Northwest of Russia: unforgettable impressions

Traditionally, travel agencies as one of the most "tasty" and informative directions are positioned by the Scandinavian countries. Pines, stones, sand, fjords, Vikings. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten that almost all of the same (and maybe more) can be obtained from us, in North-West Russia.

Northwest region

Karelian landscapes

Geographically, it includes Karelia, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda and Leningrad, Novgorod, Pskov and Kaliningrad regions, the Komi Republic. One has only to listen more carefully to the names of the territories, and immediately comes the realization that here a well-bred old Europe-Europe (where she is, noble old Koenigsberg), and unforgettable Karelian lakes and rivers surrounded by pine forests and the mysterious Orthodox Russian North (Valaam, Kizhi, Solovki), and the ancient cities of the North-West of Russia, which remember the events almost from the times of Russia pagan.Everyone here can find something of their own: outdoor enthusiasts - river rafting, history buffs - evidence of old times, and esoterics - places of power, about which legends are also made. According to UNESCO, more than a quarter of all objects of historical and cultural heritage are located in the North-West of Russia. This is truly a wonderful land.

European Northwest of Russia

The most prominent representatives of European cultural traditions include St. Petersburg, of course, the most beautiful city and the great capital of the Russian Empire, and Kaliningrad (formerly Koenigsberg), who retired to the Soviet Union following the Second World War.

Peterhof Fountains

Anyone who comes to St. Petersburg can enjoy both the collections of world cultural treasures (the Hermitage is no less famous on the planet than the traditional Louvre), and the beauties of the preserved architectural monuments, whose authorship belongs to eminent masters of their business with world names.

Curonian Spit

In the guise of Kaliningrad, without any particular effort, the features of a typical representative of East Prussia are guessed. On the Amber Coast, famous for its beaches, which includes the Curonian Spit, a national park belonging to the world cultural heritage sites, the bulk of amber is mined.

Orthodox shrines of the Russian North

A landmark place that helps us understand and experience the history of Russia is, of course, the Solovki Islands (Solovki), the center of pilgrimage for Orthodox believers and church-governing people. And the unique dark blue lakes with a tundra landscape, and the monumental Solovetsky Monastery, the museum of the terrifying ELEPHANT, are all an integral part of our past.

Kizhi in Karelia

The famous Ferapontov frescoes, preserved on the walls of a small monastery in the Vologda region, another pearl of the North-West of Russia, still cause sincere admiration. The famous Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery Reserve is visited daily by crowds of tourists, including foreign ones. And the small town of Belozersk, which has been leading its chronology since it was mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years in 862, is considered one of the oldest Russian cities and still contains many secrets and legends.

Where did the Russian land come from ...

Researchers interested in the history of the Russian state, of course, will first of all remember such pillars of statehood as Mr. Novgorod the Great and Pskov.These elders of our land carry the memory of those times when Moscow was just a small village, when the letters wrote to each other on birch bark letters, when they were called to reign in Russia to restore order to Rurik with the courtyard, retinue and brothers ... Unique exhibits from gray Antiquities are still kept in their city museums. Any visitor can see with his own eyes and the Old Russian writing, and household items, and tools of traditional Russian crafts. In essence, this is the heart of true Russia.

Novgorod Kremlin

Unforgettable photos of the North-West of Russia, published in art albums, posted on the Internet, transmit only a fraction of the greatness, beauty and kindness of our Motherland. If you want to feel them fully and in fact, then you should definitely choose the time, get a route and come to live for several days in each region, breathe its air. Northwest Russia can not be a week drive entirely by car or bus. More precisely, in time, naturally, it is possible. Only to see, feel and understand the soul and heart of the northern part of Russia in such a short time simply will not work.

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