"Olympus Trade": reviews and broker overview

Broker with binary options Olymp Trade isA very young company that recently registered in Cyprus. In this regard, the standards of work of "Olymp Trade", the reviews on which are generally positive, meet the strict European legislative requirements, and this serves as a certain sign of reliability.

The financial sectors in Cyprus are controlledCyprus Securities Commission. On the territory of the Russian Federation, the broker of binary options Olymp trade is controlled by the CROF, and this gives the company the opportunity to generate even greater confidence among domestic traders. For this reason, Olimp Trade (binary options), which has recently been reviewed, has attracted increasing attention.

olimp treid reviews

Broker with binary options Olymp Trade isa subsidiary of the financial corporations Frandom Holding Ltd. (Cyprus) and Smartex International Ltd. (Seychelles Islands). Despite the fact that the principles of the broker's activity allow it to be a world-class company, Olimp Trade is oriented to the market of Russian users and novice traders. This is confirmed by the possibility of financial type operations with rubles, high-quality Russian-language support and types of other remarkable trifles for Russian citizens.

Olimp Trade: company overview and reviews

Olymp Trade provides good input typesconditions, excellent comfort and visibility in direct trading. As reported by the appearances about Olimp Trade (binary options) reviews, the main pride of the broker are modern-style trading terminals that best represent combinations of simplicity and functionality. This turns work with binary-type options into an extremely simple one, and customer feedback about Olymp Trade is a remarkable confirmation of this fact. In part, the comments of traders regarding the work of Olimp Trade (reviews and reviews) give information that it is possible to master the system and start working already a minute after the registration process, as the levels are very simple and well visualized, so complications do not even arise beginners.

olimp trade input

I also want to say that Olymptrade.com while has only positive types of feedback. Paying attention to the fact that the company has recently started its activities and does not yet have a sufficient client base, this indicates the correct kind of policy of entering the market.

How to register in the system?

To get started with a binary option broker"Olympus Trade", you must go to the official website of the company (Olymptrade.com), where you will need to enter your installation data in a simple registration form. The form has only a few fields, and it will be easy to fill them in, which advantageously distinguishes Olymp Trade among many other brokers from Cyprus. Unlike Olimp Trade, whose access to the system is available in a few minutes, its competitors sometimes force to work for half an hour only over the filling of the questionnaire data.

olimp trade binary options reviews

What should I look for?

The only point to which you need to takemore closely when filling out the registration form on the broker's website with options of the binary type Olymp Trade, is the correctness of the information that is entered by the user. Otherwise, when you try to work at Olympus Trade, you may find it difficult to log into the system. If some subtleties are not clear, then it is better to contact the managers of the company in advance and find them out so that in the future there are no difficulties with trading and withdrawal of funds. If you review the reviews about Olimp Trade, negative comments, where people report that Olymptrade is a divorce, are related to a lack of understanding of the functioning of brokers who are compelled to comply with European standards and can not withdraw funds from trading accounts to the requisites of third parties.

If to speak in general, then to registeryou need to pay for the trading account yourself, correctly indicate the personal data type, e-mail and contact phone number to which the Olymp Trade manager can call. In this case, there will be no problems in cooperation with this broker of binary options, and when working with Olimp Trade, the withdrawal of funds will be made without problems.

olimp trade minimum amount of withdrawal

Conditions for trading

Trade with a binary option Olymp Tradeis gaining popularity mainly because of the trading conditions that allow a lot of people, who yesterday dreamed of big earnings, today to earn an excellent way. To start reviewing the terms of the trading type, you need from the moment that to start the work of binary options, only $ 10 is required for starting capital. At the same time brokers support the dollar to ruble exchange rate at the level of 1:35, and this allows traders from Russia to carry out financial activities with 350 rubles! As many reviews written about Olimp Trade say, customers evaluate such approaches on the part of the company, which give the opportunity to start forming their large capitals with such a small amount.

The amount of money for opening tradingpositions will also be pleasantly pleased, since it is possible to activate binary options with $ 1 when choosing the appropriate expiration time (it will be 1-60 minutes). The maximum yield within a single transaction is 80%. This is all very simple and convenient.

Olympus fund withdrawal of funds


If we talk about the underlying assets, they are still verysmall amount. Traders can manage only eleven financial instruments and one new unusual tool. This set contains eight currency pairs, between which there are so-called majors and pairs of instruments of the ruble type - USD / JPY, GPB / USD, EUR / USD, USD / CHF, AUD / USD, USD / RUB, USD / CAD and EUR / RUB . Two more instruments of trade are silver and gold.

 olimp trade oil products

And on the 11th instrument of the trade type ispay special attention. It has the name Random, and Olymp Trade provides an opportunity to trade it even on weekends when markets are closed. This is its only advantage. The disadvantages may be the fact that Random is a randomly generated asset whose movements can not be planned using the classical analysis method.

To complete the review of terms of trade, it should be noted that "Olympus Trade" has only one kind of real account, but at the same time there is Olymp Trade demo.

олимп трейд москва

Demo Accounts

Since not every broker of binary optionsdemo accounts can be offered, and a lot of those who allow to work on training accounts, forcing first to make a deposit replenishment or to fulfill a number of other requirements, Olymp Trade with a personal marketing strategy appears in a very favorable light. The fact is that only after passing the registration form for the client opens in Olymp Trade demo-account of a special type, which is credited with the base 10 thousand currency units, that is, US dollars.

This amount by each broker's client canused for development in various financial markets. Next, you need to study what are binary options, test different types of strategies, and so on. After considering these moments, the trader will have the opportunity to replenish the trading account with real money, and after that his status will automatically change from "demo" to "real". Do not forget that the demo accounts of Olymp Trade fully comply with the real, and they are not subject to any restrictions.

Varieties of binary options

Olymp Trade does not provide its tradersa diverse assortment of different options. The broker offers only one type - the classic "Put" - "Call". It means that traders simply need to specify whether the asset values ​​will be higher or lower from the current prices until the contract expires.

In addition, Olimp Trade (Moscow) offersbuy or sell options for the amount of $ 1-100, which in combination with offers of only one type of each time confirms the broker's focus on working with novice traders who do not put large amounts and do not use any of their own strategies. Therefore, they do not need the proposals of various sophisticated trade approaches, which can only make confusion in the subconscious of newcomers.

Still need to note that the time of transactions, though it haslimits from 1 to 60 minutes, a trader can not choose any values ​​from them. As short expiration periods, only temporary types of gaps are available at 1 and 5 minutes, then 15, 30 and 60 are available.

Time Costs

Also, it is necessary that traders know that whenworking on real accounts when opening options is a large type of delay, which goes to the processing of commands. Their time is about 5 seconds. In addition, this moment is prescribed in the broker's regulations, so you can be sure that it's not the technical equipment of Olymp Trade, but the very approaches that are offered by this company.

In general, such types of delays are criticalonly in two cases - when working in conditions of increased volatility in the markets after the release of some significant news and when using scalping strategies with the expiration of binary options expiration in 1 minute. It is interesting that there are no such delays on demo accounts. That's why traders who apply the trading approaches of the above type, you need to be very careful during the transition to real types of accounts.

Olymp Trade - trading platform type

Trading terminals of Olymp Trade have a lot ofconvenience, and work with it is extremely simple, since the windows are not cluttered with different tabs and rows of unnecessary functions. Minimalism can be explained by the absence of other advantages of a binary option, except for the classic variants of "Put" and "Call", and the variety consists only in the timing of expiration. That is why the reviews (options and conditions are referring to) are so positive about Olimp Trade.

From this it follows that the acquisition and saleoptions occur without complications and the need to select parameters of a variety of types that are more hampered than provide help for novice traders. Olymp Trade Reviews and in this paragraph emphasize the focus of the broker on the provision of services for working with options, primarily for beginners who wish to study and rather start a successful business.

In addition, Olimp Trade (oil products, etc.,) offers the possibility of instant conclusion of transactions - with a single click, which helps to save valuable time. This has a positive effect on the results of short-term trading, where unnecessary delays can deprive opportunities to extract profits.

Training courses from Olymp Trade

The official site of "Olymp Trade", located onaddress Olymptrade.com, provides training in the basics of exchange-type trading by binary options. It's not necessary to wait for the supernatural from the materials presented, but the rules of the work are covered in a very good way, and this will be a useful moment for beginners.

Information is enough to study the specificsoption and management of trading terminals Olymp Trade. But in order to receive training in more detail with the mastery of trade strategies, it will be necessary to search for materials elsewhere.

Replenishment of trading accounts

Reset cash for real worktype for trading deposits can be done right after the registration data entry processes are completed. Since Olymp Trade is used by Russia as the main site for doing business, you can replenish accounts using the usual convenient methods, namely:

  • with the help of cards of bank type MasterCard and Visa;
  • through "Yandex.Money";
  • from QIWI accounts.

How to withdraw funds?

All deposit replenishment processes arefully automated and take no more than 1 minute. Also, traders are interested in the withdrawal of funds. This is discussed in the network about who pays from brokers in a normal way, and who - not particularly. It is necessary to say at once that there is no reason to worry, since it is impossible to find negative responses about payments by Olymp Trade.

In addition, with the transfer of funds comecash bonuses that can be used in trading with the help of binary options. In order to receive money from Olymp Trade, you need to fulfill certain conditions, as it is impossible to withdraw money within the framework of the bonus using the usual method. First you need to haggle the volume, which is 25 times greater than the bonus amount.

Are there any restrictions?

Personal money can be withdrawn withoutany problems, that is, in "Olymp Trade" the minimum amount of withdrawal of the invested money is not limited. The only factor to consider is the need to verify your account. Since the broker is subordinate to the laws of Europe, confirmation of the identity to which the money is transferred is required. Because Olymp Trade asks to put on the site copies of personal documentation. This should be done once, and then there will be an opportunity to carry out the introduction and withdrawal of money without delay.

Cash withdrawals occur very quicklyway. But Olimp Trade (a European-type broker) has set limits for time intervals of 5 working days in order to secure itself against various circumstances. This does not mean that the money will have to wait a very long time - usually applications are processed throughout the same day. But if, in response to an application, money for some reason does not come out within the next four days, then under no circumstances should it be a cause for concern.

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