Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied

Anemia as a disease in our time is foundless often than in the 19th century, but at the same time, doctors face more often with its rarer forms. This name denotes a large range of diseases, the main symptom of which is the decrease in the number of normal red blood cells - red blood cells. When the disease of such cells either becomes less, or because of defects, they are not able to perform the function of oxygen transportation well. There are at least 9 forms of the disease and all of them are caused by different reasons. Most often there is iron deficiency anemia, a form associated with chronic diseases, and megaloblastic. Of rare species, aplastic and hemolytic anemia is most common.

In most cases, the cause of thiscondition - iron deficiency. Causes - lack of a trace element in the diet, blood loss or poor absorption of iron. What if you have such an anemia? Treatment may include oral intake of iron-containing drugs, their administration intravenously, transfusion of erythrocyte mass or the use of drugs that stimulate the formation of erythrocytes.

With what diseases usually side by side goesanemia? With some types of cancer, autoimmune diseases, a variety of chronic infections, hepatitis C, chronic kidney disease and AIDS. What do they do if the patient has such an anemia? Treatment is, first of all, measures to deal with the underlying disease, which was the cause. In parallel, methods such as stimulation of erythrocyte production are used, if the kidneys state allows this. Usually, with progress in the treatment of the underlying disease, anemia passes.

Megaloblastic variety is associated withdeficiency of vitamin B12. The cause may be either its lack of nutrition or impaired digestion, sometimes provoked by an autoimmune process. Its deficiency in nutrition is a rarity even for vegans, because the liver contains a stock of this vitamin for 3 years, but persistent vegans need to take it in the form of an additive, because the natural vitamin is contained only in animal products. What if the patient has megaloblastic anemia? Treatment is carried out with the help of a vitamin in one form or another, a blood transfusion or erythrocyte mass is made in a life-threatening situation.

Aplastic anemia manifests itself not onlyReducing the number of red blood cells, but also the bleeding of the skin and mucous membranes, inflammation of the gums, the person is easily developing dyspnea, and he is more prone to infections. Causes in half the cases can not be established, this is the most mysterious of anemia. It is only known that the bone marrow does not produce enough cells, which can be a hereditary disease, an autoimmune disease, AIDS, hepatitis, Epstein-Barr viruses, a side effect of certain drugs such as valproic acid or the influence of certain pesticides. Does the patient have aplastic anemia? Treatment is possible after proper diagnosis, includes blood transfusion, administration of immunosuppressants, cancellation of treatment with unsuitable medications, recommendations on changing professions (farmers) and antiviral therapy, and bone marrow transplantation.

Hemolytic anemia can be congenital eitheracquired. In congenital form, more frequent in men, the reason is that the red blood cells are irregular in shape and can not pass through the spleen. In this case, the spleen is often removed and red marrow transplanted. As an urgent measure, blood transfusions are undertaken.

And what if the patient has acquiredhemolytic anemia? Treatment involves eliminating the factors that caused the disease. If the reason for the destruction of red blood cells by immune cells, immunosuppressants are used, if the matter is in medicines, then they are canceled. Also used corticosteroids, removal of the spleen or blood transfusion.

Anemia can be caused by many causes,However, if you become dyspnea and weakness often, and a general blood test shows a decrease in the content of hemoglobin or erythrocytes, you need to see a doctor immediately. The earlier you do this, the better the forecast will be.

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Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied Many-faced anemia. Treatment is also varied