Peter Kadochnikov: biography, personal life, filmography

What is known about the Soviet artist Peter Kadochnikov? What started his career in domestic cinema? What roles have brought fame to the actor? This and not only will be discussed further in the material.

Peter Kadochnikov

A family

Peter Kadochnikov was born in the family of famous Soviet actors Rosalia and Pavel Kadochnikovs. The father of the future artist was a real star of Soviet cinema, was an attractive man and an extremely decent man. Peter Kadochnikov’s mother was also a fairly well-known actress, who, however, decided to say goodbye to her stage work at the dawn of her career. This way Rosalia Ivanovna chose to devote her time to family and children. Later, she never regretted how her life was formed.

The Kadochnikov family was considered rich by Soviet standards. The actor couple had several apartments in Leningrad, had a car.The family even allowed herself to have a personal housewife who did all the household work. However, the mother of Peter Kadochnikov never refused household chores, cooked well and often pleased her with excellent dishes.

Peter Kadochnikov biography

Peter Kadochnikov: biography

Kadochnikov Peter Pavlovich was born on December 27, 1944 in a small village near the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Then the family moved to live in his native Leningrad.

Little Peter Kadochnikov grew up to be an obedient child, inquisitive and responsive. The guy showed good results in school, took out from each lesson something new for himself. The future artist graduated from high school with honors, receiving a gold medal. This was followed by admission to the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute at the Faculty of Physics.

After graduating, Peter Kadochnikov, like his parents in his youth, decided to link his life with stage activities. To this end, he continued his studies at the Leningrad State Institute of Music, Theater and Cinematography. Here he proved himself as a diligent student, having received a diploma with honors.

Peter Kadochnikov (actor) for a long time refused to shoot a movie.Blame the extreme shyness that manifested itself in a guy from early childhood. His father Pavel recalled that he literally had to take his son by the hand around the directors' offices. Instead of regular filming, Peter Kadochnikov gave preference to writing scripts, the creation of which could work all night long. Nevertheless, the father of a young artist always supported the initiatives of his son and was proud of his rather modest achievements.

Movie debut

Peter Kadochnikov first appeared on wide screens in 1977. It was at this time that he was offered the first role in the film by the celebrated Soviet director Bulat Mansurov called “Gulls did not fly here”. The film, based on the immortal work of Victor Astafiev "The Pass", was positively received by film critics. Thus, Peter Kadochnikov became a recognizable actor.

Then for the young artist followed shooting in the comedy musical directed by Jan Fried "Pious Martha". In the film based on the popular theatrical production Tirso de Molina Kadochnikov got the image of a lovelace. According to the plot of the picture, the main character is forced to marry an elderly man at the behest of an intractable father.However, the girl loves the young student Don Antonio, in the role of which, in fact, Peter Kadochnikov acts. The decision is the adoption of a celibate vow by the heroine. This is followed by a whole series of comedic situations in which all the actors in the conflict have to take part.

It is worth noting that in several films Peter shared the film set with his father Paul. Together they participated in the already mentioned film “The Pious Martha”, as well as a film strip called “Silva”.

Peter Kadochnikov actor

Work on television

Peter Kadochnikov, whose personal life remains a mystery to his fans, has devoted a considerable amount of time to work in the profession, and more specifically to the role of the presenter on television. Proposals regarding filming a movie with the artist was frankly a little. Therefore, he decided to establish the author's program called "For those who love movies." The program, which discussed the new domestic and foreign cinema, was popular with the viewer. It was precisely as a leader that Kadochnikov was known to a wide audience.

Peter Kadochnikov: Filmography

During his short career in Soviet cinema, Kadochnikov Jr. managed to play in the following films:

  • "Gulls did not fly here" (1977);
  • “Remember” (1979);
  • “I want to sing” (1979);
  • The Pious Martha (1980);
  • Alesha (1980);
  • Silva (1981);
  • "Night on the fourth lap" (1981).

Peter Kadochnikov personal life

Tragic departure from life

In the summer of 1981, the world of Soviet cinema suddenly lost a talented actor. The Kadochnikov family traveled through their beloved Baltic states. On the last day of the holiday, Peter and his wife decided to have a small picnic for friends near the town of Ingalin. Not in the company without alcohol.

One of the favorite activities of Kadochnikov was rock climbing. Peter inherited his passion from his father. As the artist himself recalled, dad loved to climb the hills. The actor decided to show the same trick to his friends by climbing a tree. However, the branches could not bear the weight of a man, and he fell to the ground with all his weight. Petr Kadochnikov was diagnosed with a skull fracture and several ribs. A few days later, the artist died in hospital, never regaining consciousness.

Peter Kadochnikov filmography

The event plunged the relatives of the actor into a real shock.The whole public was worried about the death of a talented artist. Especially the mother of Peter, Rosalia Ivanovna, felt the loss of her son. She even tried to blame the wife and friends of the artist for the incident. The little daughter of Peter Kadochnikova did not immediately find out about her father’s death. They told about the tragedy to the girl only a few weeks after the incident, not wanting to inflict psychological trauma to the child. In the end, the result of the conflict was a rupture of relations between members of the once close-knit family.

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