Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there

Turkey has a large number of resorts. At one of them, in Antalya, is the popular waterfall Manavgat Zhealesi. Read about it in the article.


Such a natural object as the Manavgat waterfall is located on the river of the same name. It originates in the mountains of the Taurus, on their western slopes, and flows into two large reservoirs: Oymapynar and Barazh. Not far from the cities that are located on the banks of the reservoir, waterfalls are formed.

Manavgat Falls

The water in the river is very clean and cold. Its temperature is no more than 12 degrees. The fact is that Manavgat is filled with the help of underground sources in mountain canyons. In the past, nomads lived on the banks of the river.


Manavgatsky waterfall is the most visited place in the area of ​​the same name. It is considered not very large, but this water body attracts a large number of tourists every year. On the banks of the river in the place where the waterfall is located, there are all kinds of cafes and restaurants.Here come not only travelers, but also indigenous Turks.

However, not far from Side there are several other attractions that are also worth a visit. One of them is a small waterfall, which is located just a kilometer from Manavgat. The name is suitable to describe its size. This natural object is most often ignored by tourists. In its vicinity, residents of Turkey spend their time. Entrance to its territory is free.

The Kulje Mosque is the most beautiful structure in the region. It also has the largest size. This architectural monument is constantly open to the public.


Manavgat Falls, photowhich is presented in this article is attractive for tourists. Its width is four dozen meters, height - five. Flowing water is swift. Depending on the time of day, they can be painted in different shades. In the sun, they look either greenish, or turquoise, or slightly bluish. Splashes that rise when water falls are scattered throughout the valley.

Manavgat Falls photo

On the waterfall there are several platforms with beautiful views of the river.These sites are built in such a way that they are at different heights. Those people who wish to stand in the water, can descend to the lowest. Here waves and splashes constantly fall. They are so strong that they can rip off slippers or other shoes. Some restaurants are located on such sites. As mentioned earlier, the water in the river on which Manavgat is located is cool. Its temperature does not exceed 12 degrees, therefore it is not necessary to be on the grounds for a long time.


Manavgat River flows through the province called Antalya. It is located on the eponymous waterfall. In translation, its name means "mother-goddess." According to another version, the word from which it originated, namely “Manauva”, is translated as “the temple of the goddess”. For several years, from 1968 to 1983, the Manavgat Falls was depicted on Turkish banknotes, the value of which was five lire. This proves that the water body is very important for residents of the state.

Manavgat Falls Turkey

It is located in the province of Antalya, near the resort town of Side. Just 12 kilometers from the natural site is a dam called Oymapinar, which is also a local landmark.Manavgat Falls is considered not very large: the height of the threshold of the fall of the water wall is only five meters. However, the object is located on a wide river, which allows it to look very large.


It is believed that the people began to settle the banks of the river Manavgat even before our era, or rather, in the sixth century. In 1071, the battle of Malazgirt occurred, after which the composition of the coastal population changed. Turkmen nomads settled in the western part of the river. Opposite shore occupiedSenir Bey.

However, facts from the history of Turkey claim that the first inhabitants appeared here only in the 14th century of our time. At first they built small settlements, but after a few centuries rather large settlements appeared. Thus, the well-known city of Side is one of the most visited resorts of the state, and the Manavgat waterfall (Turkey), the photo of which can be seen in this article, is considered one of the symbols of this country.


Manavgat Falls was open to the public in the last century. Since the 1980s, many people from all over the world have come here either alone or as part of excursion groups.Entrance to the waterfall is four lira. The queue for tickets can be very long, because this attraction is highly advertised.

Manavgat Falls Turkey photo

The most picturesque views of the surroundings of the waterfall open in summer or early autumn. If the winter is given out wet, then the waterfall turns into a river threshold. Its height at these moments does not exceed one meter. Interestingly, under the water are posters and various protrusions that can be easily seen.

How to spend time at the waterfall Manavgat?

Arriving in Turkey, many people visit the resort town of Side. Manavgat Falls, which is located nearby, is a popular tourist destination. It is surrounded by souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. There is also a small bazaar where you can buy pleasant things, gifts, souvenirs, as well as oriental sweets. The most popular places in which they prepare seafood and fish dishes, as well as fruits. The menu in local restaurants and cafes is very diverse. The most favorite drink is a traditional tea that is served cold.In any institution you can order trout dishes. In taste, they are not inferior to food from fine restaurants.

Side Waterfall Manavgat

Manavgat Falls is located on the river of the same name, on which you can stroll on yachts and boats. If there is no desire to use water transport, then you can spend time on the banks of the river, visit restaurants, cafes and shops. There are also designated picnic areas and small areas that are so close to the water that their floors are constantly wet.

Spending time in silence here is unlikely to succeed. The fact is that the place is so popular that crowds of people come here every day. Sometimes there are so many people who want to enjoy the scenic views that even queues are formed for photo shoots.

How to get there?

To get to the waterfall Manavgat (Turkey), you need to get to the city called Antalya. This can be done in two ways: by air and road. After that, take the bus to Manavgat. Then the journey can be continued by car or minibus. The route, which covers local attractions, is open daily.Travel by public transport costs 2 lira. You can pay it both in dollars and euros, but it is more profitable to pay in local currency.

Manavgat waterfall how to get

About fifteen minutes takes the road to the object called Manavgat. How to get to the waterfall? The path to this place runs along a dusty road, so you should not walk. A trip by minibus is more preferable and takes from 10 to 15 minutes. Public transport operates regularly. Every 20 minutes a bus arrives at the bus stop. North on it, you can reach the nearest cities. Those people who came here on their own vehicles, can leave the car or motorcycle in the parking lot.

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Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 92

Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 40

Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 32

Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 68

Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 6

Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 41

Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 83

Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 16

Manavgat Falls in Turkey: photos, how to get there 40