Non-state pension fund "Trust": reviews. How to terminate the contract?

Today, you and I will have to find out what reviews are received by the non-state trust fund Trust. What kind of corporation is this? What does she do? Can you trust her? Numerous opinions of visitors, as well as directly employees (they also become indirect participants of the project) will help to answer all this. Do not be surprised, unanimous will not come so easily. Why? How many people - so many opinions. So in most cases you will see both the pros and the cons of the organization. And then you will be able to conclude how trustful is the Non-State Pension Fund Trust. What can be useful to learn from the information provided by customers? Is it all good, as promised to you at the first meeting?private pension trust trust reviews

About activity

Non-state pension fund "Trust" has its own focus on activities. About her reviews are encouraging. After all, no tricky schemes are not here, the activity is transparent and clear.Already one name can be said - the company is engaged in the collection and preservation of pensions of citizens.

More precisely, its cumulative part. Moreover, you will be promised a certain return on participation. That is, not only to preserve, but also increase your future pensions without any problems. With all this it will not be necessary to do anything special - just be a client of the company. And that's all. For these opportunities, the non-state pension fund "Trust" receives positive feedback. It turns out that it is possible on favorable terms to quickly secure a comfortable old age! Is this really the case? After all, it is such big words that say the administrators of the organization. What do customers and employees think about this?

Advantages of employment

Sometimes it is enough to see what happens inside a particular company to judge its good faith. To be honest, the non-state pension fund "Trust" is not the best-known among employers. And for good reason. Here, as it is not difficult to guess, there are both pros and cons. Only here the disadvantages are emphasized more often than advantages. All this is done in order to protect potential employees from dangerous and not very pleasant moments.

But first, the good.The thing is that you will be offered favorable conditions for employment. And this is true - you get a place in the company, you will need to work in neat and clean, equipped offices. In addition, an employment contract will be formally concluded with you. Of course, the full social package and flexible work schedule are attached. A tempting offer, isn't it? Therefore, some applicants after such words are ready to start work. In principle, you can take the risk. If you do not push away some of the negative points.

Not the most honest rules

However, as has already been said, the non-state pension fund "Trust" does not earn the best reviews. Anyway, as an employer. Yes, you will indeed be offered a formal registration for an employment record book with an appropriate contract, comfortable working conditions and a full social package. But in practice it will turn out a slightly different picture.non-state pension fund trust how to terminate the contract

What can you expect? As many people assure, they will simply conclude an employment contract with you. But the level of wages and the provision of a social package - it is a lie. The low salary, the actual impossibility of going on maternity leave or sick leave (official earnings are lower), as well as permanent overtime work. That is what repels many.Yes, many employers have a similar situation, it is somehow possible to come to terms with it. But the staff is outraged by something else.

What exactly? Non-state pension fund "Trust" (Tver) reviews earns as an employer is not the best. In the same way as in all other regions of Russia. Attention is drawn to the fact that during employment you will be forced to make contributions (retirement) to the firm’s accounts. That is, the organization’s goal is to reach into an employee’s pocket and take possession of his savings. And everything is logical and official - very few people will use one pension fund, and work in another. Such a decision pushes many away - why lure new customers to the organization by hook or by crook? Especially if it is job seekers who initially want to find a job, and not to invest? Most of this alignment is not to your taste.


It turns out that we have a very tricky employer. This is not a reason to completely abandon employment, but will initially have to think carefully: is it necessary to become part of the company? After all, you will be both a client and an employee of a company.To decide, you need to look at the views of consumers.

The non-state pension fund "Trust" receives positive feedback for its availability and distribution throughout the country. The thing is that you can find branches of this corporation in any city in Russia. Perhaps this is the oldest and most stable organization. It has existed for a long time, it functions and pleases many customers with its activities.non-state retirement fund trust whether to join

That is, we are not the newest pension fund. This makes me happy. After all, now, in a crisis, in Russia, many non-governmental organizations are closing down. As a result, pension savings are at risk. But not with "Trust". Here you can be calm for your retirement. This is not some new small company that can be closed at any time or deprived of a license. If you need stability and reliability, feel free to join the corporation.


So, before us is quite old and reliable (as some say) non-state pension fund "Trust". Should I join it? Everyone has to decide for himself. In any case, if rating plays a role for you, as well as the level of trust of the clientele, you can only rejoice.

Why? The thing is that "Trust" has been pleasing its visitors for many years now. And this organization causes a fairly high level of trust. On a common scale, you can see that it is A +. Almost the highest degree of trust. The same should be said about the rating.

At the moment, "Trust" is in the first places among all the proposed non-state pension funds. This is an additional guarantee that the company will not close and not disappear from your savings. So, there are no special reasons for fear. Thus, the non-state pension fund "Trust" (Samara) reviews earns positive. It can be said that clients trust the company to a greater degree.private pension fund trust


Often, citizens join these or other pension funds for the sake of some return, their own benefit. This is a logical and normal solution. Where it is profitable, there we will keep our money. In this area, the non-state pension fund "Trust" reviews (Moscow and other cities) receives average. This is not terrible. But they do not awaken the impulse to participate.

Why is this so? At the moment, the return on your investment will be about 4-5%. That is, almost all the profitability will be “eaten up” by inflation. Sometimes you can get nothing at all.Not the best phenomenon, it repels many. With the same success you can save a pension in the bank! That is the opinion of potential customers. But if stability is more important than return on membership, Trust is perfect.


Quality of service also plays a specific role in our current question. To be honest, here the majority is satisfied. All employees work quickly, quickly, can answer many of your questions.

Nevertheless, the Non-State Pension Fund Trust Trust reviews for their staff and quality of service sometimes do not earn the best ones. Why? Many people emphasize that branch employees are too stubborn and annoying, they respond to you with a pattern or even bend their line. as the practice shows, there will be almost no help in understanding the nuances of preserving and multiplying the pension. Yes, and some services will be offered to you too annoyingly. An irritating factor that repels some customers. ILC solicitation!private pension fund trust samara reviews


CJSC "Non-State Pension Fund" Trust "also receives reviews as not the most honest corporation.And for good reason. If you do not pay attention to them, you risk being deceived!

What is happening in the walls of the organization? Most customers say that they are literally tricked into joining the fund. You will be told terrible stories about how all the pension savings from the state will disappear at one fine moment, how quickly you need to solve something with this matter. And after that they will begin to lure them with profitable offers: reliability, profitability, the possibility of termination of the contract at any time on favorable terms. Here is such a good non-state pension fund "Trust". Should I join it? Many claim: if you are literally by hook or by crook, they are lured into a company, it is better to refrain from participation.

Without agreement

Recently, customer dissatisfaction with the fund has been growing every day. And the problem is this: here your pension savings are drawn up without your consent. That is, if your employer suddenly decided to transfer all the money to this organization, you will not have a clue about this.non-state pension fund trust reviews Moscow

That is, the non-governmental trust fund Trust earns feedback as not the most honest corporation.People try to find out where their funded pension is, and then it comes up that they are clients of the organization. And no one will understand the nuances. Do you want to manage your pension yourself, or rather its part? It is necessary to begin to terminate the contract! But how is this done? And what to prepare for?


You have decided to leave the non-state trust fund "Trust". How to terminate the contract with him? Initially, you will need to write a statement asking you to return your accumulated funds. In this area, as a rule, there are no problems. The request is made in a free form, then submitted for consideration.

What are the possible options? You can either transfer the savings to another non-state fund (specify which one), or ask to accrue a "pension" to your bank account. In the second case, you will need to specify the bank details. Nothing hard, right?

But not everything is so simple with an organization called the non-state pension fund "Trust"! How to terminate the contract? Here many customers start to panic. And for good reason. First, for termination, you will most likely have to draw up a statement several times - you will be denied a service. Secondly, you practically will not see any profitability in your savings.These are the surprises that prepared us a popular and reliable pension fund!

Draw conclusions

How to deal with a corporation called "Trust"? Everyone decides for himself. Often you may find that you are already secretly a client of this organization! Call it fair can not fully. But reliable is for sure.private pension fund trust reviews

Decide for yourself what is more important to you - profitability or stability. Cheats and a variety of tricks are in all organizations, especially those related to finance. And this should be ready. Do not plan to terminate the contract with pension funds? Then "Trust" will suit you. It is a reliable organization, although not too honest.

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