Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group

Those who listen to domestic performersalternative direction, can not but know such a wonderful folk-rock singer as Pelageya. Her biography is not characterized by special ups and downs, but with clean deep vocals and beautiful, soulful songs can not help but touch. Indeed, this voice can rightly be called the property of the Russian land! But this is a lyrical digression. Let's pass to the facts, namely - to the biography of the singer.

Pelagia - born from childhoodpelagia biography husband children

A beautiful voice and a desire to sing is, probably,family trait, which is transmitted through the female line. Why do we say this? It's simple. Pelageya's mother, Svetlana Khanova, also performed with her band for one time, performing jazz songs. Put an end to this disruption of the voice, because of what she had to become a theater director. Later, the mother of our beloved singer will become the producer and director of the group, which her daughter will assemble. A girl was born, which was first recorded under the name Polina, in Novosibirsk. The parents called the girl Pelageya, and in the end the error was corrected already in the singer's passport. This name was worn by her great-grandmother.

Already at the age of four Pelageya first appeared on stage,and at the age of eight she entered the Novosibirsk Special Music College (school), where she became the first female vocalist for twenty-five years of the history of the school. At the age of nine, the singer met Dmitry Reviakin from the group "Kalinov Most", who directed her tape to the "Morning Star" in Moscow. True, then the folkloric block in the program was not yet present, and therefore Yuri Nikolaev recommended that the girl simply participate in the competition, where she became the winner as a result, receiving a prize of one thousand dollars.


Around this time, the song "Lubo, brothers,"which has been recorded in Novosibirsk, is becoming a hit among the OMON combatants who took part in the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya, and how this record got to them is still not known, but since that time the long-awaited popularity has come to Pelagia.

After that, at the age of ten, she signedcontract with a company engaged in recording songs by famous artists at the time, and moved to Moscow. There she studied first in a music school, and then in school with an in-depth study of choreography and music. So she becomes a fellowship of the fund "Young talents of Siberia" and a participant in the UN program "New names of the planet." As a result, the countries of the world learned the name of Pelagia.

Biography of the alternative

This performer often participated in theofficial events, such as the speech at the summit of the three heads of state. But the most valuable for lovers of domestic rock are alternative projects. These include "Learn to swim," tribute Depeche Mode, magnificent duets with Butusov, Sukachev, Sklyar, Inna Zhelannoy, Mikhail Gorshenev.singer pelagia biographyThese songs are heard by many, and the limitation period forthey are not. Driving and at the same time clean, they have won their place of honor in the hearts of our musical gourmets. However, this biography does not end there.

Singer Pelageya. Biography of speeches

In 97th year she became the youngest member of the teamKVN from the Novosibirsk State University. Later, her record was beaten. In the year 99, Mstislav Rostropovich invited her to a festival in Evian, where Kisin Eugene, Shankar Ravi, Burchuladze Paat, BB King and Vishnevskaya Galina also performed. The latter, as Pelageya herself admitted, made an indelible impression on her. In 2004, she starred in the episodic role in the series "Yesenin." In 2009, Pelagia, along with Daria Moroz, participated in the third season of "Two Stars". And then this one was singing with Garik Sukachev, having defeated "The Property of the Republic" in the vote. In the same year, Pelageya, whose biography, as you see, is a solid work and not a drop of rest, became the winner of the nomination "Soloist" in the Charto Dozen. Wins for a lifetime will suffice, but not only the singer, but also the group is called "Pelagia".

Pelageya. Group Biography

The collective was formed in 2000 and was namedname of the singer. Then the girl was fourteen years old. She graduated from the external school and entered the RATI, graduating in 2005 with a red diploma. But this is also a lyrical digression.pelagia biography

Speaking of Pelagia, many people have in mind its nominalas a performer, but in fact the group accommodates five more people, besides the performer herself. Their merit in the popularity of the collective is not less than that of the voice of our wealth of Russia. Arrangements, excellent music and voluminous vocals - these are the main features of musicians, who clearly do not fade in the shadow of the famous Pelagia, but only develop.

Personal life of the singer

Ironically, between touring this beautifulnot only in the voice, but also in the face of the girl, time is spent on personal life. Often fans are looking for answers to the question: "Pelageya - biography, husband, children"? Put all the points above the "i". At the moment the singer is not married, although she was married for two years with Dmitry Efimovich. They did not have children, but Pelagia's plans clearly include becoming a beautiful mother and wife, as she herself said on several occasions in an interview.

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Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group Pelageya. Biography of the singer and group