Pencil kayal for the eyes: what is it?

An outline pencil is used to make the eyes expressive. But if earlier it was only black and brown products with varying degrees of softness, now they are diverse. The stores also sell markers, liners. Used and kayal for the eyes. What it is, described in the article.


Cayal for the eyes - what is it? This is a pencil designed for eyeliner, but with a new structure - soft, oily. The effect of it is slightly different. So, after all, kayal for the eyes - what kind of makeup is this? Unlike standard cosmetics, it has the advantages of: includes natural carbon black, mineral components and vegetable antiseptics.

kayal for the eyes what is it

Quite popular with buyers kayal for the eyes. What is it, many women know today. This is a pencil without abrasive blends. The body of the device is made of plastic or metal. There are no wood particles in the ink mass. It is enough just to carry out the coloring carefully so that the make-up is fashionable.

What is it used for?

Pencil kayal for the eyes is used to liner the inner parts of the eyelids. It became popular because of the ability to make the line drawn soft, smooth and natural, as well as resistant. Not every liner has such advantages.

pencil kayal for eyes

The color palette is rich: there is both rich black and beige, white. You can find blue, purple, terracotta, olive tones. Each woman can find a suitable tone.


As the reviews show, you need to choose the right kayal. When buying, you must take into account the color and shape of the eyes, skin tone on the face and its shape. With the help of a properly selected tone, it will be possible to emphasize the advantages of the appearance, as well as to hide the defects. When choosing, you should consider some rules:

  1. For black eyes, choose a black eyeliner. Smooth natural line adjusts makeup options.
  2. Red-haired girls with white skin black color is not suitable.
  3. If the eyes are narrow, suitable white, beige, flesh-colored, visually widening the eyes, making the eyes open.
  4. The tones of blue, olive, terracotta can not be chosen by everyone, since they should be tried on beforehand to the image.

According to reviews, it is advisable to choose kayal for the eyes of famous brands. Their products are high quality and proven. With these eyeliners will create the perfect makeup.

Best pencil

Now many companies produce contour pencils kayal. The most popular include the following cosmetics:

  1. Yves-Rocher. The firm's liner includes natural herbal ingredients. The texture of the pencil "melting." With its drawing the saturated black line turns out, giving expressiveness.
  2. Guerlain khol kajal. Products can be used as a shadow, eyeliner, Kayala. Due to the oily texture, the product is perfectly applied to the eyelids, creating a thin line. And it helps this long brush.
  3. Deborah Kajal. Cosmetics are available in various shades. It contains palm oil, vitamins C and E. The components have a beneficial effect on the skin and also protect the eyes. The products are considered hypoallergenic, in addition, it is applied to the inner and outer part of the eyelids. The eyeliner is easily shaded and is considered resistant.
  4. Maybelline Expression Kajal. Products are presented in a rich color palette. Pencils are easy to apply, leave thin lines, emphasize the look, do not irritate the skin.
  5. Kayal for eyes "Ultramodern" from "Faberlik".It can be used for different skin. Allows you to create an original depth of sight. According to reviews, kayal Ultramodern for eyes saves the result for more than 4 hours. It contains no preservatives, mineral oils, but there are natural antioxidants. According to reviews, kayal Ultramodern for eyes does not cause eye irritation, and rich tones are suitable for different types of makeup.

kayal for eyes reviews

Whichever of the presented means are used, you must follow the rules for creating makeup. Only then will it be possible to do everything carefully.

Terms of use

The application of eyeliner will be simple, since it is the same outline pencil. It is only necessary to take into account a few simple rules:

  1. Color cosmetics should be used in moderation. The tool is greasy, so do not apply it a lot.
  2. Apply kayal must be carefully.
  3. If you want to draw the outline of the outer part of the century, you need to take into account the fact that you should not carry out a thin arrow, if Kayal has a large and broad stylus.
  4. When performing smoky eyes the effect will be much better. In this case, thick lines are used on the upper eyelid, which are then shaded with a brush, and shadows are applied from above.
  5. Experts recommend to create a neat little arrows to keep the circuit in the refrigerator. After hardening the slate, it will be easier to make clear lines. In warmth, the product will be soft and easy to shade.

kayal for eyes ultramodern

The main advantage of the pencil is considered antibacterial action. To preserve it, after applying it is necessary to wear a cap.

When to use?

kayal for eyes faberlik ultramodern

Kayal is used in different versions. It creates day and evening make up:

  1. Pencil convenient to create inter-page arrow. For ever applied base under the shadows. Light shadows shade over the centuries. Under the eyebrow and in the corner of the eye put a "highlight". Before painting the eyelashes with mascara, the area between them is stained with kai, so the eyelashes will look thick.
  2. The pencil will allow you to "work" and the base under the shadow, after which the shade will be brighter and richer. The upper eyelids are drawn in pencil, creating their original shape. You can perform a contour on the bottom of the eyelashes. On the edge of the created area with a natural brush, feathering takes place, and then shadows are applied.
  3. Evening makeup will be more effective if you highlight the contour of the eye.To do this, apply a base under the shadow, and then on the mucous membrane, and use mascara.
  4. Makeup artists are advised to perform this tool stylish makeup, making bright arrows. Color eyeliner is performed on the lower eyelid to emphasize the look.
  5. Casual makeup can turn into a festive, if you use a pencil with mother of pearl, golden, silver glitter.

What not to do?

Not necessary:

  1. Make eyeliner with a black pencil lower eyelid - because of this, the eyes will be narrow.
  2. Create makeup with red eyes, because then you will not be able to mask the flaws.
  3. Give a pencil to someone to use.

kayal for eyes ultramodern reviews

Kayal is also available for the lips, with which it will be possible to achieve swelling. It is necessary to draw a white pencil outline and shade it. A regular contour, gloss or lipstick is applied on top. It visually enhances the lips, gives an attractive look.

Thus, kayal is used to create high-quality makeup. This decorative tool will make the look expressive. But in order not to cause harm, you should use only high-quality cosmetics.

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