Plantain grass. Psyllium: medicinal properties

Plantain is known for its healing properties since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. In Arab and Persian healers, he had a special status among other medicinal plants. The Indians who once lived in the Americas saw a connection between the appearance of plantain in their habitats and the appearance of the white man. From there came the name of the grass among the local population. The plant was called the "white man's footprint."

Because of the property to grow along the roads in Russia, the grass received a different name - plantain. Although it can be found also in glades, vacant lots, meadows, on the banks of reservoirs, on the plot of land, etc. The grass of the plantain grows throughout Russia, as well as the states bordering on it. Traditional healers, pharmacists and beauticians have long found ways to use the full power of the plant for the benefit of mankind.plantain flowers

Plantain. Description

The plant reaches no more than forty cm in height.In doing so, it releases one or more arrows. Their length reaches thirty centimeters. At the ends of the arrows are inflorescences. Seeds grow ripe on them. Plantain flowers resemble a cylindrical spike up to five centimeters in length. The leaves of our plant are located in the root zone. They have clearly marked veins. The rhizome of the plant is short, in the form of threads.

As a perennial plant, plantain (photo below) has more than two hundred species worldwide. Of these, about ten different representatives grow in Russia. All of them are united in one family - plantain herbs.plantain photo


Psyllium in June is fully saturated with nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, it is recommended to collect it during this period. Although it is worth noting that the plant is ready for use in any summer month. After collecting, sorting takes place, during which damaged leaves and accidentally caught other plants are removed. After that the plantain is subject to drying. During the procedure, the grass must be protected from direct sunlight. They kill all the beneficial trace elements and vitamins in the plant.Therefore, it is dried in the open air under canopies at a temperature not higher than sixty degrees. Periodically during this procedure, the plant must be mixed. This will speed up the grass harvesting process.plantain grass

Psyllium: medicinal properties

To combat various diseases, the leaves, seeds and roots of the plant are used. All parts of the plantain are rich in nutrients. But most often used leaves. Vitamins A, C, K, glycoside, aukubin, ascorbic acid, saponins, tannins were found in the plant. Flavonoids, organic acids, polysaccharides, bitterness, traces of alkaloids, carbohydrates, fatty oils - all this contains a plantain. The healing properties of the plant are high. Use the herb as an anesthetic to increase appetite. Also plantain is an antidepressant. In chronic ulcers, this plant is used to increase the acidity and healing of wounds. And experts recommend its use in fistulas, boils, boils. In the fight against bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, gastritis, whooping cough, this plant can have a powerful effect and provide a positive effect.

From the plantain prepare tinctures, extracts, decoctions and even juice.psyllium medicinal properties

Juice of plantain leaves

The people have long used the juice of plantain to normalize digestion, treatment of eye injuries. It is also used in homeopathy. The herb plantain is part of many medicines. For example, in medicines that are designed to combat otitis media, normalize the work of the kidneys, heart rate, neutralize gastritis, enhance sexual desire. Juice tends to stop bleeding and relieve inflammation. When acne and acne appear, it is also recommended to use it. Juice prevents the appearance of new defects. It cures old rashes. The skin of the face becomes clean, smooth and healthy.

To combat gastritis and ulcer, plantain juice is taken fifteen minutes before meals three times a day, one tablespoon. The course of treatment is up to sixteen weeks.plantain description

To make plantain juice at home you will need a part of the cutting with leaves washed with cold water. Then all this for some time must be left to dry, after which you need to pour the leaves with boiling water, grind in a meat grinder and squeeze the juice through gauze or cotton cloth.If the liquid is very saturated, then the mass will need to be diluted with water exactly half and boiled for a few minutes. To juice retains its beneficial properties for a long time, it is recommended to dilute it with alcohol. Get a tincture. You will need two parts of the juice one part alcohol.

When will plantain tincture help?

For the preparation of tincture use large plantain size. For medical purposes, this drug is used to combat diseases of the digestive system. Tincture will help and in violation of the kidneys, urinary organs. Doctors recommend its use to relieve expectoration, with bronchial asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis. Tincture is used for external use - for example, for skin lesions, wounds, inflammations of the throat and nasopharynx. The drug is applied and half an hour after a meal orally. Depending on the individual disease and medical indicators, the dosage is prescribed by a doctor.

In the case of idiosyncrasy, plantain tincture should not be used.

The beneficial properties of psyllium seed

In addition to the healing properties of the leaves and plantain root, a decoction of the seeds of the plant in question is also used for medicinal purposes. For its preparation take 1 tablespoon of dry weight per 1 liter of boiling water. Seeds successfully cope with gastrointestinal disorders. Developed methods for the treatment of diabetes, as well as infertility in men and women with the use of this tool.

The healing properties of the root

This part of the plant contains many nutrients. Plantain root successfully helps with herpes. For this you need to take three plants. We use them together with the root. We wash well and dry the grass. The roots must be finely chopped and pour 150 ml of red wine. Then you need to add as much water. It is important that the wine is dry. The resulting solution can be drunk three times a day for fifty milliliters.

Also crushed dried plantain root is used to treat the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland. Methods and dosage developed by a specialist, having studied all the features of the patient.

A small part of the plantain root helps to deal with earache. For this, folk healers recommend putting a piece of it into the ear canal.But don't push the spine too deep! Position it so that it can be easily removed. plantain root

Plantain in cosmetology

Plantain grass, due to the large content of vitamins and minerals, has been successfully used in cosmetology, providing a therapeutic effect on the skin of the face and body. You can buy a ready-made collection at the pharmacy. Prices for it are low. You can also cook it yourself. To do this, dry the leaves, as already described above. Most often in cosmetology use infusions from the leaves of the plant.

They are used to moisturize the skin. For cleansing, plantain leaf juice is suitable. For the care of oily and problem skin, again use the plant in question. It is recommended to wipe the face with pieces of ice from the infusion of plantain.

Compresses or masks have a moisturizing, anti-allergic and soothing effect. The plant reduces wrinkles and prevents irritation of the skin.

Plantain infusions are used to care for the hair, skin of the hands and feet. Many cosmetics contain this component in its composition. Hair after applying the infusion become more silky, smooth and easy to comb. The skin of the arms and legs becomes moisturized and healthy.plantain plant


Despite the uniqueness of its properties, it is impossible to use this plant uncontrollably. Plantain in the development of gastric juice above the norm and increased acidity, with some ulcerative diseases of the intestine, with a strong clotting of blood, in the presence of blood clots, doctors appoint very rarely. Prolonged use of the plant for medicinal purposes causes unpleasant phenomena. Blood clotting may increase and the tendency to form blood clots may appear. With special care, the plantain should be used by people with allergies to any plants. It is recommended that before using the plant in question for treatment, to pass all the necessary tests to determine the tendency to thrombosis.

This is what the seemingly ordinary grass can do! Plantain is of great importance in medicine and cosmetology.

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