"Molokosos": the actors of the British youth series

Many teenagers are familiar with the British TV series "Suckers". Actors are their peers and show in this picture such familiar and familiar problems and joys of life. Manifestation of character, personality formation, transitional age ... Bad habits, noisy parties and a challenge to the whole world ... The guys do not accept rules, morality, or principles of ordinary life. They want to be completely independent and do only what they want. They are a new generation spitting on social foundations and order.suckers actors

"Suckers": teenage actors

So, more. Who played in the movie "Molokosos"? Actors really tried. They perform the following roles:

- Tony (Nicholas Holt) is a star of parties and a conscientious student.

- Michelle (April Pearson) - a real beauty, the dream of all the guys at school.

- Sid (Mike Bailey) - a friend of Tony, in love with Michelle.

- Jal (Larissa Wilson) - a girl, passionate about music.

- Chris (Joseph Dempsey) - “idiot”, secretly in love with his teacher.

- Maxi (Mitch Huer) is a gay guy.

- Anwar (Dev Patel) - a Muslim who tries to find his way in a foreign country.

In each episode of the Molokosos film, the actors show the story of an individual teenage character. In this case, the general storyline closely intertwines all the episodes among themselves.series suckers

Other characters

In addition to the main characters, the actors play minor roles in the series “Molokosos”, however, they are also very important. This is Effie (Kaya Scodelario) - Tony's younger sister, mysterious and prone to manipulation. Also, Abigail Stock (Georgina Moffat) is a bright schoolgirl who is prone to sociopathy. And in the second season, a girl named Lucy (Aime-Fion Edwards) - a quiet schoolgirl from Wales. She lives near Maxi and soon becomes a possessed guy. Over time, she will try to build a relationship with Anwar, but nothing will come of it.

Holt, Pearson, Bailey

Let's take a closer look at the actors who managed to gain a foothold in the world of cinema. So, Nicholas Holt. From the very first series of “Molokosov” it becomes clear that his character will “steer” around.Impeccable game actor and his extraordinary appearance did not go unnoticed by many casting managers. But It is worth noting that, while agreeing to this role, Nicholas was not a newcomer to the cinema. The guy was shooting since childhood. A popular TV series only continued his career. To date, Holt has appeared in more than 36 projects.

April Pearson failed to achieve such success. “Milkworms” is one of its first projects. After that, she occasionally flashed on television in some TV shows and low-budget films. Well, in 2014, the girl was approved for the main role in the movie “House for Christmas”. Not a star of the first magnitude, but still ...

Mike Bailey played well in the series of "beaten" teenager. Perhaps it would be worth continuing in the same vein. There are a lot of youth films, but the school hierarchy remains unchanged. However, Mike apparently chose something else. His portfolio includes only three obscure projects.Mike Bailey

Murray and Dempsey

Hannah Murray, who played in the series a girl named Cassie, perfectly coped with her role, although she was quite difficult. Just such characters (with psychological problems) always require special study.The girl in her game was so unmatched that when watching a movie it seems that she really is a bit strange in life. Murray also played a major role in the film “God Help The Girl,” a few minor roles in a couple of pictures and a role in the world famous TV series “Game of Thrones.

Joseph Dempsey - one of the brightest characters in the series. To date, he is removed in a variety of pictures. However, his best filmmaker is still considered a role in the “Game of Thrones”.

Be that as it may, the series "Molokososy" is a real masterpiece. You can be sure that viewing this picture will not disappoint you in any way.

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