"Medicine for fear": watch TV series

It is impossible to imagine your life without a TV.It is connected literally every day. Everyone has a list of his favorite talk shows, sitcoms or serials. We all know what it means to watch a TV show. Every weekday or weekend we switch on the TV at the appointed time and we can not tear ourselves away from it for a second. Plus of serials is that the actions in them occur not only in one series, but are stretched for many days and months. Agree that it is so much more interesting. To such fascinating serials the "Medicine from fear" concerns.cure for fear

The film was released in 2013 and quicklyconquered the love of those who with ecstasy watching each series. The Russian TV series "The Medicine for Fear" can not be called trivial, because here a very interesting story is being developed, which captures with its turns.

The main character of the film "The medicine for fear"(Alexander Lazarev) - this person is not ordinary, devoted to work and has the ability to go for bold deeds. Andrei Kovalev in the past graduated from the Military Medical Academy. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the medical service. In the past, he saw a lot of grief.

For a long time he was a representative of peacekeepingforces of Russia, protecting people from death in areas where military conflicts took place. Everyone knew him as a surgeon from God. For his work he received the title of Hero of Russia. But in the life of Andrew there are cardinal changes due to the bullet that hit him. This ends the term of his service, which he devoted his entire life, and the series "Medicine from fear" goes to a new turn.a series of medicine against fear

His best friend, Ilya Grekov, tragically diesduring military operations, and Andrew with a strong concussion is in the hospital, where he spends a long time. He is tormented by the thought that the death of a friend was not accidental, and that someone is behind his murder. Kovalev swears to himself that he will sort out Ilya's death and find a murderer. Here, in principle, and begins the main collision, which is devoted to the series "Medicine against fear"

After discharge he finds work in the academy.There he prepares young cadets for his service. To this business, he came responsibly and thoroughly. Kovalev teaches them everything, not missing even trifles. He teaches cadets actions in various situations that they may encounter during their service. He takes a lot from personal experience, because he has seen a lot and knew how to behave in this or that situation.film medicine for fear

The series "Medicine for fear" infects with courage andcourage. There is nothing fantastic in it, because all these terrible events and accidents happen in life too. The heroes of the film inspire us that there are still such brave patriots as Andrey Kovalenko in Russia. They always come to the rescue in a difficult moment.

This is a story that penetrates your soul,makes you sympathize and root for the heroes. Such films are necessary, because thanks to them we understand the whole value of our life, the value of love for our Fatherland, the value of friendship.

The film "Medicine against fear" can be attributed tothose films that bring up good, good qualities in a person.

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