Mosaic. Laying mosaic: technology and nuances of work

Miniature which is also called a mosaic, looks very elegant. This finishing material supposedly passes from the illusory plane of the fairy-tale world to the walls of shower rooms and bathrooms. If you decide to choose this option of finishing the room, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the cost of the installation work. That is why you should get a closer look at installation technology. Perhaps you can master it yourself.

Mosaic description

mosaic laying mosaic

If you will do the laying of the mosaic with your own hands, you should take a closer look at this material. Today it is one of the most popular, and this is precisely what found its use in the design of bathrooms. If we are talking about a kitchen, a waiting room or a bathroom, then there is no better option at all.

Mosaic can be:

  • smalt; ceramic;
  • glass

The latter variety is used most widely. Venetian glass forms the basis of this tile, which is why the material has high performance characteristics, among them should be highlighted:

  • impact resistance;
  • heat resistance;
  • durability;
  • frost resistance;
  • water resistance.

It is possible to carry out laying of a mosaic in a jacuzzi or the pool. You will be able to create a surface of high reliability with excellent performance. Among other things, it will be possible to get incredible colorful effects. If you are laying the mosaic on the wall, then you can choose a ceramic version of it. The material is implemented in a wide range of colors. The tile can have blotches, stains and other decorative design.

Scope of use

do-it-yourself mosaicking

Among other things, on sale you can find glazed mosaic. Its laying will allow to achieve a non-slip embossed surface. The scope of the use of ceramic mosaic is quite wide. Lay it in pools, in bathrooms and on facades of buildings. If necessary, the surface of the material can be aged. In this case, the color is muted, and the edges are smooth. The smalt mosaic looks like glass. If we compare it with Venetian glass, the first one contains sodium and potassium salts. Natural substances give the material a play of light.

Preparation for laying

mosaic laying in the bathroom

If you will be laying the mosaic in the bathroom, then you must remember that during the work may be faced with certain difficulties. This is especially true for newbies. The work surface should be perfectly flat. To carry out work on the installation of finishes it is necessary to level the surface. Otherwise, the mosaic sheets will repeat the irregularities.

The result will be a surface that is aesthetically unattractive. Even sanitary fixtures and proper lighting will not save her. It is possible to level a surface by all possible means, it can be drywall or putty. The aligned wall requires cleaning and priming. Otherwise, the adhesive will lose its adhesive properties.

Recommendations for preparation

mosaic tile cost

The technology of laying mosaic involves the elimination of distortions, which can be done using a cement-sand mortar. The next step is putty in 2 or 3 layers. Grout this surface can be done after drying. Dust is swept away, and then a primer is applied to the substrate.

Glue selection

laying mosaic on the wall

When installing a mosaic, you can use one of several adhesives.The substance can be made on a polymer base with the addition of cement. Installation is permissible with the help of ordinary tile adhesive, which is laid ceramic finish. The choice of composition for installation depends on the surface. There is no fundamental difference, laying on a plasterboard construction or floor is carried out.

However, it is quite another thing if the tile should be fixed on the basis of wood or plastic. In this case, you should use special tools to work with these materials. Another important point is that the glue of different colors differs in operational properties. White and gray formulations are made with the addition of a different type of cement. If you have to work with glass mosaic, it is recommended to choose a light-colored glue, because the usual gray composition will give a transparent finish a dirty effect.

Mosaic Laying

mosaic laying in the pool

For finishing different surfaces of the room you can choose a mosaic. Laying the mosaic is not difficult. Apply another layer of primer paint to the prepared wall. It is necessary to choose the composition of deep penetration.The substance is applied with a maklovitsa to the formation of light-colored foam. Priming is necessary to increase adhesion and secure bonding between the materials.

At the next stage, the adhesive composition can be applied with a comb. It is recommended to choose a tool whose teeth have a size within 8 mm. The distribution of the composition is carried out as evenly as possible. You should not rush to spend the whole mixture, because it quickly becomes chapped and loses its grip properties. Apply the composition only to a small area of ​​the wall, where you plan to put a mosaic sheet.

As soon as you lean it against the surface, you need to press down a little. Mosaic on the grid, the laying of which is carried out according to a technology different from that when the material is applied on paper, allows you to control the seams. The material must be attached to the base of the wall. If we are talking about a paper-based mosaic, then we need to act the other way around. The paper will subsequently be sodden by water and will easily slip off the decorative surface. The main disadvantage of this option can be considered the inability to control the thickness of the seam.

At the time of laying the mosaic on the corners of the sheet should be wrapped. If the outer or inner corner does not allow this, then the section should be trimmed. Grout and glue will mask the remains of the grid. The mosaic needs to be leveled by pushing it with an object with a large area of ​​contact. For this perfect grater for grouting. The pressure on the tile with your hands is not necessary. Otherwise, the surface will be uneven.

You can also choose a mosaic as a finishing material. Laying the mosaic is often done by home craftsmen. The next step is to clean the surface. This stage is carried out on fresh glue. If you are late with these manipulations, the rest of the composition will have to be scraped off. To clean the seams using a screwdriver or paint spatula. While the glue allows, you should remove its remnants from the surface, at this time you can still adjust the position of some tiles. If you choose the right comb, then the extra glue will not protrude to the surface.

Final work

mosaic on the grid laying

For a long time and to this day does not lose its relevance mosaic.Laying mosaics today is carried out in bathrooms, bathrooms, and swimming pools. If you also decide to follow the experience of the majority, then at the final stage it will be necessary to rub the seams using special means. This stage is the most scrupulous.

Pool mosaic trim

Laying mosaics in the pool is carried out by a special technology. It provides a choice of adhesive composition with waterproof characteristics. In this case, we are talking about polymer blends, which are implemented in finished form. The mass should remain elastic even after solidification, this will allow to compensate for the load and deflection.

Grout is also selected with water-repellent characteristics that will provide reliable waterproofing. The pool lining technology is almost indistinguishable from that used in the case of classic surfaces. The only nuance is the complexity of the work.

The tile keeps within according to the standard scheme - a seam to a seam. In order to facilitate manipulation, the base should be marked. Installation is done in separate areas. In visible areas should be located whole fragments.The glue is applied to the concrete, while the lining itself is laid on top.

For grouting using special waterproofing, which will be like a waterproof mass. You can use a latex mixture, but epoxy grout is most often used for the pool. In the composition there are resins hardening after drying. They do not even let a drop of water through and reliably protect the adhesive.

Mosaic can also be used to finish your pool. Laying mosaics in this case may be accompanied by additional decoration in the form of grout. Experts quite often apply translucent mastics to which ingredients spangles are added. The mass fits into the seams, while you need to try not to stain the tile. It takes 2 days to dry. After that, the pool is kept for a while in a dry state until the glue is completely set. After 3 weeks, you can fill its inner space with water and enjoy the result.


The cost of laying a mosaic should interest you if you yourself do not plan to carry out such work.Buying a glass mosaic on the grid, you must be prepared that this material is laid on the floor at a price that is 2,000 rubles. per square meter. Ceramic mosaic on the grid is mounted at a higher cost - 2 300 rubles. per square meter. Piece mosaic without a grid will cost the consumer when laying at 3 300 rubles. per square meter. The small tile is mounted by experts at the price of 1 300 rub. per square meter.

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