Long summer dresses: styles, photos, what to wear

The most feminine "resident" of the women's wardrobe with clothes is a long summer dress that allows you to create a romantic, tender image, impress your chosen one or make a breathtaking photo against the background of the sea or the sunset. Stylists in one voice say that such models are much more attractive and seductive than the frank ultra-mini. Socialite Paris Hilton is known for her love for such dresses, which in her wardrobe a large number. Let's get acquainted with some features of this clothes.

Stylish image by Paris Hilton

Models and styles

Long summer dresses in the floor are very diverse, so each girl can choose something to her taste, corresponding to the image and mood. Consider the most fashionable variations:

  • Dress shirt will be appropriate in almost any case and will suit almost all women. Wanting to emphasize the waist, you can pick up to him a thin belt or belt. City residents will surely appreciate the convenience and functionality of such denim models,which look incredibly stylish in harmony with a small hat and a pair of large earrings or bracelets.
  • Long summer dresses with a smell - an excellent option for creating layering. Such models are well help to mask the flaws of the figure, and if they are sewn from light chiffon, then they will be comfortable even in the heat.
  • Variants with open shoulders look very beautiful, help to focus on the chest, so only ladies who are confident in their own irresistibleness can wear them.
  • Long summer dresses with long sleeves are perfect for an evening walk around the city. The sleeves are very diverse; for the hot season, straight, set-in, bat, strongly flared are permissible.

Fat women can mask the shape of the defects with the help of a high waistline and a smooth line of folds on the skirt. But it is better to refuse excessive pomp in order not to create additional unnecessary volume.

Light long dresses


In the photo of summer long dresses you can see that they differ not only by the huge number of models and styles, but also by the real abundance of flowers. For the hottest and sunny season you should choose light colors or bright shades.The most appropriate would be turquoise, sunny yellow, carrot, mint, pink, beige, powdery, the color of flamingos. White is not losing ground, in which every girl reincarnates into a princess for a while, such outfits will look particularly good on the tanned skin of real southerners.

It is not necessary to buy only plain clothes, long summer dresses with prints look very good: large flowers, stripes, a cage, celebrities' faces. At the peak of popularity, abstractions and ethnic patterns, with the right choice of jewelry, they allow you to create a bright and stylish image. So, in the photo below you can see that Paris Hilton chose a dress in the floor with a sleeve and a print, combining it with beige shoes and a handbag and a white hat. It turned out very gently.

Paris Hilton in a long dress


Selecting for yourself the perfect long summer dress, you should pay attention to the material from which it is sewn. Experts advise: for summer heat there is nothing better than organic cotton or flax, but high-quality synthetics would be appropriate. So, the following fabrics are suitable:

  • Chiffon. Light, airy material in which it is not hot, even if the thermometer has exceeded the mark of +30 ° C.The lack of fabric - its increased transparency, so under such a dress underwear should be selected appropriate.
  • Linen. It perfectly absorbs moisture, it is convenient to walk in such a dress, but after washing it can shrink strongly, especially if flax is completely natural, without additives. To prevent such an unpleasant situation, you should wash the dress in cold water with vinegar.
  • Cotton. The best option for a long summer dress, has a huge range of colors and shades, is easy to maintain, practically does not hesitate, will last for several seasons without stretching and not fading.

These are the best materials, but the choice is not limited to them, now manufacturers offer beautiful products with the addition of polyurethane, they are characterized by increased strength, dry quickly after washing, but do not absorb moisture and traces of sweat on such materials are evident. Fashion models in the style of boho are sometimes sewn from viscose.

Open shoulder models

What to wear

Choosing a long summer dress, you should think about what to wear it to create a beautiful, stylish and harmonious ensemble. First of all, you should pay attention to the color: if the dress is solid, then you can pick up bright sandals or an unusual handbag.But if the main piece of clothing is decorated with a print, for example, large flowers, then additional accents will already be superfluous, so you should add it with a one-color bag and sandals.

The same rule applies to jewelry: with a modest outfit, bright and eye-catching jewelry is permissible, if the dress itself has more than three colors and shades, then you should stop opting for earrings or rings, beads and necklaces will not give sophistication.

Models for the most stylish

To complete the look, you can choose a stylish leather or denim jacket, which you can put on your shoulders in the evening, when the sun disappears over the horizon and the evening coolness falls on the city.

These are summer long dresses that will help any girl to emphasize her natural beauty, create a feminine image, become a real queen for her lover.

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