Pre-charger CarKu E-Power 21: description, specifications and reviews

Any motorist is familiar with the situation of complete discharge of the battery. Even if you yourself are accustomed to scrupulously checking the state of all electronics after turning off the ignition and do not leave the car in the cold in winter, your friends or acquaintances must have encountered a similar problem. It is impossible to start a car with an “empty” battery, and the problem is often solved by recharging the battery from the home electrical outlet.

But what to do if you need to go right now and there is no time for fussing with the battery? Far-sighted car owners, preventing such situations, acquire special gadgets from which the Carku E-Power-21 start-charger stands out. About him and will be discussed further.

carku e power 21

Briefly about the main thing

No matter how powerful the device is, it will not replace a full-fledged car battery. Problems in starting the engine can be in other nodes, it is worth it to understand, before placing all hopes on a portable battery.

The Carku E-Power-21 starter is one of the most capacious batteries on the market, dressed in an ergonomic stylish case and equipped with a convenient case for storing the device itself and a variety of adapters and adapters. At the moment, it is the most powerful device for 12 V from a family similar to it in the line of the brand. In addition to the main purpose, it can perform the functions of charging and powering a large number of electrical devices with direct current.A nice bonus is the built-in flashlight with several modes of operation.

carku e power 21 reviews

Versatility first!

In addition to the battery itself and the case mentioned earlier, the Carku E-Power-21 charger is equipped with the following components:

  • Charging adapters for using standard 220 V networks or the car’s internal electrical system via a cigarette lighter.

  • Connection to the battery is a special set of wires with clips. A system of protection against short-circuit and reverse polarity is installed, which will allow the device to be used safely even by inexperienced motorists.

  • A kit for charging mobile devices, including a Micro USB plug, as well as plugs for the iPhone and iPad.

  • Charger for laptops with adapters for different models in the amount of 8 pieces.

  • Supply adapter for automotive devices with a cigarette lighter connector.

  • Russian instruction.

To connect these cables and adapters Carku E-Power-21 is equipped with the appropriate connectors:

  • Starting sockets for the battery can work without turning on the device itself directly.

  • Two USB connectors with a voltage of 5 V and a current of 1 and 2 A.

  • Notebook slot produces a voltage of 19 V and a current of 3.5 A.

  • The current in the slot for auto devices at 12 V has a current of up to 10 A.

carku e power 21 charger

And instead of the heart - a fiery motor!

No, of course, the motor in the Carku E-Power-21 is not in sight, but the battery power is 66.6 Wh (18000 mAh), which is an excellent indicator for devices of this class. The weight of the device itself is 670 g, and in a case and a complete set about one and a half kilograms, which makes it quite easy to take it with you, for example, outside the city. The rated current force at the start of the engine is 300 A, while the peak values ​​are 600 A. The device is able to work even at low temperatures, down to -30 ° C, while the upper threshold of the working temperature is 60 ° C.

Modern solid-state lithium-polymer battery is able to withstand more than 1000 recharge cycles, this is quite enough for 3-4 years of active use. In addition, the battery keeps the charge for several weeks and even months, provided it is stored at temperatures above zero. For those who did not have time to charge the device, but it is required very urgently, there is an accelerated charging mode, but you should not abuse it, as this reduces the life of the battery.

start-up charger carku e power 21

Starts with a half turn

The discharge of the vehicle's battery during the cold season is not uncommon in our climate, and a fellow car owner can come to the rescue. However, such a "lighting up" can negatively affect both cars, which is often warned by experts in the media and in various forums. It makes no sense to take such a risk and generally wait for a possible help if you can simply purchase a Carku E-Power-21 device that is safe in this business.

Let's start with the fact that the second car may not be nearby, it is easy to encounter such a situation in the conditions of a country trip, and you can not just have a starting and charging device right at hand, but also knowingly charge it while driving to the intended point.A powerful battery allows you to run gasoline engines with a working volume of up to 5 liters and diesel to 3.5 liters. And the full charge is enough for 10-30 starts, which may well be needed in an emergency. The device allows you to help not only yourself, but also safely give “light a cigarette” to a de-energized comrade, and it will take much less time than starting up with the help of another car’s battery. Special protection on the wires from short-circuiting and changing the poles will save the device itself and the auto electrician from damage.

starter carku e power 21

More about versatility

Indeed, not only the machine sometimes requires recharging, but also mobile devices are often discharged at the most inopportune moment. A wide range of output current and a large selection of connectors and adapters allows you to use the device as a backup power source for most modern devices. Full battery capacity is enough for 6-12 charge phones and smartphones, 3-8 charge PDAs and tablets, and even 2-4 hours of laptops and ultrabooks. Other equipment with suitable connectors and rated currents can also be charged from Carku E-Power-21, but before connecting you should definitely check the required current parameters.

Specialist reviews

As for the opinions of knowledgeable people about the device Carku E-Power-21, reviews of professionals and journalists are beautifully shown in the most famous auto magazines of recent years. The authoritative magazine "Behind the wheel" chose this particular model in 2016, worthy of the first place among the useful devices for car owners.

Opinion of ordinary users

As for the simple buyers of the Carku E-Power-21 starter charger, there are very different reviews. What is significant, positive feedback is much more detailed, while most negative ones are short and angry. Apparently, those for whom the experience of using the device turned out to be unsuccessful, did not begin to understand the problem of starting their car, and blamed all the problems on the device. As mentioned earlier, the device is only an auxiliary device for running a debugged, but discharged system.

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