Moisturizing lip balm: reviews

Throughout the year, and especially in cool time, lips are exposed to the negative effects of natural factors. In order to protect them from peeling and various damages, cosmetologists recommend using lip balms. So, how to choose the right product? What moisturizing lip balms are considered the best on the cosmetics market? How do consumers respond to products of different brands?

moisturizing lip balm reviews

A few words about the perfect lip balm

Some women try a large number of different options for a much-needed cosmetic before finding the one and only, perfect one. However, in order to skip the search stage, you just need to understand which components must be included in a good lip balm, and which ones should not be.

According to beauticians, in a good balm should be exclusively organic ingredients. Salicylic acid or silicone oil in the composition would be an excellent option, however, products with such components are very quickly absorbed and require more frequent application to the lips.

What should not be part of a good lip balm? It is necessary to put cosmetic products back on the shelf, among which components menthol or camphor is listed - they will dry already rough lips and cause even greater irritation. Also, experts recommend to abandon the purchase of a product with perfumes, especially alcohol - they will also cause irritation. The presence of silicone silicon compounds, which are also able to cause greater dryness of the lip surface, is not welcomed as part of the balm.

Leaders of sells

As you know, not always everything expensive is good. But consumer preferences should be trusted. So, if the buyer does not know which moisturizing lip balm is better for him to choose, you can turn to social networks and forums on the Internet. It is here that there are a lot of reviews about different products tested. You can trust the majority opinion.

As the statistics show, one of the most popular products is the Luxe moisturizing lip balm (Avon). Reviews about it are just great, and many consumers recommend purchasing it.However, there are other equally popular cosmetics. One of them is the moisturizing lip balm Chubby Stick (Clinique), which has been in demand by the consumer for a long time. Also leading positions are occupied by balms of such brands as Oriflame, Avalon, EOS, and Belvedere.

moisturizing lip balm avon


For a long period, the global manufacturer of Polish cosmetics offers consumers quality products. Lip balms, presented in catalogs, are highly praised, because, according to users, they have incredible protective properties and restore the skin of lips in case of damage. One of the flagships of this manufacturer is moisturizing lip balm "Tenderness of Silk" ("Lux"). Users on the positive side note a slight variety in the color palette of this product - the manufacturer offers nude, pink and honey shades.

On sites with reviews you can find a huge number of enthusiastic comments directed to the address of such a balm: according to many, moisturizing lip balm "Lux" has an almost instant effect, even in the most difficult cases, eliminating roughness.The advantage is its pleasant aroma and beautiful golden packaging.


The moisturizing lip balm produced by this company is also extremely popular, and this is due to the excellent quality of the product. On various forums you can find a lot of positive feedback about it. Chubby Stick - moisturizing lip balm-lip balm that has a rich color pigment. Those who use it, note this fact from the positive side, because for one price, the consumer gets lipstick and a great balm in one package. when using it, any lips will be very beautiful, tender and bright.

clinique moisturizing chubby stick lip balm


According to many girls and women, the moisturizing lip balm of Belvedere, made in the form of lipstick, boasts excellent regenerating properties. As consumers themselves say, when applying lipstick, it leaves no shade - it is completely transparent. Its packaging is very convenient, the stick extends, and this provides hygienic protection for the product.

Due to the nutritional components that are part of the balm (jojoba oil, beeswax and rose oil), it has the ability to quickly heal the microcracks on the lips, which often form with the onset of cold weather. The product has a pleasant unobtrusive flavor.

moisturizing lip balm


Recently, the brand of American cosmetics EOS, whose products have already managed to become popular with consumers, is rapidly gaining popularity. The catalogs of this manufacturer also include wonderful moisturizing lip balms, in reviews of which customers admire absolutely everything: from unique spherical packaging to cosmetic properties.

The balm is sold in small round balls, which can be very easily hidden in a small handbag. It has a roller applicator, with which it is very convenient to apply the product to the lips. Users note its delicious regenerating properties, mouth-watering fruity aroma and, of course, light texture, which is almost not felt on the lips.

avon moisturizing lip balm luxury reviews


Known throughout Europe and in some parts of Russia, the Austrian manufacturer of cosmetics can also compete for the primacy in the production of high-quality lip balms, presenting its product to the market - Rosegarden Lip Balm.

Clients who use it are delighted with the properties possessed by the tool. It contains in its composition a pink extract that promotes instant healing of wounds on the lips and elimination of roughness from their surface.It is also a positive thing that this balm is completely hypoallergenic and does not irritate the oral mucosa. Regular users from Russia recommend purchasing it in the Rive Gosh retail stores.

chubby stick moisturizing lip balm lip balm


Excellent lip balm of the Russian manufacturer, which can be purchased at local pharmacies, has also been very popular with consumers for some time now. As noted by the manufacturer, the line presents three types of product that differ in flavors. Variants are presented: lavender with cardamom, Egyptian fennel with orange, and also a rose with clementine.

In their reviews of this product, users often note that it has excellent nutritional properties, as well as a very light texture. By the way, many have noticed that it can also be used for other parts of the body, for example, to soften the cuticle or coarse areas of the body.

This balm is sold in small packs of brown, resembling a stick of lipstick.

Kanebo mikan chan

An excellent moisturizing lip balm, reviews of which on the Internet is becoming more and more.Its manufacturer is located in Japan, but such a product can also be purchased in the CIS countries, which many do through representatives. Also cosmetics of this brand can be purchased on the company's website.

Customers who have already tried to actually try such a product are mostly satisfied with its properties. They note that the balm does not feel at all on the lips, but has an unobtrusive fruity aroma. By the way, its packaging attracts the attention of a large number of women - it has a bright orange color and is made in the shape of a tangerine. According to the manufacturer, the product contains a number of nutrients, including hyaluronic acid, unshiu extract, and vitamins C and A.

Holika holika

In the Russian market, the Korean cosmetics brand Holika Holika has been gaining popularity for some time now. His saliva Trio moisturizing lip balm is in great demand. It consists of natural ingredients and is sold in a small mint-colored tube.

Clients who use this product note its excellent properties in filling microcracks, which allows lips to be as smooth as possible.Many have noted that when it is used on the lips, there is a feeling of comfort and moisture. The product has a light vanilla aroma and a non-sticky texture, which also many people like.

You can buy such a product in some Russian stores, but most of the copies find their consumers through international online stores (AliExpress, Testercorea, Cosmetics Love, Ebey).

Melvita Karite-Argan-Cupuaku

Moisturizing lip balm produced by this company is very popular in European countries. In Russia, you can also find points where it is sold, but most often this product is purchased in online stores.

It should be noted that this balm consists entirely of natural ingredients that favorably affect the skin of the lips - almost all consumers notice this immediately after the first use. Consumers noted that this balm in its texture is very similar to a fine scrub, so that when it is applied, rough particles are removed from the surface of the skin.

As stated by the manufacturer, as part of the tool you can find components such as sunflower oil, a small amount of almond and shea butter, which have incredible softening effects.

moisturizing lip balm luxury silk tenderness


The Russian company strikes the consumer with the unique properties of its product, which includes vitamin C. This product can be bought in Russian pharmacies, cosmetic stores, as well as on the company's official website, in the sales section.

According to the consumer, this tool has an incredible effect even on the driest skin of the lips, which can not but cause delight. He is also able to remove various inflammations from their surface and instantly fill with moisture. Having tried once such a balm, the user certainly recommends purchasing it to his friends, which is associated with the excellent effect that occurs after its use.


Another popular cosmetics brand that offers products from the Swedish manufacturer is Oriflame. It is firmly established in many countries of the world, and at the moment its products are used by women of the globe.

The company "Oriflame" also offers its customers several options of nutrients, made in different forms. There is a product in her catalogs that resembles Avon Lip Balm in its appearance - it is presented in the luxury series “Jorani Gold”,It has several color shades and is sold in a golden case.

Tint balms from the spa care series are very popular. They are presented in thin white sticks, from which a soft two-layer balsam is unscrewed, which consists of a tint row and the balsam itself. It has a subtle candy flavor that is welcomed by consumers.

And, finally, the company's tool, which from the very moment of its foundation has been in unrealistic demand among clients from different countries of the world, is a balm, presented in an egg package. It contains a product made from beeswax in combination with other beneficial oils. Such balms have a wide range of fragrances that are constantly updated. Customers note an incredible positive effect after applying such an elixir, however, most of them are dissatisfied with the fact that the product does not have any dispenser and needs to be pulled with a finger or constantly carry a cosmetic brush.

trio lip balm


Hyper-Hydrating Repairing - a balm that won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of the fair sex. It includes fragmented hyaluronic acid, which allows you to instantly heal the damaged areas of the lips, perfectly smoothing their skin.Also among the remaining active ingredients are shea butter and a number of vitamins.

Each consumer of such a balm remains in awe of the results. In their reviews, they note a convenient packaging option - the balm is presented in a small tube, the volume of which is 12 ml, with a thin dispenser, from which you can squeeze out the right amount of money. Some of them even note that such a balm is ideal as a base for applying lipstick.

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