National Nuclear Research University MEPhI: faculties, passing score

In November 1942, at the height of the war, the Soviet government decided to establish an institute of ammunition. It was opened in Moscow and existed until 1945. And at the end of the war, he received a new name and peaceful specialization. By 1953, the number of sciences studied, as well as the specialties required for the national economy, expanded substantially, and the institute became known as the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute.


During the war years, the first classes in classrooms located in Yushkov’s house on Myasnitskaya Street began in the winter of 1943. Students were trained in three faculties - shells and mines, cartridges and cartridges, and aerial bombs. Classes were held in three buildings scattered around the city. The release of the first specialists came in 1944.
With the victory in the war, the reorganization of the school began, and the military specialties were replaced by peaceful ones. Mechanical-technological, mechanical, design faculties were established. The atomic specialization of the institute began with the transfer of it to the subordination of the First Main Directorate of the Committee, which has been involved in the use of uranium energy since 1945. To study atomic energy in the MMI, the Faculty of Physical Engineers was established.
Chairs with specializations such as exact mechanics, applied nuclear physics, atomic physics, etc. were created to teach students of industry. The level of knowledge taught, in-depth study, coverage of subjects and the quality of teaching made it possible to get a university education. As conceived by the creators of the nuclear field, the graduate of the faculty was supposed to be a specialist with a versatile and high level of education, the quality of which made it possible to create new equipment and open the horizons of nuclear science.

Creation of MEPI

In 1953, the university received its current name - National Nuclear Research University MEPhI. By this time, most of the faculties and departments were trained by specialists in the nuclear power industry.
The expansion of the geography of education and training of nuclear specialists began in 1952. The first branches of MEPI were established in closed cities - these are Ozersk, Novouralsk, Sarov and Lesnoy (Ural). Later, branches were opened in several other cities (Obninsk, Snezhinsk, Trekhgorny). The National Nuclear Research University (MEPI) quickly became the leading university in the country, which trained at the highest level in a wide range of sciences and specialties. The teaching staff has always been and remains at the forefront of the study of nuclear sciences, which then brought and supports the university’s world fame now.

 National Nuclear Research University


For research and training, the National Nuclear Research University MEPhI is equipped with a pool-type nuclear reactor. The main customer for research, the university’s employer, is Rosatom Corporation. State funding is provided through the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. Close ties unite MEPI with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
NRNU MEPhI (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI) is the initiator of many activities.One of the leading partners of the educational institution is Intel, in cooperation with which MEPhI, since 1997, has been holding a competition for schoolchildren “Junior”. The educational institution provides an opportunity for every interested person to access the virtual lecture hall, where you can familiarize yourself with the materials of conferences, presentations, view and listen to a course of lectures in physics.

Niau Mief National Research Nuclear University Mifi

SAE: consolidation

In 2016, the university structure was reorganized, the basis for which was participation in the Competitiveness Enhancement Program. In order to consolidate further work of MEPI with the real sector of industry, Strategic Academic Units were created on the basis of existing departments and faculties. Each SAE includes in its structure the units engaged in similar areas of activity - faculties, research laboratories, departments, etc.
StrAU is the five integrated institutes of the MEPhI, which contain all the main strategic directions of the university's activities:

  • Nuclear physics and technology.
  • Nanotechnology
  • Intellectual cyber systems.
  • Plasma and laser technology.
  • Engineering Physics Institute of Biomedicine.

National Research Nuclear University MIFI Moscow


This new trend is still taking root in the life and structure of the MEPI, most of the students and applicants determine their specialty by belonging to faculties and departments.
Below is a list of what faculties are in such an institution as the National Nuclear Research University MEPhI:

  • Automation and electronics. It trains specialists in the field of design, development and running-in of various automatic systems, new devices in the field of electronics, medical equipment, etc.
  • Management and economics of high technology. The faculty consists of several institutes where students receive specialization (international relations, economic and analytical, innovation management, etc.)
  • Experimental and theoretical physics (specialization - medical physicist, mathematician).
  • Graduate School of Physicists. Basova MEPI-FIAN, sometimes the faculty is called "Spetsfak." Students are accepted for training who have undergone additional competitive selection after a two-year education at any university, who have shown a penchant for research work.The main direction is the training of specialists of the highest category in popular or promising areas of science.
  • Physical and technical. The faculty consists of seven departments, the main direction of study of which is nuclear physics, reactors, materials science, processes in reactors, etc.
  • Information Security. After graduation, specialists have an array of knowledge and practical skills to protect information.
  • Part-time education, provides for training four faculties with popular specialties, and here they receive a second higher education.
  • Foreign learners. For this category of students, a fundamental study of nuclear reactors and thermal physics is taught.
  • Faculty, focused on existing specialists to improve their level of knowledge and skills.

National Research Nuclear University, Moscow


The pre-university was created in 2013. The institution implements a program of multi-level education of schoolchildren. The program is part of the university system of pre-university school students. Students are accepted for graduation classes.The goal of the program is to attract talented students to the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI.
The pre-university gives students the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and training in technical, technological, and natural sciences. The training course of programs was developed by university professors taking into account the knowledge requirements of applicants of MEPI. Students have access to university-based research and project work. The program stimulates the creative beginning of future scientists and practitioners and provides a qualitative array of knowledge and the ability to determine the future specialty when entering the MEPI.
Pre-university structural units:

  • Pre-university training ,.
  • Moscow specialized lyceum number 1511 and number 1523.
  • Center for technical support education.

Classes are conducted by highly qualified university teachers. For admission to participate in the selection for admission to grades 8, 9 and 10, students are accepted with the results of independent interim testing with indicators not lower than 70 points on a 100-point scale. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting the phone numbers of the educational institution. Submission takes place in February.
Applicants to physical and mathematical classes pass exams in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics (written, maximum score - 10).
  • Physics (writing, maximum score - 10).
  • Russian language (dictation, according to the system offset / fail).

Those who decide to enter pre-university training centers at MEPI are invited to prepare for courses. Details can be found on the phone number which is available on the official website.

National Nuclear University MEPHI Faculties

Admission of applicants, 2017

The National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow) in 2017 holds the reception of documents from June 15 to July 25. The order on the enrollment of applicants entering the university without the entrance quota exam is issued on July 29. Acceptance of applications for training ends on August 6. The order of enrollment in the budget form of education is issued on August 8.
Documents submitted to the selection committee:

  • Passport.
  • Document of complete secondary or vocational education (original or copy of certificate).
  • Statement.
  • Six photos (3x4 cm).
  • Some specialties require a medical certificate (Form 086y).
  • Portfolio (achievements of the entrant - victories in competitions, information about medals, sports achievements, etc.).

A large number of applicants seeking to the National Nuclear Research University MEPhI. The passing score in 2016 ranged from 251 to 282 points.

National Nuclear University MIFI Passing Score

Institutes and faculties for admission

The National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow) is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Teaching is conducted according to high standards, and the education received allows graduates to qualify for responsible and well-paid jobs.
In 2017, admission is carried out in academic areas of the university. Students are recruited to the institutes for the study of nuclear physics, nuclear energy, international relations, the faculties of IT-specialties, cybernetics, plasma technologies, etc.
For the period of the introductory company, non-resident students are given the opportunity to stay in a hostel.

For the convenience of applicants for the period of admission and exams, parents are allowed to stay in a hotel complex located on the territory of the university. There are not so many places for settlement, so it is worth knowing in addition about the opportunity provided.


Any nonresident entrant can apply to the National Nuclear Research University MEPhI. The educational institution accepts documents in the cities where its branches are located - the admission committee is one for the whole community.National Research Nuclear University Mythi Pre-University
Branches where the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI receives documents: Obninsk, the Institute of Atomic Energy, as well as the cities of Lesnoy, Trekhgorny, Novouralsk, Angarsk and others. The system of education in the branches assumes the existence of educational bases for higher education and secondary technical special education. The specialization of each of them is determined by the specifics of the educational process, but in any case it belongs to the natural science profile.


Where is the National Nuclear Research University MEPI? The address in Moscow is Kashirskoye shosse, building 31. As for the branches, all the detailed information is available on the official website of the university.

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