New Year Ranger Costume

A ranger costume for a carnival or a fun holiday is a great way to stand out not only at a children's event, but also at adult parties such as Halloween. You can buy this outfit in specialized stores, via the Internet or do it yourself. The popularity of the image in question is connected with the cult TV series about hero rangers.

ranger costume

A bit of history

Since the original equipment directly depends on the particular clothes of the main characters of the film, we will consider all stages of the release of parts of the series, as well as how the ranger costume has changed:

  • 1993-1995. Mighty Morphin Power. It was during this period that there was a boom associated with the release of films. The first outfit of the characters is distinguished by original drawings and high elasticity.
  • 1995. The Movie. Uniforms became less flexible with increased latex content.
  • 1996. Alien Rangers. In this part, the sage Zordan hires several other rangers to eliminate the bad guys. Their equipment is minimalist and realistic.In the equipment is dominated by the usual patterns and simple stripes.
  • Power Rangers Zero (1996). In this series were presented brand new Ranger costumes. From this stage, the filmmakers began to change the uniform of the characters in each season. The changes affected the modification of helmets, drawing patterns and increasing color gamut.
  • 1997. Power Turbo. The peculiarity of the outfits is their maximum similarity with the machines, as well as equipment with a kind of spoilers and trapezoidal patterns.
  • Power Rangers in Space (1998). This year, helmets have become like space suits. Pink and yellow hero got skirts that did not have much practical value.
  • 1999. Lost Galaxy. This season, the equipment of the heroes is as close to the original as possible, however, instead of zipper diamonds, lightning is used, and helmets resemble different animals.

costume of the mighty ranger

New era

In the following seasons, such changes in Ranger costumes can be noted:

  • Futuristic images of Light speed Rescue (2000). A distinctive feature was the bright and aggressive coloring of helmets.
  • 2001. Time Force. In addition to motorcycles, the rangers received similar helmets, the visors of which were painted in the color corresponding to the general equipment and a bike.
  • 2002Wild Force. This season, the heroes received the most original helmets that reflect the animals. For example, a blue character has a protective mask in the form of a shark grin.
  • Ninja Storm (2003). In this part, the first woman appears in the team of heroes, the elemental design and Japanese themes prevail in the outfits.
  • Dino Thunder (2004). Costume ranger "Dino" - is the implementation of the theme of dinosaurs. Uniforms received the prints of the claws of this ancient animal on the chest, as well as jagged diamonds.
  • 2005. SPD. This season, the Rangers save the planet from invading alien forces. Their equipment resembles the equipment of race car drivers with large numbers in the torso area.
  • Mystic Force (2006). Again, the embodiment is used animal themes in the images of heroes.
  • 2007. Overdrive. One of the worst options for equipment with strange white stripes in the middle.
  • Jungle Fury (2008). Helmets are images of animals with corresponding patterns on the upper part of the clothes.
  • RPM (2009). This season, the costume of the mighty ranger became as close as possible to a kind of vehicle filled with electronics and protected against computer viruses.

children's ranger costume

Recent issues

In 2011-2012, Haim Saban is engaged in the development of equipment (instead of Disney).This led to the adaptation of equipment, in accordance with the received franchise. In the next season (Mega force), angelic motifs are becoming popular characters in the rangers' clothing.

In 2015, the developers turned to dinosaurs again, equipping their helmets with original teeth (Dino Charge). And finally - 2017. The multimillion budget allowed to create ammunition, which looks much more expressive and more expensive. However, there are controversial points, for example, the underlining of the female breast.

DIY Ranger Costume

It will not be difficult to make clothes that resemble the outfits of famous heroes. The process consists of several stages:

  1. First make a helmet. Take the balloon to a size slightly larger than the head.
  2. The resulting construction is covered with papier-mâché, cuts are left for the eyes. After four coats, the ball is left to dry overnight.
  3. After drying, cut a hole in the future helmet under the visor.
  4. The product is painted in the desired color and left to dry again.
  5. Next - design (stripes, arrows, embossed lining, etc.).
  6. The helmet is cut in half, velcro or magnets are fitted.

 dino ranger costume

Other clothing

Then you need to pick up pants and sweaters of the same color as the helmet.In order to prevent the hair from falling between the details of the helmet, use a balaclava or a special cap with a neck. White paint on the jacket draw in the middle of a diamond with equal sides, and two more diamond-shaped counterpart on the sides. These elements can also be made of fabric, then sewed or glued.

In conclusion, you need to find and wear a white belt with a morpher, a black holster, white gloves equipped with diamonds, as well as boots, decorated with the tops. Morfer can be ordered in a special store or made of cardboard. Children's costume of the ranger is ready (the adult model is done similarly, taking into account the size of the user).


If you decide to make a ranger equipment yourself, follow these tips:

  • It is advisable to choose a suit of the same shade above and below.
  • Use fantasy. Create your own unique character by making original patterns.
  • After painting the helmet may be slightly deformed. During the drying process, fill it with newspapers or rags.
  • For greater realism, choose a bodysuit or pants with a spandex or latex sweater.
  • For girls, use a skirt to match all equipment.
  • To achieve a complete set, pick up a sword, rod or other personal weapon, characteristic of rangers of this or that color.
  • For the first time try to make a costume in the most simple version.

new year ranger costume


Ranger costume is perfect for the New Year or any holiday with a masquerade. A wide choice of characters and the possibility of various improvements equipment allows you to choose a truly original version, and for both children and adult characters.

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