Profession photographer: how to get? The pros and cons of the profession photographer

The profession of a photographer is a fairly common work in the modern world. She is usually very well paid, which helps to attract new employees. Today we will talk about how to get the profession of a photographer and what is good and bad in it.profession photographer

"Hands" - from nature

Quite popular in the modern world is the profession of the photographer. Its description can be found absolutely everywhere. Your task is to make good pictures for which you will be paid. This can be done both for publishers and for ordinary people. After all, to capture the moments of your life, then to leave some frames in your memory - this is so necessary for people. But what you need to do and know that this profession - the photographer - fit you?

The first thing that every beginner needs is the so-called “straight arms”. That is, a person should be able to handle the camera and the camera.Of course, if he does not know how, then he will be taught. True, the difference between “already skilled” and beginners will be immediately visible. In other words, a person must have an initial predisposition to the profession. If there is none, then, of course, this does not mean that it is worth refusing the task.

Educational institution

But where to get the profession of a photographer? What you need to give you the appropriate diploma confirming your skills and abilities? This is a rather complicated question, especially if you live somewhere in a provincial town. The fact is that in large cities different universities and colleges offer applicants to receive the specialty in question. After graduation, you can fully work as a photographer. The history of the profession, by the way, began in 1839. Over the years, accumulated extensive teaching experience.profession photographer descriptionHowever, the peculiarity of the craft is that here only theoretical knowledge is not enough. In this case, the main thing is the practice, which cannot be obtained at lectures. Nevertheless, there they will teach everything that will help to practice.

In small towns, however, it is planned to organize various types of courses, where you can get these or other skills necessary for the profession of the photographer.In addition, such classes are similar to something with admission to the university - after listening to you will be given a diploma indicating your skills. As a rule, it is the lessons on the courses and produce many modern masters of photography.

The profession of "photographer", a description of which anyone can easily find, quite often brings many problems to applicants. The fact is that in Russia there is little where you can learn on this specialty. The best way is to graduate from the Academy of Photography in Moscow. To enter it, you need, of course, a portfolio. So try to provide it to yourself by the time you decide to start learning. They study there for 4 years, and you can enter after graduating from school. It would also be nice to graduate from the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University - there is photojournalism, which needs to study for 5 years.

In addition, you can enroll in the University of Culture and Arts in the department "Cinema - photo." Naturally, if someone is familiar with admission to any creative specialty, they already know that first of all it will be necessary to “prove in practice” that you are worthy of studying to be a professional. The term of study lasts, as with most students, 4 years.

The profession of "photographer" is also available for development in the College of Film, Television and Multimedia VGIK. The direction is called - "The Art of Photography". You can enter here after the 9th grade, and you need to study for 2 years and 9 months. After graduation you will receive a diploma of a photographer.

You can also enroll in St. Petersburg University of Film and Television, in the faculty of photography. Such training lasts for 5 years, the competition here is quite large, and the cost of obtaining education is rather high. It is usually necessary to pass exams in the Russian language, mathematics, history and literature.

As for the courses, there are a lot of them. You can find something like "Basics of Photography", "Studio Portrait", "Art Photography", "Macro", "Photo Processing in Programs" and so on. They are organized either by private companies or by the educational institutions themselves. Look for information available for your city, and you will definitely pick up something for yourself. Courses typically last 1 year. You can find those, training for which takes 1.5-2 years. Anyone can enter, almost at any age. For example, there are photo courses for children from 12 years.

What to do

The profession of "photographer" in the modern world is very popular. For example, shooting objects and interior is important for cafes and furniture stores. A person who decided to shoot items, as a rule, is “trusted” in photographing furniture, food and interior for various kinds of magazines. True, he often has to combine his knowledge with some other - “interior” photo masters do not need as much as it seems. Nevertheless, the ability to shoot the situation gives the modern photographer a huge advantage over others. There are also wedding, private and "salon" masters "on the photo." They are also engaged in shooting, however, everyone in their field. Thus, a modern person who wants to take pictures and earn money on it can do whatever he wants.

profession photographer pros and consAnd now let's discuss what is needed for the profession of a photographer, so that you will not be spoken of as a “Krivoruk master”.

Photo equipment

Of course, for any professional his own tool is important for work. The photographer is a camera and photographic equipment. In fact, choosing the right equipment is an important moment in the work.

The fact is that modern firms create a lot of professional cameras, lenses for them, filled with a bunch of opportunities. The profession of "photographer" forces people all the time to explore innovations and, moreover, to try them in practice. This is the only way to achieve success. It would seem that there is nothing difficult in this. Nevertheless, the wrong camera and ignorance of its functions often lead to poor-quality images and, as a result, the loss of the status and popularity of a person as a photographer.

The most prestigious brands of photographic equipment are Nikon and Canon. Which one is better is difficult to judge. It all depends on what kind of shooting you need a camera for. In general, if you do not know which one to purchase, it is best to ask the already-established photographer what is right for you. He will definitely help you. But the difficulties do not end there. Let's see what you need to have.advantages of the profession of photographer

Intuition and inner voice

A good photographer is not only a person who just takes pictures. It is also a good stylist, designer and just a good companion. The fact is that often the profession of "photographer" includes work in the studio.There, as a rule, there are several types of settings that can be slightly modified to obtain the desired result. These changes entirely fall on the shoulders of the master of photos.

In addition, if you decide to shoot people, then, most likely, they will ask you for help in choosing this or that image for photography. Often it is you who will have to ask the subject and create the very images that you would like to capture. So get ready for anything. Do not forget that the photographer is a responsible and important profession for the modern world.

Communication skills and photo ideas

Advantages of the profession of a photographer, of course, lie in freedom of action, self-expression and, of course, communication skills. Without them, it is quite difficult to keep the audience close to you.

Before becoming a photographer, think about how well and efficiently you can keep up the conversation with your client. Especially if you decide to work with children. Here it is extremely important to understand that your client should feel relaxed and calm so that all the pictures will be of high quality and successful.This is the key to the success of many professionals (of course, if they already have “straight arms” from nature or a lot of practice).profession history photographer

Another "thing" that a good cameraman should be able to do is to suggest, and sometimes even call, the postures in which you need to take pictures. For different people, terrain and environment there are some peculiarities - it is important to know them. This will help to create the perfect image even from a not very photogenic client. The variety of poses is simply countless. They are best studied through specialized literature.

Hard work

But today we decided to consider what the profession of "photographer" includes: the pros and cons of the work. If we have already talked about the advantages and opportunities, now it's time to touch on the negative sides.

The work of the photographer is a constant movement. On the one hand, this is good - development will never hurt anyone. On the other hand, on the one theory “not to go far” - it is necessary to practice long and hard. But this can not do without. So, the photographer is forced to practice the lion's share of time and follow the latest photographic equipment, which is changing rapidly from year to year.

Another disadvantage is the clientele. Finding clients who will often use the services of a photographer is rather difficult. True, if you succeeded, you can rejoice - good luck is on your side.where to get the profession of photographer

In addition, in physical terms, the work of the cameraman is quite difficult. Especially if you volunteered to carry out walking photography for the whole day. It can be very difficult to shoot people all day long. Especially if the weather forecast fails you.

To be the best among the best

Speaking of which profession "photographer" includes pros and cons, one cannot ignore such a weighty issue as competition. Of course, on the one hand, this is a great incentive for self-improvement. On the other hand, it is a stone that pulls down all beginners and masters who are not yet capable of serious competition.

Thus, if you are just starting your journey into the world of photos and with all this you do not have any support, be prepared for the fact that you have to pretty much try to get into the leaders who can be trusted with photos. Do not forget that the processing of their shots also enters into the work of the cameraman - this is quite a significant factor, which sometimes helps beginners to get into the light.Take a picture and process it well - this is what professionals should be able to do. Such people will always be appreciated.

As a rule, even the end of the prestigious direction in the university will not give you a real opportunity to compete. The whole thing, as already mentioned, in your practice and skills "from nature." So try to gain "baggage practice" and only after that try to compete with the other, more popular masters of photography.what is needed for the profession of photographer

The result

So, if you thoroughly study everything we talked about today, you can write a whole list of what is needed in order to become a photographer. What is this?

  1. The first step is to graduate from a specialized educational institution.
  2. If in your city there is no suitable direction in the university, complete specialized courses.
  3. Learn how to use photo processing software.
  4. Buy yourself a professional SLR camera and lenses to it.
  5. Practice long and hard: take pictures of your family, acquaintances, collect those who want to participate in free photo shoots from you.
  6. Learn video tutorials on working with Photoshop.
  7. Learn to communicate with people.
  8. Become open, fun and responsive.
  9. To enter a university or college, you will need a portfolio - start collecting it in advance.

When you know your business, fixed in practice, start organizing already paid photo sessions, placing your ads on the Internet on special sites or on social networks. This is how your photographer career will begin.

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