MSI (motherboards): characteristics, connection, reviews

The choice of the motherboard is quite difficult. The manufacturer devotes a lot of time to developing a new model to fit everything they need. MSI also works in good faith. Motherboards are its crown product, so most of the time, the feedback on new products is positive.

history of the company

The company first became known in 1986. Already at the beginning of its existence, the manufacturer focused on the development of motherboards. At the same time announced the version with overclocking. The company is trying to be the first to market innovative products.msi motherboards

So the whole world sounded announcements of the first overclocked laptop, a netbook with a diagonal of 10 inches, an infotainment car product, an energy-saving netbook, an ultrathin laptop, and an AIO PC monoblock.

In addition, MSI has won several prestigious awards for production as a whole and certain products: for 15 years in a row, it received the Taiwan Excellence logo, won the gold award “Best Motherboard Choice”, CES 2012 Innovations, CES Innovations Award Honors and the like.

A budget option

Despite the fact that MSI produces motherboards that are more geared to gamers, you can find a leader among budget models. Motherboard MSI H81M-E33 in 2016 was one of the best for just 2600 rubles.

Model compatible with LGA1150. Parameters let you install i3 and i5 series processors. Novelty can help to overclock the chip in BIOS. The form factor of the motherboard is Micro-ATX, so the option is suitable for almost any PC case. The board received all the necessary connectors and slots: HDMI, USB 2.0, a pair of high-speed USB 3.0.msi motherboard specifications


This MSI motherboard received positive feedback. Buyers praised the excellent overclocking potential, value for money, availability of necessary connectors. Users only noted the purchase of an additional cooling system. Paired with i3 and i5 works well, but only with younger versions. With more serious "partners" you can feel the load on the system.

Gaming option

MSI has been releasing motherboards for gamers for a long time. Among them are already established leaders. So in 2015, a stable motherboard MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC became available for users under the Intel LGA1150 socket.

The cost of this model is about 16 thousand rubles. The option is not the cheapest, because there are gaming products for a lower price.Nevertheless, the declared value is justified. Motherboard received a lot of additional options that may not all need. Then in this case, you can choose a different model.motherboard connection msi


The response of users about this model only confirmed the quality of the product. MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC stands out complete set, gaming appearance and overclocking potential. Despite the rather complex, it would seem, construction, installation of the motherboard is simple and does not require special knowledge.

Users mark a lot of space, a large selection of ports and connectors, ease of installation of other components. I liked the cooling system with light, bright design and clear setting in BIOS.

For intel

Each MSI motherboard, whose specifications have justified the cost, has become popular. Users are captivated by a wide variety of models. There are budget options and expensive for picky gamers. Developed motherboards for processors from Intel and AMD.

Recently, MSI Z97-G43 has become popular in its price segment. For only 6500 rubles it was possible to replace the failed model with a new one. The option is ideal for those who previously had a fifth or fourth generation processor on an Intel LGA1150 socket.motherboard msi reviews

Performance indicators are pleasantly surprising, especially if you look at the price tag.The model can be installed both in the personal computer for games, and in office. Overclocking processor is intuitive.


Users mark the build quality of the MSI Z97-G43. The power subsystem has become another positive parameter. In addition to the regular acceleration, there is also an additional manual overclocking in BIOS. The format of the board makes it easy to install a video card with a large cooler.

Among the shortcomings, the absence of IOMMU, M.2 and SATA Express was noted. The rest of the buyers could not immediately detect any drawbacks.


For processors of this company, MSI has released a huge amount of motherboards. Among them are both low-end models and very expensive options. Last year, the new 970A Gaming Pro Carbon mainboard was introduced.

The appearance of the model is impressive. It has LED backlighting, improved PCI Express x16 ports, a separate sound system. Quality materials are specially applied for the entire board.


The main memory of the MSI 970A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard is represented by four slots. This is quite enough for any user. Also, users note an attractive design, generous packaging and high performance. The board is covered with black carbon fiber, the radiators shine, gold-plated capacitors.Pleased buyers and the cost of 6-7 thousand rubles. Although still some users call it overpriced.main memory msi


Usually there is no problem with the installation, but sometimes the connection of the MSI motherboard can be surprised. It is necessary to study the instruction in order not to harm the model. Before you install a motherboard, you need to place a processor in it. Make it simple: raise the locking lever, combine the pointer on the chip with the one on the board. If the processor does not easily become, then it cannot be installed by force - it is better to ask for help.

Next, you need to install a cooler, if you purchased it additionally. For each there is an installation manual, so problems should not arise. The same is true with the installation of RAM.

Included is a metal lining, it is easy to install in the system unit. In principle, all this can be done already when the board is inside the case. After you need to connect the power. Most often it is represented by a 24 + 4-pin connector.

The port for the video card is noted in the instructions and, in principle, it is easy to find on the board. There will need to place the accelerator.Next, do not forget about the power of the fan system and the CPU. System connectors should fit on the JFP1 panel. Then you can connect USB. At the end you need to put the railway.

Further installation of the system, if you did everything correctly, the PC starts working almost immediately, without any problems.

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