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The city of Pavlovsky Posad, located only inhalf an hour's drive from Moscow, is filled with the atmosphere of a leisurely life in the outback and an inexpressible color. The measured rhythm of life, leisurely walks through ancient streets, the architecture of merchant two-story houses and beautiful churches attract many people who appreciate the color and peculiarity of Russian culture.

On the territory of the city there are suchfamous Russian sights, such as the Church of the Resurrection of the Lord, the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, the Intercession-Vasilievsky Monastery, as well as numerous factories for the production of shawls and shawls with a printed pattern.

Pavlovsky Posad sightseeingsThe history of the city dates back to 1845,Pavlovsky Posad was founded on the site of several villages. The sights of this city in the modern world are known and popular not only in Russia, but all over the world. Local people have long been famous for their craftsmanship and handicrafts. It was this city that gave the world amazing shawls and shawls with a print pattern. The active development and construction of weaving mills began in the city in the early 19th century, and gradually it becomes known as the center of the textile industry.

Pavlovsky Posad

Many beautiful ancient religiousmonuments preserved in the city of Pavlovsky Posad. Attractions are attracted here by connoisseurs of architecture. In the northern part of the city there is the Pokrovsko-Vasilievsky Monastery, which houses the relics of the patron saint of the city. One of the main dominants of Pavlovsky Posad is the bell tower of the Resurrection Cathedral - the only part of it that has survived to this day. Not far from it, in the early 20th century, a chapel was erected in memory of the war of 1812. In its history, it was destroyed and completely restored.

During the war of 1812 active militaryactions were in the area and in the city of Pavlovsky Posad. Sights and monuments of military themes tell about active guerrilla war, which was conducted by local residents in support of the army of the country. One of the most famous is the monument to the partisan Vasily Kurkin, awarded the St. George's Cross of the first degree for courage and courage.

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A lot of interesting places and houses are located onthe entire territory of the city Pavlovsky Posad. Sightseeing tells about the history of the city, about life, life and occupation of people, about famous people who were born and grew up here. Among such places it is necessary to visit the Museum of Local Lore and the exhibition hall of Shirokov's house. You can not ignore the Museum of the history of Russian scarf and shawls. From the exposition you can learn about the history, technology and features of making the symbol of the city Pavlovsky Posad. The sights of this museum are a private collection of kerchiefs of the 18-20th century, as well as unique tools for drawing a pattern on fabric. And to leave from Pavlovsky Posad it is possible only with several copies of shawls of local manufacture.

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