is why during the course it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids. As a result, the client may experience swelling of the face, which does not fit with the anti-aging effect. Moreover, when hyaluronic acid is gradually removed from the cells, they remain dehydrated. The effect obtained during the course of procedures, is lost. And sometimes the face looks worse than before using this method of rejuvenation.

We learned about how laser biorevitalization is performed. Reviews of women who have tried this method of rejuvenation will help us avoid mistakes during the procedure.

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