Lexus IS F: description and specifications

At the Paris Motor Show 2016 debuted the updated sports sedan Lexus IS F-Sport. The official start of car sales in Europe has been scheduled for the beginning of 2017. In European markets, the model enjoyed considerable popularity.

The first generation sedan was released in 1999. During the existence of the model, more than a million copies of the car were released, which is why the presentation of the restyled version aroused considerable interest among fans of the brand. Initially, the IS version was produced as a replacement for the previous model - Lexus GS F-Sport, also produced under the name Toyota Aristo.

lexus is f

Updated exterior

In the new generation, the sports sedan has received LED headlights for head optics and daytime running lights made in a new, stylish design. The aggressive and dynamic appearance of the Lexus IS gives a wide grille asymmetrical shape, which visually underestimates the center of gravity, emphasizing the sporty character of the car.

The correct proportions and smooth forms make the body model more elegant in comparison with other models. For example, the Lexus RX F-Sport crossover. Landing in the cabin is comfortable and convenient due to the high roofline and wide doors. The car is equipped with alloy wheels R17-R18.

The back of the body has received an updated overall optics and rectangular plates on the exhaust pipes, emphasizing the sporty character of the Lexus IS F.

Sedan interior

The car's interior has undergone significant changes: the display of the information and multimedia system with a diagonal of 10 inches, improved color reproduction and increased sensitivity of the sensor was integrated into the center console. You can control Lexus IS F systems using the touch panel; additional controls are placed on the multifunction steering wheel.

The driver's seat is made in the style of a sporty cockpit and trimmed with natural high-quality leather with bright decorative stitching. The front row seats have excellent lumbar and lateral support, reducing the likelihood of injury to the driver and passengers, not only with an aggressive driving style, but also in the event of an emergency.

The interior of the Lexus IS F is offered in three shades: light gray, black and brown.

lexus rx f sport


The restyled version of the Lexus IS is equipped with the latest security systems, which include the function of recognizing obstacles and pedestrians on the road, a warning system of the likelihood of a collision, automatic high-beam control and adaptive cruise control, regardless of the selected speed.

An additional package of options to ensure the comfort and convenience of passengers and the driver, includes automatic climate control, full electric, heated seats and a multifunctional multimedia complex. Similar equipment is installed on another model - Lexus RX350 F.

lexus gs f sport


The line of powertrains is represented by gasoline and hybrid engines. The petrol version of the Lexus IS F is equipped with a two-liter turbocharged engine with a power of 245 horsepower and an eight-band automatic transmission.

The hybrid version of the sports sedan is completed with a four-cylinder petrol engine, a working volume of 2.5 liters, and an electric power unit. The power of the hybrid is 208 horsepower.The modification of the Lexus IS F is most popular in Europe, where special attention is paid to environmental protection and compliance of engines with environmental standards.

The restyled version of Lexus IS has excellent dynamics due to the modified suspension and steering settings. The front suspension is represented by transverse double levers, rear - multi-link design. The stiffness of the suspension was increased by 49% compared with the previous generation of the car, which improved the sedan’s handling at high speed.

lexus rx350 f

Home sales sedan in Russia

The start of sales of the restyled version of the Lexus IS F sports car in the USA began in the winter of 2016. In Russia, the new product will be sold at a minimum cost of 2.5 million rubles for basic equipment, which is due to the high quality of the model, reliability, dynamism and excellent handling at high speeds and difficult sections of the route. The main advantage of Lexus IS, in addition to its dynamic characteristics, is a high level of driver and passenger safety.

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