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First of all, when choosing roller skates, their safety, reliability and the required level of comfort are evaluated. With regard to compliance with the established criteria, there is practically no equal to Roces videos. They are in high demand from domestic buyers, largely due to the large selection of models. In our article we will learn more about the products of the famous Italian brand.

Brand history

Roces was founded in 1952 in Italy. Today, she is the world leader in the design and manufacture of roller skates for the whole family. In its concept, the company adheres to the optimal balance of performance, comfort and aesthetics of all products.

Behind Roces, there is a wealth of experience, but today every model is still being developed in accordance with the specific requirements of consumers. In the manufacture of roller skates used the best materials and components that make the final product reliable and convenient.

In Russia, the official representative of Roces is the company "Sportmaster". In this chain of stores a wide range of roller skates is presented, which are positioned as expensive, but high-quality. More on the range and features of the products of the Italian brand will take a look further.

Features rollers Roces

Roller skates of the presented brand are classified by type for those that are designed for fitness, freestyle and outdoor activities. In addition, they are divided into men's, women's and children's. For kids, there are special sliding rollers Roces.

roces sliding rollers

Other features of the above Italian brand products are presented below:

  1. Roller skates vary in level of training: beginner, intermediate, expert. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account this criterion in order not to experience difficulties during riding
  2. The boot, depending on the model, can be hard, equipped with a special inner boot that allows fixing the leg while performing tricks, and soft, with lacing and a five-point strap with velcro. The latter option is suitable for recreational skiing, but not for tricks.
  3. The frame is made of aluminum, composite materials or magnesium alloy. An important indicator is its length. Both of these criteria indicate the ability to withstand a certain weight and load.
  4. The diameter of the wheels varies from 70 to 90 cm. The higher this value, the greater the speed you can develop on the rollers. But for the slalom less suitable wheels of smaller diameter.
  5. Bearings. Different models are equipped with bearings of different class ABEC 5 or ABEC 7. This affects the softness and smoothness of the course, as well as the quality of rolling on the rollers.

Large selection of roller skates allows you to choose a model that meets the requirements of the buyer for the price and other criteria.

rollers roces reviews

Advantages of Roces models

Roller skates presented by the Italian brand have a number of advantages:

  • high level of comfort provided by the systemCFS (Comfort Fit System), assuming a soft fit and good fixation of the legs;
  • good ventilation - a special material easily passes air, and in the nose of each model there are additional holes;
  • Special Buckle Claspremembers the position of the boot on the foot, so the next time it can be put on faster;
  • lightness is provided by a special arched construction made of aluminum;
  • convenience - men's, women's and children's rollers are equipped with the Easy Entry System for easy donning and quick lacing;
  • for active riding - a wide range of models allows you to choose an option with a large diameter polyurethane wheels and a long frame, which will provide high-quality skating during outdoor activities.

With Roces products you will always feel confident and secure.

Female models of commercials

If you are just starting to learn roller skates, take a closer look at the twin-wheel model of Roces Kolossal. It is ideal for recreational skating. Maximum comfort is achieved thanks to the high stability of the skate. It is convenient to ride in them even with a coating of average quality.

roces rollers

Roces Vidi clips are more suitable for professionals. This model with a rigid frame, light asymmetrical design and anatomical insole. Such rollers are suitable for speed skating thanks to a special Zero Clearance axis. Multichannel ventilation system provides a constant air flow inside the boot. Lack of vibration of wheels is reached thanks to high-quality bearings.

Rollers for men

Fitness skates lineup YVES designed for an average level of professional training. But they have the same advantages as more expensive representatives of the brand. They are equipped with branded Italian shoes and special pads under the ankle. The boot itself is soft, but at the same time the fixation of the leg is ensured at a sufficiently high level due to a special fastener. The frame is made of special composite materials.

roces for men

The above model is in the middle price range. But in the range of the brand there are more expensive men's videos Roces Gymnasium 2.0, designed for expert skating. The model is equipped with unique and durable bearings ABEC 9, which allow you to reach the highest possible speed during the ride. Special foam inserts and anatomical footbed provide pleasant comfort.

Children's models

For children with primary and secondary levels of skating, Orlando 3 roller skates are ideal. The boot frame is made of special high-quality polypropylene. It provides good fixation and maximum support for the child’s feet.

children's videos

Children's rollers of the presented model are sliding. They are equipped with the convenient Growth Compensator B size adjustment system. The special block is designed directly in Italy. Roces Compy 7.0 is also suitable for children with good riding skills.

Roller Protection Kit

The manufacturing company takes care of the safety of its customers not only due to the quality assembly of the models presented above. Separately, special protection is issued for Roces rollers. This kit includes knee pads, elbow pads and wrist protectors.

protection for roces rollers

Protection for the rollers is made of special high-tech materials. The outer layer, resembling a tortoise shell in appearance, is made of plastic and nylon, which is why the protector is both flexible and durable. The inner surface, which has direct contact with the skin, is made of breathable materials. Thanks to reliable protection increases safety during the performance of tricks.

Customer Reviews

Of course, each range of roller skates has its own characteristics and drawbacks, which allows you to create certain impressions of familiarity withthem. In general, reviews of Roces rollers are as follows:

  • provide good foot support;
  • small weight;
  • convenient sliding system for children's models;
  • thanks to them, you can easily learn to ride;
  • big wheels for soft and high-speed driving;
  • very comfortable, specially designed in Italy block;
  • average price, the most profitable during sales.

Negative reviews boil down to the fact that the rollers do not have enough pronounced lateral support of the foot.

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