Metro "Mitino". How to get to the metro station "Mitino" (Moscow)

Metro "Mitino" is considered a young station (its opening took place at the end of December 2009). It is part of the Mitinsky branch, which flows into the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line. She was given the same name with the area in the central part of which it was built.

Mitinsky plot

The Mitinsky line, which is almost 6 kilometers long, is formed by 3 metro stations. In its structure are stations: "Myakinino", "Volokolamskaya" and "Mitino". Having added this line to the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line, they received the longest section of the Moscow metro.

Metro Mitino

The story "Mitino"

It took nearly 20 years to create the Mitino Metro. They began to build it back in the early 90s of the last century. Initially they wanted to build a chord branch of the Mitino-Butovo metro. However, this did not happen. The construction of the station has become a long-term construction. In 1995, the construction of the tunnel is frozen for 13 years.

Work on the site will resume only in February 2008. The branch will be built as part of the Arbat-Pokrovsky direction. Run trains through the tunnels assumed in 2011. But they revised the project, made adjustments to it and put the Mitinskaya branch into operation in 2009. At the same time, Moscow received 3 new stations: the Mitino, Myakinino and Volokolamskaya metro stations.

Design station "Mitino"

The single-vaulted shallow station was built in the form of an elongated arch. During construction, they used traditional building materials for the construction of the metro: concrete and granite. The structure was constructed of monolithic concrete, and the finish was made of granite slabs. Station arches reach 6 meters in height.

Mitino metro station

Landing platform with a length of 162 meters is quite wide, as much as 12 meters. An LED strip is laid on the edge of the apron, and it is forbidden to go outside until the train stops. In the Moscow metro there is another station with an LED line. The strip on the platform does not glow constantly. Before approaching the composition, its gradual damping occurs, and when it departs, it lights up again. Ticket offices were removed from the vestibules of the metro station "Mitino", they were made in underground passages.

The design of the tunnels is designed in modern style. It is peculiar to the original minimalism.The modernity of design is underlined by sophisticated chopped forms of land crossings. The uniqueness of the interior of the metro "Mitino" achieved by an unusual coffered vault.

The originality of the interior is given by benches with fancy shapes and columns, as if growing out of the platform. The walls are marbled in shades of gray and white. The floor is lined with geometric patterns of pink-gray granite and black inserts. The architectural feature of Mitino is that the territory of the site was equipped with reversible dead ends for the entire rolling stock line.


Mitino is a metro station built in the North-Western administrative district of the Russian capital. It is located between the Volokolamskaya and Pyatnitskoe Shosse metro stations. Passengers leave it in the center of the same name area.

There are 10 lobbies on the streets of the megalopolis, connected by underground passages (7 of them are on the west and 3 on the east side). Along one tunnels passengers get into the 2nd Mitinsky lane. On the other aisles are those who need to be in a place where the streets Mitinskaya and Dubravnaya intersect.From here it is convenient to get to the 2nd and 3rd Mitinsky Lane, Baryshikha Street and Pyatnitskoye Highway.

Moscow metro Mitino

How to get to "Mitino"

Consider options for how to get to the metro station "Mitino". The most convenient and easiest way is to use the trains of the Moscow metro, following the Mitinsky line. From public transport at this metro station stops a lot of buses and taxis.

Take, for example, buses number 266, 575, 614, 736, 741, 959, 240, 267, 32, 32 m, 400 k, 852 or minibuses number 267 to, 570, 573, 117 m, 878, 893, 876 and by others.

how to get to metro Mitino

Landmarks around the station

There are no significant historical sites near this station of the Moscow metro. However, Mitino is a metro station from which trains depart along the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line. Much interest is in the Muscovites and guests of the metropolis design of new stations in this direction and metro bridge.

The station is adjacent to the Mitinsky radio market. It is surrounded by numerous shops, shopping and entertainment complexes, fitness centers, hairdressers, banks, health facilities, schools, kindergartens and other public places.

Next to it is a cinema "Luxor".Within walking distance of the metro are "McDonalds", cafes and restaurants, where there is the opportunity to eat and have a good rest. The nearest park is located on Pyatnitsky highway. Mitinsky Forest Park is removed from the subway by almost a kilometer.

The launch of this station allowed the residents of the Mitino district, located on the outskirts of the capital, to get a convenient high-speed transport. Thanks to the Mitinsky branch, the north-western part of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnensky direction was unloaded, which worked at the maximum throughput capacity.

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