Natalia Pereverzeva: career, personal life

Russia is famous for its beautiful women. Slavic beauties hailing from Russia conquer the world's catwalks, becoming the best models. But there are those who have not left the territory of the Motherland in order to earn millions abroad, and remain here and delight their native viewers with their talents. One of these beauties is Natalya Pereverzeva. She traveled half the world, representing her country. It was the biography of this girl that became the topic of our article.

Soviet childhood

Natasha was born in Kursk on November 10, 1988. Her parents were far from the world of show business, her mother worked as an economist, and her father was an engineer.

The girl was distinguished not only by her beauty, but also by her mind. She studied only on the fives and in her teens refused to accept the offers of modeling agencies to take part in photography, putting training in the first place.

Natalia Pereverzeva also studied foreign languages, attended a music school. Parents wanted for their daughter a future in engineering or economics, and she thought about it herself.Despite all her external data, Natalya did not dream of a modeling career, she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her parents and grandfather - doctor of economic sciences.

Natalia Pereverzeva

Training and modeling career

After graduating from school in 2006, Pereverzeva entered the university of her hometown in the Faculty of Economics. This year a beauty contest was held, and the girl, on the advice of her friends, decided to take part there. She took second place here, becoming Vice-Miss Kursk.

Alexey Vasilyev was constantly attending such events as a matter of duty, because his duties included looking for new faces for modeling agencies. He noticed Natalia here and offered her cooperation. Natalia Pereverzeva agreed and the patrons received the Miss Universe herself - Oksana Fedorova.

In connection with the work received, the girl had to make a serious decision about moving to the capital. She consulted with her parents, and they supported her, realizing that in Moscow she would have more opportunities.

Arriving at the Mother See, Natalia transferred to study at the Moscow Finance Academy under the Government itself. Continuing her studies, Natalya Vladimirovna Pereverzeva is building a model career.She attends castings, participates in fashion shows.

Natalia Pereverzeva Miss Land

From "Miss Moscow" to "Beauty of Russia"

In 2010, Natalia received the title of the most beautiful girl in Moscow, beating 32 participants.

The following year she was to take part in the contest "Beauty of Russia", where 47 beauties from different cities of the country competed. The jury assessed not only the incomparable appearance of Natasha, but also her mind. So Natalia Pereverzeva, a model and student, also became the most beautiful resident of Russia in 2011, the prize was a diamond necklace, which was presented to last year’s owner of the title.

In the same year, Natalia graduated, but remained to work in graduate school. By the obligations of the title “Beauty of Russia”, Natalya constantly participated in photo shoots, appeared in talk shows. She also starred for the elite magazine Playboy, became an actress in Topalov's music video.

2011 was very busy for the girl, she, as the most beautiful girl in the country, was invited to the jury of the Moscow Media competition and took an active part in an action against people involved in the abuse of minors.

Natalia Vladimirovna Pereverzeva

Natalia Pereverzeva: "Miss Earth"

The girl, as a representative of Russia, took part in the contest "Miss Earth". In November 2012, the final was held, and the most beautiful were 8 finalists, among whom was our compatriot.

Participation in this contest, Natalia brought not only fame, many Russians have become against her, but all because of her speech. Pereverzeva said that Russia is a poor country that was dishonored by unscrupulous officials. In her opinion, the most dishonest and ruthless people live here, and she still has to love her country, since this is her homeland.

Natasha's speech flew around in the blink of an eye all the media, caused a public outcry. After that, the model said that the last time she took part in such contests.

Natalia Pereverzeva model

Personal life

Natalya Pereverzeva declares that she is not in a hurry to get married. According to her, the young man is there and treats her model profession well.

Natalia is engaged in sports, dancing, yoga, loves to travel. Her life is rich and interesting. She loves her job, always stays positive and active, sometimes she allows herself to just lie in bed all day watching movies.

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