Printer Kyocera FS-1040: characteristics, comparison with competitors and reviews

Kyocera FS-1040 is positioned by the manufacturer as an entry-level printer with a democratic price and a large monthly resource output pages. This is an excellent tool for implementing a printing system in a small office or at home. Another possible option for its use is a small working group.

kyocera fs 1040

In what cases is such a printer most optimally used?

It is best to use the Kyocera FS-1040 in cases where you need high print speeds and an impressive amount of output pages throughout the month. Another important point of this device is the minimum cost of various consumables. All these advantages of this printer are based on its printing technology. The laser method really allows you to quickly print and in large volumes. But here he has a minus - this is the mediocre quality of the displayed pages.Alas, for improved print quality today it is preferable to use multifunction printers and inkjet printers.

Delivery List

Like any other print site of this famous manufacturer, the delivery list in this case is typical. It includes the following:

  1. Printer.
  2. Wire interface for connecting to a computer.
  3. Power cord.
  4. Disk with software.
  5. User guide.
  6. Coupon warranty.
  7. Toner cartridge.

kyocera fs 1040 printer

Paper. Speed ​​performance

The Kyocera FS-1040 laser printer does not put forward any supernatural quality requirements. It can print on almost any paper. The exception in this regard are only newspaper pages, the density of which does not exceed 40 g / m2. The printer in question can print on sheets whose density is at least 60 g / m2. Failure to comply with this requirement can lead to the fact that rather quickly the media supply subsystem of this peripheral tool can fail. Maximum paper density for FS-1040 is set by the manufacturer at 220 g / m2. For this reason, this device is able to print on Whatman paper, and on photo paper, and even on some modifications of cardboard.The dimensions of the page in this case are limited to the usual for all A4 and are 297 mm in length, and 210 mm in width.

Also in the proprietary software provides an option that allows the user to set any size media. The only condition is that it should be less than the maximum allowed A4. Only 14 seconds are needed for this warm up tool. The first A4 print then appears in 14 seconds. Then, the considered peripheral device is capable of outputting up to 20 one-sided sheets per minute. Resolution output documents is 600x600. As a result, the print quality in this case is average. But this is not surprising, for the reason that something better to expect from a laser printing method is not necessary.


One of the main drawbacks of the Kyocera FS-1040 is the minimum communication set, which is represented by just one USB port. Of course, for the organization of the printing subsystem this is quite enough, but it would be much more convenient for some to use such a printer in conjunction with an RJ-45 port or wirelessly transmitting Wi-Fi information.Due to the lack of these two connection methods, this printing device is unable to independently perform the functions of a print server. Therefore, for these purposes you will have to use a personal computer to which this peripheral solution is connected.

kyocera fs 1040 driver


Only one cartridge model can function in this device - this is TK-1110. After the purchase, it can print about 1800 pages. Then it will need to be refilled with toner, and this value will increase to 2500 sheets. The monthly resource of the output documentation of this peripheral device is set by the manufacturer to 10,000 pages. As a result, at the highest load it will be necessary to refill this cartridge 4 times. The life of the same cartridge is 100,000 sheets. That is, with the most intensive use it will be enough for 1 year.


A standard set of drivers in Kyocera FS-1040. The Windows 7 driver is the most universal and supports all possible versions and modifications of this operating system. Also in the list of supported system software there are other operating systems of this family - these are 8, and 8.1, and even 10.Another OS with which such a printer can work is MacOS. But for Linux or UNIX, this leading manufacturer of printing and copying equipment in this case did not provide for drivers.

laser printer kyocera fs 1040

Connection Customization

It is not so difficult to connect and configure your own Kyocera FS-1040. The instruction, which comes in the kit, describes this operation in great detail and describes it in stages. The algorithm itself consists of the following stages:

  1. Remove the print medium from the shipping carton along with its contents.
  2. All transport locks are dismantled without fail.
  3. We choose the location of the print unit, which must meet several criteria: it should be near the PC, there should be a 220 V outlet nearby and there should be no problems with refilling or removing paper.
  4. Then we connect the peripheral device to the computer using the supplied cord.
  5. With the use of power cable we realize the power supply of the printer.
  6. We launch the disc with special software on a PC and install the necessary driver version.
  7. At the end of the driver installation process, we restart the computing system.
  8. To check the correctness of the settings print a test page.

kyocera fs 1040 instruction manual

Power consumption in various modes. Noise level

In standby mode, this device consumes only 3 watts. When printing starts, this parameter increases to 304 watts. Alas, the laser method of obtaining paper documentation is not capable of initially boasting a high degree of energy efficiency, and it is for this reason that the value of power consumption in this case increases so much. The noise level during operation of the FS-1040 does not exceed 50 dB. He cannot be called a quiet one, but he certainly doesn’t create any great discomfort in the process of work on this side.

Cost Reviews

The Kyocera FS-1040 printer can still be found on sale. The price of this peripheral device is 5700-6000 rubles. Taking into account the previously mentioned technical characteristics, high speed and a fairly large print resource for one month, this price tag looks quite justified. In addition to this, users and specialists also indicate such advantages of this peripheral printing device model: minimum expenditures for consumables, ease of setup and use, and very low quality requirements for the media.The disadvantages of this printer can only be attributed to the lack of drivers for Linux and UNIX and the presence of only one connection method. But this is an economy class device, and such limitations are natural in this case.

kyocera fs 1040 driver windows 7


Balanced and almost completely deficient turned out to be an entry level laser printer Kyocera FS-1040. It is really great for creating a documentation printing subsystem in cases like a small office, a small workgroup, or at home. It is in this situation that you can fully unleash its potential and provide the most optimal operating conditions.

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