Linen dress: fashion models and styles

Flax dress is an ideal clothing for summer hot weather. This natural material gives a woman not only physical comfort, but also extraordinary lightness and grace. Linen sundress is suitable for girls with different shapes, including full. Visually, he makes the figure more slender, pulling the silhouette. Of course, this applies only to the case when the style sundress was chosen correctly. On fashion trends, popular models and unique properties of the material will tell in our article.

Benefits of matter

Linen fabric is produced from an annual flax plant. This natural material has a long history, which dates back to the times of ancient Egypt. In this state, linen fabric was considered a luxury item and an indicator of high social status. The high value of matter is due to unique properties, such as:

  • breathability - natural material is breathable, allowing the skin to breathe;
  • hygroscopicity - well absorbs sweat and water, therefore in a sarafan made of flax is not as hot as in clothes made from other fabrics;
  • environmental friendliness and hypoallergenic;
  • strength and durability;
  • antiseptic - flax prevents the growth of bacteria and the appearance of an unpleasant smell of sweat.

flax sundress

There is only one flaw in the fabric - high crushing, which often makes it difficult to iron products and spoils their appearance.

Popular styles of sarafans from flax

Dresses from this natural material today look very stylish and expensive. In many ways, contributed to this and the fashion for naturalness, which gladly picked up by designers. Linen dress is the most fashionable clothes of spring-summer season.

linen sundress

And the most popular styles today are:

  1. Trapezium. This is the most common model of the sundress. For women with lush hips, such clothing helps to make the lower part lighter. If you have broad shoulders, then a flax sundress will help you to balance the figure.
  2. Cocktail dresses straight cut.This sundress can be considered the summer version of office clothing. This outfit looks strictly, succinctly and expensively.The main attention when choosing a sundress should be paid to the type of your figure, take into account the length, neckline, colors.
  3. Dress shirt.Mandatory elements of such clothing are comfortable pockets. The rest of the style it can be a dress and a sundress. It all depends on the cut.
  4. Sundresses in overseas style.A distinctive feature of such clothing is shapelessness. Such models do not have a clear waistline. The length of the product can be completely different, even asymmetric. However, in such clothes it is very convenient, it does not hold down movements, and therefore enjoys such wide popularity among women with any type of figure.
  5. Sundresses in the style of boho.On these fashionable styles we will stop in more detail.

Boho sundress

Its name comes from the word bohemia. That is how the gypsy tribes were called in Europe. A linen boho sundress has a lot in common with Gypsy women's dresses. Wide and puffy skirts, beads, chains and other decorations, both on the body and on the clothing itself. That is how visually you can imagine the style of boho. It combines femininity, expressiveness and harmony, and it allows him to remain popular for many years.

summer flax sundresses

Boho-style sundresses look stylish.Lace trim, chintz inserts, layered skirts - all these elements make clothes extremely popular with girls. Sundresses are notable for the convenience of cutting, do not hinder movements, and they are not as hot in summer as in other clothes.

Color spectrum

Classics recognized sundress of flax white. The side slits give it a dazzling look, manual or machine embroidery along the waist line or the entire hem. But the color range is not limited to sterile whiteness.

flax sundresses for full

Pastel shades and bright saturated are also often used by designers when creating linen sundresses. Coral, olive, blue, lemon, brown, beige and black - this range also remains popular. Dress should be chosen in accordance with the skin tone and hair color. This will help favorably emphasize all the advantages of appearance.

Choosing shoes and accessories

Equally important when creating an image has shoes. As for the sundress, then under it you need to choose light sandals or sandals on a flat sole. A high heel or platform can overload the image. Want to stand out from the others - pay attention to the sneakers.

styles of sarafans from flax

Linen sundress is associated with lightness and weightlessness. Light and open shoes will help emphasize this. The bag should be just as simple. You should pay attention to the summer models of flax or cotton.

Only accessories on the neck and on the arms can be massive. We are talking about beads and bracelets in the style of eco or ethno. Especially harmoniously, they will look with a boho sundress.

Sundresses from flax for full

The properties of linen fabric allow you to use this material when sewing summer dresses for obese women. When choosing a sundress should carefully evaluate your figure. This will highlight all the advantages and hide the flaws. Long summer sundresses of flax free cut perfectly pull the silhouette. They are able to make a full woman visually slimmer.

Originality and sophistication of such clothes are given by decorative elements: elegant lace, embroidery, ethnic patterns, inserts from another fabric. The main thing - to choose the right style sundress. Fitted models are more suitable for women with big breasts, but narrower hips. At the same time, a high waist sundress will hide all the flaws of women with a few extra pounds.

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