Motorcycle Honda CBR 250: specifications, reviews

The Honda CBR250 sports bike was first introduced to the general public in the late eighties of the last century. The modification is oriented to the domestic market, as well as to Thailand and India. The popularity of the model has increased, and it appeared in Europe and America. The main argument for the release of the equipment in question is considered to be competition with Kawasaki in the field of low-volume motorcycles. It is worth noting that in the company's arsenal there was a variation of the CBR 250 RR, which was intended for internal use and equipped with a four-cylinder engine. Consider the characteristics of the bike, its features, modifications, as well as user reviews.

honda cbr 250

general description

Modification Honda CBR 250, in contrast to the "Kawasaki Ninja", has a more thoughtful and interesting design. Also, the bike has a combined ABS system, which is rare for the category in question. On the considered device is installed a single-cylinder engine with liquid cooling.Its volume is 249 cubic centimeters with a power of 26 horsepower and a turnover of 24 N. The limit figures are up to ten thousand revolutions per minute.

The Honda CBR 250 motorcycle is equipped with a steel frame, plastic body kit, electronic fuel injection, a telescopic suspension with a single shock absorber and a gearbox with 6 ranges. The model range of this brand for many years proves the quality and gives these impressions of the management of a sports apparatus. The combination of excellent maneuverability and comfort control - the most advantageous differences from competitors.

 honda cbr 250 rr


Model Honda CBR 250 for the years of production has undergone a number of changes. It was released seven major modifications. Among them:

  1. 1987 edition with full fairing (chassis name begins with MS-17 index).
  2. In the 88th version is released with a single increased disc brake instead of a paired counterpart (MS-19).
  3. In 1989, an improved version of the predecessor, speed limiter on the injector in the range of 185 km / h (MS-21).
  4. 1991 Model MS-22 comes out. Restyled variation has a frame made of composite aluminum alloy. The brake system is equipped with two discs with a larger diameter. The amplitude of the rear pendulum-swivel suspension increases to 180 mm. The mass of the unit goes down to 142 kg.The previous analog was heavier on 6 kg.
  5. In 1993, the motorcycle with the number of chassis MS-22E. The main difference from the previous copies is the expanded color range.
  6. Modification Honda CBR 250 RR comes out in 1993. It reduced the power of the power unit to forty horsepower, according to the law of Japan on the conformity of power and cubic capacity of motors.

motorcycle honda cbr 250

Technical plan parameters

Below are the characteristics of the considered equipment:

  • The type of motorcycle is sporty.
  • The material and design of the chassis - cast aluminum frame.
  • The length / width / height is 1.97 / 0.67 / 1.08 meters.
  • Wheelbase - 1.34 m.
  • Fuel tank capacity - 13 liters.
  • Fuel consumption - 3-4.5 liters per 100 kilometers, depending on the driving mode.
  • Speed ​​threshold - 180 km / h.
  • Weight - 142 kg.

The Honda CBR 250 motorcycle, whose characteristics are given above, is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline powertrain. It has a volume of 249 cubic centimeters, four cylinders, liquid cooling. The piston stroke is 33.8 millimeters, and the compression ratio is 11.5. There are options with carburetor and injector power. Starting is carried out through electronic ignition at the maximum speed of revolutions - 15 thousand rotations per minute.

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Single cylinder version

The Honda CBR 250 with one cylinder has the following parameters:

  • The power plant is a gasoline engine, four-stroke, type SOHC.
  • Type of cooling - liquid.
  • Work piston - 55 mm.
  • Maximum torque - 8500 revolutions per minute.
  • Motor power - 26 horsepower.
  • Startup type - electric starter.
  • Drive to drive wheel - chain drive.
  • The chassis is a solid cast frame made of steel profile.
  • The length / width / height is 2.03 / 0.7 / 1.12 meters.
  • Rear suspension - articulated pendulum with a single shock absorber.
  • The front analog is a telescopic fork with an amplitude of 130 mm.
  • Brakes - disk node.
  • Clearance road - 14.8 cm.
  • Dry weight - 148 kg.
  • Fuel tank capacity - 13 liters.

Special features

Motorcycle Honda CBR 250 Replica left the assembly line in the thousands of copies. Almost all modifications received positive feedback from specialists and owners. This technique can rightly be attributed to one of the most popular types of transport in the world of two-wheeled motor technology of the end of the last century.

A weighty advantage of the bike is the speed indicator, which reaches over 200 km / h. That is why the designers decided to make the unit more secure by setting a speed limiter.In addition, in many countries there are certain rules on the combination of parameters of speed and volume of the engine of the motorcycle, which in this modification is 250 cubic meters. cm.

 honda cbr 250 features

Another advantage of the Honda CBR 250 is the engine efficiency. Along with high dynamics and speed, the four-cylinder unit consumes about four liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. As a result, without refueling, it is realistic to overcome about four hundred kilometers, which is a record figure for a sports bike. True, few of the riders endure such a segment of the path without stopping.

Latest updates

Active serial production of the motorcycle under review lasted until 1996. Then there was a limited production of bikes, and in 1999 the conveyor assembly was suspended. A couple of years began the release of the model "Replica". Honda CBR 250 received fundamental differences from its predecessors, was equipped with a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection. The popularity of the new modification was not long in coming, it became popular in the markets of many countries. Manufacture of equipment was established in the Thai branch of the Honda corporation.

Road behavior

The height of this bike on the saddle is only 78 centimeters, which allows it to be easily controlled by motorcyclists of low stature. The unit is characteristic of the Japanese equipment of this class, is distinguished by low weight and maneuverability. The vehicle has the dynamics of the category Supersport, when driving gives owners comfort, possessing a certain versatility, which distinguishes it from its counterparts.

Powerplant "Honda 250" can be called relatively calm. It is great for novice motorcyclists, although experienced riders will not have enough power. On the highway, a two-wheeled vehicle “eats” about three liters of fuel per 100 km. When moving around the city consumption rate increases slightly. Recommended cruising speed - no more than 100 km / h. If you compare this bike with any sports or tourist analogue, it can be noted that a full tank is enough for 350-400 kilometers, and this exceeds the indicator of many cruisers and sports analogues.

replica honda cbr 250

Honda CBR 250: reviews

According to the responses of the owners, the motorcycle under consideration has reliability and maneuverability.Nevertheless, despite the fame of the Honda brand, it can hardly be called a worthy rival to the closest competitor of the Kawasaki Ninja 250. According to the dynamics of overclocking, the CBR differs little from its Chinese counterparts, and one cylinder and low power are not the best indicator for a sports bike. Up to 100 kilometers the unit can be accelerated in seven seconds. Motorcycle design is also not particularly impressive (for an amateur). In this case, the cost of a new copy is at least 250 thousand rubles.

Users have identified the following advantages of a motorcycle:

  • High quality.
  • The presence of ABS on some modifications.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Efficiency.
  • Informative management.

Among the minuses, consumers note low power, poor acceleration dynamics and a speed limiter. Some motorcyclists name appearance.


For more than ten years, the CBR motorcycles from the Japanese manufacturer Honda have been demonstrating visually what sports-road bikes should be, delighting drivers with comfort and behavior on the road. If we compare the Honda 250 and Kawasaki 250, the engine will be the hallmark. In the "Japanese" it is single-cylinder, and the Korean competitor is equipped with a classic two-piece row.Although the manufacturers position the CBR 250 as a sports bike, it is difficult to attribute it to this class by 100 percent. "Dressed" in plastic, it looks more like a road version.

honda cbr 250 reviews

For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that in some countries this classification is quite appropriate. Anyway, the device differs in reliability and the thought-over design, than the equipment from Honda concern was always famous. In 2014, the receiver of this series came out.

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