Original drink - Mint liqueur

Peppermint liquor is considered to be one of the most fragrant representatives cooked in production and at home. In the shops you can also find its different variations.


There are many ways to make peppermint liquor. But the essence of them all lies in the mandatory use of two ingredients - sugar syrup and herbal tincture. For the manufacture of mint tincture, they use vodka of good quality or ethyl alcohol as a basis. Then this alcohol poured leaves and sprigs of fresh mint.

Mint saturates alcohol with its incomparable aroma and paints it in a unique green color. It only takes a little time — about one week. Then you can begin to prepare sugar syrup. Everything is quite simple here: add sugar to water and heat the resulting solution until it is completely dissolved. In general, we considered what constitutes a mint liqueur. The recipe will be given below. Let's figure out how to cook it at home, as well as what cocktails can be made with it.

mint liqueur

First option

We will need:

• water - 250 ml;
• vodka - 1 liter;
• mint - 5 or 6 sprigs (can be replaced by 30-40 g dry);
• sugar - 350 g

Depending on your taste preferences, you can use moonshine, alcohol or brandy instead of vodka.


1. Put mint in a jar and pour it with vodka.
2. Close the bank tightly and place in a dark, cool place for 10-15 days. During this period, mint should paint the drink in a beautiful green color.
3. After that, dissolve the sugar in boiling water, then simmer it on low heat for another five minutes. The resulting syrup is cooled.
4. Tincture is necessary to strain through a sieve, or you can use gauze folded in several layers in order to get rid of the leaves.
5. Mint tincture mix with sugar syrup.
6. Remove the resulting drink in a dark cool place for a month.

Sometimes for mint liqueur use additional ingredients. For example, lemons. This cooking option, we now consider.

mint liqueur recipe

Peppermint liquor. Lemon Recipe


• mint - three twigs;
• sugar - 1 kg;
• alcohol - 400 ml;
• water - 200 ml;
• Lemons - 2 pcs.


1. Mix alcohol with water. At this stage, it is important to be careful, because when diluting alcohol, a lot of energy can be released from it and this makes everything hot.
2Three rind on the smallest grater, mix with mint and diluted with alcohol.
3. Then boil a glass of water and add all the sugar to it. Bring the resulting liquid to a boil.
4. Mix mint liqueur and syrup.
5. After a couple of days, filter the drink. Liquor is ready to eat!

Peppermint liquor is a drink that will appeal to both men and women. The undoubted advantage of it is universality After all, it gives a peculiar taste and aroma to many dishes. For example, this product is very popular in confectionery. It is added to desserts, pastries, cakes. Good homemade mint liqueur will be a worthy treat for guests.

And what cocktails with this drink can be made? Yes, whatever! And “Mint Breeze”, and “Mint Chocolate”, and “Smes”, etc. By the way, experimenting with products while making such cocktails is not at all prohibited, but rather, on the contrary, recommended. Mint liqueur perfectly emphasizes the advantages of all the ingredients of such drinks.
Consider a few popular recipes.

Mint Liqueur Cocktails

homemade peppermint liquor

Let's start with the Mint Chocolate cocktail.


• milk (medium fat) - 60 ml;
• liqueurs (“Mint”, “Chocolate”) - 20 ml.

Mix all ingredients in a glass. Decorate the drink with a mint leaf.

Cocktail Mint Breeze

We will need:

• champagne - 30 ml.
• mint liqueur - 60 ml.

Pour the liquor into the glass, then the well-cooled champagne.

Cocktail gin with mint liqueur


• ice - six pieces;
• cream 10% -e - 100 g;
• gin - 100 tablespoons;
• Mint liqueur - to taste.

From these ingredients you get 2 servings of a cocktail.


1. Put six cubes of crushed ice in a shaker. Pour 1 part gin, 1 part liqueur and 1 part cream. Shake everything up to foam.
2. Pour the cocktail into a chilled glass and decorate with grated nutmeg.

Cocktail "Smes"

No less popular, and this drink.


• gin - 100 ml;
• mint;
• cherry;
• Mint liqueur - 20 ml;
• orange;


1. Put a part of mint in a glass and grind.
2. Add ice, liquor and gin there. Stir everything.
3. Use mint, orange clove and cherry for decoration.

Cocktail "Laminated"


• Mint liqueur - 1/3 measuring cup and the same amount of tangerine liqueur;
• cognac - 1/3 measuring glass.

Carefully pour in the liqueurs in the order in which they are indicated in the ingredients, then add the brandy.

Mint Cocktail


• mint liqueur - 1 tbsp .;
• juice of 1 orange;
• lemon peel;
• vodka - 1/4 l.

The ingredients are thoroughly mixed, poured into glasses and serve.

Mint Liqueur Cocktails

Cocktail "Debutant"

We will need:

• tequila - 30 ml;
• mint liqueur - 5 ml;
• lemon juice - 1 bar spoon;
• peach liqueur - 25 ml;
• Cherry for cocktails - 1 thing.

All ingredients mix in a shaker. Strain the drink in glasses and decorate with cherries.

Cocktail "Valley Pine"


• lemon soda water - 90 ml;
• lime (one slice will be enough);
• vodka - 45 ml;
• lime juice - 30 ml;
• Peppermint Peppermint Liqueur - 15 ml.

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and slowly stir. Decorate with fruit.

how to make peppermint liquor


Cocktails that can be made from mint liqueur are far from being limited to this list, considered in the article. In addition, as mentioned above, this liqueur is a multifunctional product, and it can be used not only as a drink, but also for preparing various dishes (for example, in the process of creating cakes).

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