Pills for cough with thermopsis

Tablets from cough with thermopsis for many yearskeep their popularity and are used by many people who are often overcome by this ailment. Who has experienced the positive effect of these pills, he gives preference only to them.

The herb of thermopsis is known for its expectorantaction in case of respiratory disease. Thanks to it in the bronchi there is a significant increase in the production of mucus. Thermopsis includes quite complex substances - alkaloids, which contain nitrogen and form water-soluble salts, often poisonous, in combination with oxygen, but in small quantities they are allowed to be used as preparations. Thermopsis is rich in alkaloids such as cytisine, pachycarpine, methylcytisine, inhibipidine, thermopsin, and other bioactive substances. On the human body, they have a complex effect. In general, thermopsis acts as an expectorant, but a large dose causes an emetic reaction.

After taking a pill of cough with thermopsissucked, getting into the blood, then into the mucosa of the trachea and bronchi, and thus have an irritating effect, turning into a cough. Among other things, thermopsis stimulates the respiratory center in the brain. The action of thermopsis enhances the motor activity of the epithelium, called ciliary, which lining the bronchi from the inside, as well as the motor activity of the bronchial muscle layer. Tablets from cough with thermopsis cause increased respiration, resulting in expectoration and removal of sputum. Tablets contribute to the gradual strengthening of cough and increased sputum secretion, and along with it speed up the process of removing it from the bronchi.

In its composition, tablets from cough with thermopsis have sodium bicarbonate, stimulating the secretion of bronchial glands and contributing to a decrease in the degree of viscosity of sputum.

After irritation of the bronchial treereceptors, an attack of cough in a person is by nature wet or dry, and this is very important when taking tablets. Therefore, before taking thermopsis, tablets with which can have unpredictable effects, you need to carefully study the instruction, or even better - consult a doctor. After all, everyone knows how self-medication is brought to life. The composition of the drug "Thermopsis" may contain components of an allergic nature. The codeine contained in it has antitussive effect, and the licorice root, which is also present in the composition of the drug, has a good expectorant effect, in which the sputum is more intensively separated from the bronchial tree.

The drug "Termopsis" from cough is recommended forAdmission to adults and children, but only to those who have overcome the two-year boundary. Since "Thermopsys" has in its composition a large number of complex components, it can not be accepted by everyone. For example, women who are expecting a child, as well as nursing mothers, should refrain from taking. Patients suffering from asthma, also can not use this drug.

To all who have no contraindications, the instruction recommends taking the tablet three times a day in the amount of one piece.

This drug is not without side effects. His reception may be accompanied by nausea and itching. A overdose threatens headache, drowsiness, vomiting, impaired coordination of movement, difficult breathing. If such symptoms occur, the tablets should refrain, rinse the stomach, drink activated charcoal.

If the patient suffers from a violation of the functions of the stove, then the daily dose of intake should not exceed two tablets, and then provided a long break between doses.

When driving a car, as well as in certain types of activities that require increased attention, these tablets can not be consumed categorically.

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