Paradise - what is it? Definition and concept

In many sources, such a place as paradise is often mentioned. And there are many interpretations of this word. Despite this, we can safely say that this corner is in fact very good. And many after death tend to get there. So what is paradise? Why is there so much different information about him? These and other questions we will try to make out in this article.

paradise what is

General idea of ​​paradise

Those things that no one has ever seen, as a rule, cause a huge amount of controversy. So, in some religions, paradise means the state of a person when he feels perfect. In Greek paradise is called "paradise" and means a happy life. Others believe that this is a place in heaven, closer to God. So, in various sources you can find completely different interpretations and designations of the word. Paradise is often called the Garden of Eden. It can be said that these two words are synonyms, and in the context they have the same meaning.In the Bible, paradise is also called the Kingdom of Heaven, and in ancient mythology you can find such a thing as the "Champs Elysees". Let us consider them in more detail and find out their differences and similarities.

Paradise in the Old Testament

The Bible repeatedly mentions this sacred place. According to Scripture, it was in him that God created the first people — Adam and Eve. What is paradise for them? For Adam and Eve, this was a place where they had great power. They were created in the image and likeness of God, and besides, endowed with his abilities. So, they understood the language of animals, could control the elements and were immortal. Despite all the privileges, there was one rule in paradise - it was impossible to eat the fruits of the tree of knowledge. This is a special plant planted by the Lord God. Fruits grew on it - the apples of Eden, and they were forbidden to eat.

what is paradise

The first people disobeyed God and tried the forbidden fruit. At the same time, they were expelled from paradise forever. Before the coming of Jesus Christ, it was believed that no one else would be able to return to heaven. It was a huge mistake of the forefathers of mankind, because they could do whatever they wanted, did not need anything, and only one simple rule could not be fulfilled.According to the Bible, the devil, who appeared to Eve in the form of a serpent, has committed their sin to this sin, and she has already persuaded her husband to taste the forbidden fruit ...

Sinners and Righteous

In order to correctly interpret the meaning of the word "paradise", it is necessary to understand exactly who such sinners and saints are. As for Orthodoxy, everything is, at first glance, quite simple. So, Adam and Eve, having disobeyed the Lord God, the firstborn (ancestral) sin. Thus, all the descendants of the first people are already born with this fault. They are mortal, they do not understand the language of animals, they cannot control the elements, they are forced to get their own blood by sweat and blood. All descendants of Adam and Eve are responsible for their mistake. In addition, there are other sins in each — pride, envy, gluttony, fornication, anger, greed, despondency. One must be able to deal with the manifestation of these qualities in oneself and, moreover, to fulfill the divine commandments - such a person will be considered righteous. And then after death he will go to heaven. The definition and concept of a righteous person in other religions are significantly different. However, it is important to understand that the main thing is that such a person sincerely fulfills all the precepts and commandments according to his faith.

Paradise and sinners

Considering the above, it can be concluded that the way to sinners is closed to the Garden of Eden. They will never know the happiness of being there. Before the Son of God came to earth, no man could be in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is believed that Jesus washed away the sins of people with his blood and torment, and the road to paradise was again opened. People could atone for sins and pray for forgiveness. What is paradise after death? This is a wonderful place in which a person gets after his death. Here he is waiting for peace, love, happiness. According to Christian doctrine, a person goes to heaven after suffering and suffering. Adherents of this religion believe that the first 40 days after the death of a person his soul is waiting for ordeal. She passes through entire legions of evil spirits. They all accuse her of the sins that a person committed during his life. Then the soul is allowed to visit hell and paradise to get acquainted with what awaits it after the trial. Only on the fortieth day, the Supreme Court is held, and the place is determined by it - hell or heaven. What is a place can mean for the soul? It is in the first 40 days after the death of a person for his soul that he must constantly pray in order to ease the punishment and allow him to enter the Garden of Eden. Otherwise, she will go to hell.This is a terrible place where the soul is suffering throughout the time.

where is paradise

Kingdom of heaven

We all have repeatedly heard that after death a righteous person goes to heaven. But is it really? Orthodox Christians, who carefully read the New Testament, know that after the coming of Christ, all sinners were forgiven and could get into the kingdom of heaven. Here their soul waited for the eternal carefree life. There is information about the first person to go to heaven. It was one of the robbers who was crucified with Jesus Christ. It so happened that the Son of God was executed along with two robbers. One of them believed that Jesus was actually the Messiah, and asked him to absolve him. The Son of God answered that he would now be with him in paradise. The “Good Brigand” was the first person who actually believed in God and asked for the forgiveness of sins, and for this Jesus rewarded him, taking with him to the Kingdom of Heaven.

However, some religious movements give this concept a different meaning. What is paradise in their understanding?

Heaven on earth

Take, for example, a religious community like Jehovah's Witnesses. They believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is a government under the leadership of Jesus Christ. He calls the righteous to himself, and they become anointed Christians.When the end of the world comes, all the righteous will live and live in peace on earth. They believe that in this way God again wants to create heaven on earth. Thus, all sinners will go to hell, and peace and harmony will prevail on earth. Some relacious currents also believe that souls will be sent to heaven or hell only after the Doomsday and the Big Resurrection. In other words, everyone who dies goes to heaven and there they are already waiting for their fate.

paradise there

In addition, not only in Christianity, but in many other religions and mythologies, there is also a mention of such a concept as “paradise”. Consider them in more detail.

Ancient mythology

Part of the afterlife, in which eternal spring reigns, can also be called a paradise, but in antiquity this place had the name "Champs Elysees", or Elysium. This place was invented by Homer and told that there would be no melancholy and sadness, no snow and storms. This is a place of happiness and joy. But at the same time, only dedicated and bright-hearted souls can go to heaven. Thus, already in ancient mythology, the ideas of the Kingdom of God are traced. Sinners and non-sinners, in turn, fall into the realm of Hades - into hell. There they serve him and burn in eternal flame.


Islamic tradition is quite similar to the Orthodox. Here, paradise is described as an incredibly beautiful and fragrant place. He has several tiers for various categories of the righteous. According to the teachings of Muslims, even before the creation of all things and the earth, the Most High created heaven and hell. It was then that he decided that these places would never be destroyed. Paradise is a beautiful garden of incredible size. At the entrance are several angels guarding the gate. Gold and silver bricks, flowering trees, ponds and springs are all typical of a paradise in the Islamic religion. As in Orthodoxy, the righteous are prepared a place in paradise, and sinners in hell.

Paradise in buddhism

The most interesting information about the paradise bushes can be found in this religion. The fact is that in Buddhism there are no separate places for hell and paradise. In addition, it is not considered that people will be locked in these places forever. In fact, paradise is a multi-valued concept. According to Buddhism, it is in everyone’s heart. Adherents of this trend do not dream of going to heaven and are not afraid of hell. They know that this is just a temporary residence of a person and his soul.Everything is reborn, and man too. His life depends on actions in the past and awareness of his sins. They believe that the duty of everyone is a righteous and measured life.

A person who has done many bad things in his life goes to hell for a while. Here he has the opportunity to realize his mistakes and correct them in the future life. And paradise is where a person can enjoy peace, contemplation of magnificent nature and silence and be reborn again. As mentioned earlier, there are no special places where it is located. Heaven has a man's heart. The only difference is that the sinner, dying, sees the abandoned mountains, the wind and the terrible creatures around him, while the righteous in his soul singing birds and green grass.

Where paradise is located

We have already mentioned that some religious movements believe that he is on earth, others claim that he is in heaven. For many centuries, this question has no definite answer. However, in the Old Testament there are clear indications that heaven was on earth. Trees grew there, animals lived. Then God created the first two people - Adam and Eve. On the other hand, it was said that he expelled them from the Garden of Eden.It turns out that not the whole planet was a paradise, but only some kind of a definite place?

immortelle paradise

Some Orthodox believers believe that in fact the meaning of the word "paradise" in this context changes slightly. God drove Adam and Eve not from a certain place, but from his paradise. In this case, all those benefits that were given to the first people - immortality, the absence of disease and sorrow.

For others, paradise is a spiritual place where souls of dead people fall. Most often this can be heard from esotericists and those who communicate with spirits. They argue that the soul can go to heaven, hell, or remain wandering on earth. The latter case concerns those people who committed suicide. Their souls are not accepted in heaven or hell, and they are closed in our world.

The third party believes that paradise is a very tangible place. It is located somewhere in India. Thus, some of the rivers described in the Old Testament coincide in description with the Indian Indus and Ganges. Perhaps, some believe, it was from here that God created the whole world, but even there is no indirect evidence for these reflections.


Who cares where a person goes after death and what does it depend on? Where is the scale on which man’s bad and good deeds are weighed? These questions concern many people, but, alas, there is still no consensus on this issue. Some believe that those who went to heaven will stay there forever, others believe that the soul is reborn. There are a lot of opinions, but there is a relationship between all of them. This is the realization that it is necessary to obey the commandments and laws that religion prescribes to man. You should deal with the people around you and help them. In addition, after the death of an Orthodox person, a sinful soul can still be saved. For this there are as many as 40 days. At this time, one should keep mourning, put candles for his peace and most importantly, pray for his soul and forgiveness.

Heaven and Hell

Paradise in everyday life

Often in everyday life, we meet the word "paradise". Thus, for example, the advertisement speaks of “heavenly delight”, and the sign “Paradise” glows in the store. This word and its synonyms are firmly embedded in everyday life, and people quite often do not even think about their meaning.In this case, it should be understood that the word does not need to be associated with religions and mythology. In everyday life, the word “paradise” means a cozy place where a person feels good and comfortable, where he is overwhelmed with feelings of happiness, joy, pleasure. This is a carefree place characterized by a lack of problems and sadness.


So what is paradise? Is this the kingdom of heaven, the Garden of Eden or something else? Indeed, in a general sense, all these words are very similar. The person who is there, can be called "immortelle"? Paradise is a term that includes all these concepts. In other words, if we talk about the first people, then for them paradise, of course, was their dwelling place, and if we are talking about the dead, then this is the place for the rest of the soul. Each religion gives its own interpretation of this word, but at the same time, each claims that it is a good and warm place. In heaven, a person or his soul feels comfortable and carefree. This word is associated with green grass, beautiful streams and waterfalls.

Paradise concept

Some skeptics believe that paradise is all that God created on earth. These are forests, lakes and fields, endless meadows and high mountains, waterfalls and volcanoes, and there is not that mythical Garden of Eden that everyone is talking about.Who knows? Perhaps paradise is only the inner state of a person, because the same thing can be seen from both the good and the bad side. He who has the Garden of Eden blooming in his heart sees life in white light, rejoices in even the most pleasant trifles and does not get upset over trifles.

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