Reptiles: animal names with photos

Reptiles, also known as reptiles,are a class of animals, usually terrestrial and vertebrates. It includes such creatures as turtles, crocodiles, lizards, snakes. Several centuries ago they were united with amphibians, and now they are considered close to birds. Many reptiles are so unique that the study of this class will be of interest even to a professional biologist. What are the reptiles? Photo and title, as well as a little information about each, posted in our article, will help in this sort out.


Perhaps these reptiles with armor are the mostknown animals-reptiles. Examples include both land and sea species, they are found in many countries of the world, in addition, they are often home to even those who are not a big fan of exotics. Turtles appeared 200 million years ago, it is believed that they originated from primitive cotylosaurs. For a long time people liked them - they are practically not dangerous animals, which cause associations only with wisdom and tranquility. Turtles are the only ones in the class with a shell. Inside it is bony, and outside it is formed by a horny tissue made up of a number of separate elements connected by plates. Land tortoises breathe light, and water - with the help of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. In addition, these animals are unique in that they live longer than any other reptiles. The names of the oldest turtles include such species as the Karolin box, one of the reptiles caught was 130 years old. However, in the wild, even more impressive figures are possible, simply these individuals did not fall into the hands of researchers.

Reptiles: names


Perhaps, many people, if to offer themremember the names of reptiles, not least about these lizards. Unusual reptiles live on tree branches and are known for their unique camouflage. Their skin can change color accordingly to an environment. It's no wonder that chameleons are often kept at home. But it is worth considering that these are quite demanding reptiles. Photos and names - not all that you need to study before buying an exotic pet. First you need to understand the conditions of the maintenance - the chameleon needs a spacious terrarium with floor heating and special lamps, a small pond and wood, with excellent ventilation, and as a food you will have to buy insects.

The names of reptiles


Enumerating the names of reptiles,which often become domestic, it is impossible not to mention the iguanas. It has become very popular in recent years, and the number of such pets can be measured in tens of thousands. But do not believe the information that keeping such a lizard is as simple as a cat or a dog. Iguana is a fastidious creature whose existence requires a lot of attention and money. For a lizard a special terrarium with a special temperature regime is needed, as well as feeds from fresh vegetables, fruits and greens. If you comply with all conditions, the iguana can grow up to five kilograms! A unique feature of these creatures is molting - many reptiles have it quickly, and they sometimes take weeks.


These animals - perhaps the most dangerous and frighteningreptiles. Names can be different - crocodiles, gavials, alligators, caimans, but in any case they are creatures from one unit. They originated from reptiles measuring more than fifteen meters in length and are known from ancient times. Paleontologists have discovered traces of ancient crocodiles in Europe, North America, India and Africa. Now their size is much more modest, but they still remain the largest of the reptiles. Most of the life of crocodiles is carried out in the water, exposing only the eyes, nose and ears from it. Tail and paws with membranes make swimming an easy task, but far away to the sea can swim only a comb-like species. On land, they build nests, and sometimes they just choose to get warm. The names of the reptiles of this detachment are different, but the alligator and the crocodile are united by one thing - they are dangerous for humans. The reptile has incredible speed and a strong tail, so a sudden throw can cost an imprudent traveler of limbs or even life.

Reptiles: photos and names


This is another reptile whose namesknown to all. They differ from other reptiles with a long body shape, absence of paired extremities, eyelids and external auditory canal. Separate similar signs can be found in lizards, but all together - only for snakes. Now the man knows three thousand species. The body of the snake consists of three parts - the head, trunk and tail. In some species in the rudimentary form, hind limbs have been preserved. Many of them are poisonous, with channeled or grooved teeth, which contain a dangerous liquid that enters from the salivary glands. All internal organs differ in elongated shape, and the bladder is absent. The eyes are covered by a transparent cornea, formed from the fused eyelids. In snakes, leading the daily way of life, the pupil is located transversely, and at night - vertically. Because of the reduced ear, only loud sounds are distinguished.

Reptiles: Photos and names


The names of reptiles can be verydifferent, although they belong to the same detachment. For example, snakes are snakes, although some believe that this is a separate species. In fact, these reptiles simply are not poisonous. However, these are snakes. They are distinguished by expressive scales with large ribs. Most of the snakes live near the ponds and feed on fish or amphibians. Less often they manage to catch a small mammal or a bird. Already swallows prey alive, without killing her. At danger of a reptile they pretend to be dead, and during an attack they give off a liquid with an unpleasant smell. For the reproduction of the snake, they search for a bunch of plant debris, manure or wet moss.


These are very famous reptiles, nameswhich are most often associated with the Komodo variety. In fact, there are seventy species, and they live not only on certain islands. However, they all have impressive sizes - only short-tailed reach up to twenty centimeters, and all the others can grow to a meter. But, of course, Komodskie are the largest, with a weight of one and a half centners and a length of three meters. That's why they were called dragons. The lizards have tenacious and strong paws, a muscular long tail and large scales. A long tongue with a bifurcation at the end of the lizard smells. Coloring is most often inexpressive, in gray, sand and brown tones, although young individuals can be striped or spotty. Varans live in warm countries of South or Central Asia, Africa and Australia. By their habitats, they can be divided into two groups. The former prefers desert terrain and dry bushes, while the latter keeps close to the water in the rainforest. Some lizards like to spend time on trees.

Reptiles: species names


These are reptiles whose species namesare associated with a unique ability to stick even to the smoothest surfaces. A small gecko can climb a vertical glass wall or even hang on the ceiling. In order to maintain its weight, the lizard can hold one foot. This feature surprises people for several millennia - the skill of geckos tried to solve Aristotle.

Reptile Animals: Examples

Modern science knows the answer - on the fingers of the reptile there are small ridges with thin bristles that help it to stay on the surface thanks to the law of interaction between molecules.

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