Nakhimov College in St. Petersburg

The creation of the Suvorov and Nakhimov military schools in the USSR was due to the bitter experience of the Great Patriotic War, which showed that professional professionals of the army and navy were needed. Initially, the children of officers, partisans, party workers, and simply workers who fell in the struggle for the freedom of their country studied there. How they work and who study in such institutions today, consider the example of one of them. So - Nakhimov military school.

Nakhimov School

History of creation

It was created in 1944, according to the decision of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR, one of a number of secondary schools of a closed type, in order to prepare young men for training in naval schools and further service by naval officers.

The Nakhimov College (Petersburg), like those like it in Tbilisi and Riga, was named after Admiral PS Nakhimov, who was a great Russian naval commander and hero of the Crimean War.

Under the building of the educational institution was given the "college house" named after Peter I, located near the banks of the Neva and the Big Nevka. In the autumn of 1944 the first enrollment of cadets of the school was made, including 408 young people aged 10-14 years.Among them were those who went through the war and had military awards (N.Senchugov, P.Parovov, etc.).

The solemn ceremony of the first graduation (1948) took place on the cruiser Aurora. This heroic ship, which saw the Russian-Japanese, Russian-German and Great Patriotic War, on the initiative of Admiral Isakov, was permanently stationed so that the Nakhimov people remembered and honored the traditions and heroic feats of Russian and Soviet sailors. In addition, the ship was a training base, which studied the naval case.

Nakhimov military school

Glorious graduates

During its existence, the Nakhimov School provided more than fourteen thousand graduates with a life permit, who joined the Navy as sailors and commanders.

The school is proud of its former students, now the owners of the Star of the Hero of the Russian Federation: captains of the 1st rank A.I. Oparin. and Spravtsevym S.V., Rear Admirals Khmyrov V.L. and Berezin A.A., Major General T.A. Apakidze.

More than 60 students "grew up" to admirals and 14 were given the rank of general.

general description

In 1955, the system of naval schools was reorganized, and only one Nakhimov school remained - in St. Petersburg.

Over the past dozens of years, the system of recruitment by cadets has changed significantly and today, students of 5-11 grades are trained at NVMU.

The modern school is a closed-type educational institution, focused on the naval training profile, provides high-quality secondary education and is the foundation for admission to specialized universities in the country.

In the arsenal of the school there are:

  • excellent educational and material base;
  • highly qualified personnel, teachers, educators;
  • convenient location in the historical center of St. Petersburg, next to the legendary cruiser Aurora.

Nakhimov College Petersburg


Nakhimov Maritime School has a clear structure, including:

Infrastructure for pupils

Nakhimov College has barracks and housing stock, consisting of 3 towns:

  1. Military camp No. 60 is the main building of NVMU with classrooms, laboratories, service and administrative offices, a medical center, a canteen, a museum, an assembly hall, and storage rooms.
  2. Military camp number 45 is a training building for the school, to which a gym and a swimming pool are attached.
  3. Military camp number 69 is another bedroom building.

According to the Charter, all students of the school are fully supported by the state and stay in the educational institution around the clock.

Nakhimov College in St. Petersburg

Learning process

Nakhimov College teaches students from grade 5 for 7 years. Training involves the implementation of programs:

  • basic general education - from 5th to 9th grade;
  • secondary general education - from 10 to 11 grade;
  • additional education.

The curriculum covers many areas and includes:

  • physical and mathematical orientation of training;
  • a significant increase in physical training of pupils;
  • study of life safety, including naval training;
  • in-depth study of a foreign language (English);
  • health promotion of students by balancing the workload;
  • Qualitatively new level of proficiency in teachers and cadets of new information technologies.

In the summer, NVMU practices marine practice (summer camps), the program of which consists of a number of independent, but related processes.

Nakhimov marine school

Additional education

This direction is a full-fledged independent part of the basic general education of NVMU and gives pupilspersonal and professional self-determination allows them to shape a strong need for creativity and cognition.

The purpose of additional education:

  • to form and develop the creative abilities of the Nakhimov people;
  • to satisfy their individual needs - to improve themselves intellectually, morally and physically;
  • professional orientation of students;
  • the organization of their free time.

Additional education is organized in the form of classes for which special time is allotted for the schedule, according to physical culture and sports (18 programs), social and pedagogical (5), technical (15), natural science (4) and artistic (6) directions.

Entry conditions

Enrollment in the Nakhimov Cadet School is based on the results of a competition from among young men who have successfully passed a medical commission and with the appropriate age and level of education.

When taking in NVMU taken into account:

  • results of entrance examinations (Russian and foreign languages, mathematics);
  • psychological readiness of candidates for study in this institution;
  • the level of physical training of incoming applicants;
  • social, creative and sporting achievements.

affiliates of the Nakhimov school

Branches of the Nakhimov School

NVMU has three branches: in Vladivostok, Sevastopol and Murmansk.

The Sevastopol branch was formed in March 2014. Today, the number of students is over 500 people, most of whom are residents of the Crimea and Sevastopol, but there are also representatives from 49 regions of the Russian Federation. The term of study is seven years, all cadets are on full support of the state (with 5 meals a day and a monthly stipend). Training on a fee basis is not provided here.

Vladivostok branch was established in October 2013. The school shares territory with the Pacific IHU. This educational institution can accept 560 cadets. Possessing a good infrastructure, it ensures the conduct of educational activities using the latest computer technology. It is possible to conduct classes with other educational institutions of the Russian Federation in the form of video link.

The Murmansk branch is under construction. On the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in February 2017, its construction began. By the 2017-2018 school year, this institution plans to accept 240 cadets (5, 6, 7 classes).


To give your child back to school at Nakhimov School as a child is not an easy decision. Not every father (which is already talking about mothers) can calmly accept the fact of meeting with his son only on weekends or on holidays. And if you take into account strict discipline, training and physical activity, possible difficulties in the team, then most often the decision of the parents is not in favor of the school.

Nakhimov cadet school

Meanwhile, graduates themselves speak of their years of study as the best, bringing a lot of useful experience from various perspectives. Among the advantages, because of which it is worth going to study at NVMU, are called:

  1. Independence and resistance to life difficulties and obstacles.
  2. Schooling for mutual assistance, honesty, responsibility to the team.
  3. Useful leisure (museums, research institutes, conservatories, theaters), contributing to the expansion of horizons.
  4. Excellent physical training.
  5. Diverse additional education.

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