Ksenia Chepenko - model and TV presenter

Xenia Chepenko is a very attractive girl,model, as well as a very well-known TV presenter of one of the Russian channels. Xenia performed her cherished childhood dream, and now she works on the Moscow 24 channel of news.Ksenia Chepenko

Ksenia Chepenko: Biography

Xenia was born in the city of Saratov on December 11, toUnfortunately, the year of birth of the girl remains unknown. An interesting fact from the life of the TV presenter is that she went to the kindergarten only five days, she did not like it very much, and she persuaded her parents to take her from there, instead she promised to behave well and obey the adults. The girl graduated from the school in her native city, and then entered the local socio-economic university. Also during this period, Xenia was seriously addicted to the modeling business.

Even then the girl dreamed of working on television. And so, when the chance to go to the casting of the leading city TV channel was dropped, Ksenia Chepenko decided not to miss this opportunity. It is worth noting that the girl was lucky the first time, and soon she worked as a correspondent for local news, where she proved herself quite well.

Ksenia Chepenko, biography


In 2011, the girl decided to move to the capital andvisit one of the castings on the local TV channel. And again the girl smiled luck, she was taken to the channel "Moscow 24". Initially, Ksenia Chepenko worked on the daily air, but a little later the audience could watch it during the morning news. In her interviews the girl notes that she loves her work very much, that's why she comes to her with pleasure.

Ksenia Chepenko repeatedly successfully passedcastings for the role of a leading, perhaps in this it helped model the past. The girl knows how to behave in front of the camera and how to behave properly. It is worth noting that Xenia is really good at it and it's very pleasant to look at.

Personal life

At the moment the girl is free from relationships. As Xenia tells, in her life there was a situation when she ran away from the groom before the wedding. Then she was at the age of 21 and believed that she was too young for marriage, and was not sure of the correctness of the choice of a man.

Xenia, like many girls, dreams of marrying and living happily with one beloved man all her life.

She likes to spend her free time very actively, to walk with her dog, play tennis or go horseback riding.

We will wish this charming girl further successes in her career and in her personal life.

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