Roman F. Cooper "The Last of the Mohicans": a summary

In 1826, Fenimore Cooper wrote his novel The Last of the Mohicans. A summary of it is set forth in this article. In his book, the author was one of the first to describe the uniqueness of the customs and spiritual world of American Indians. According to the novel is the "Last of the Mohicans". A summary of it, like the work itself, unfolds in the middle of the 18th century. So, we proceed to the description of the plot of this book.

fenimore cooper the last of the Mohicans

The author of the work The Last of the Mohicans, a brief summary of which we describe, tells us that in the wars between the French and the British for the possession of the lands of America (1755-1763), the warring parties often used for their own purposes the civil strife of indigenous tribes It was a very cruel and difficult time. It is not surprising that the girls who were traveling to their father, the commander of the besieged fort, accompanied by Duncan Hayward, the major, were worried. Native Indian Magua, nicknamed Sly Fox, particularly alarmed Kora and Alice (the name of the sisters).This man volunteered to conduct their safe forest path. Hayward reassured his companions, although he was beginning to worry: maybe they got lost? Continuing to read the summary of the novel "The Last of the Mohicans", you will know if this is so.

Cooper is the last of the Mohicans.

Meeting with the Falcon Eye, exposing and escaping Magua

Towards evening, fortunately, the travelers met the Falcon Eye (a nickname that was firmly established for the hunter). In addition, he was not alone, but with Unkas and Chingachgook. An Indian who got lost in the woods during the day ?! Much more Duncan was alarmed Hawkeye. He suggested he grab the conductor, but he managed to escape. No one else doubts that Indian Magua is a traitor. With the help of Chingachguk, as well as Unkas, his son, Hawkeye transports arrivals to a small rocky island.

Chingachguk and Falcon Eye are sent for help

f cooper the last of the Mohicans

Further, the summary of the book "The Last of the Mohicans" describes a modest dinner, during which Unkas provides various services to Alice and Kora. It is noticeable that he pays more attention to the latter than to her sister. Indians, attracted by the rattle of horses, frightened by wolves, find their refuge.There is a shootout, followed by hand-to-hand. The first onslaught of the Hurons is reflected, but the besieged no longer have ammunition. It remains only to run, which, alas, for girls is unbearable. It is necessary to swim at night on a cold and porous mountain river. Cora suggests Hawkeye go with Chingachgook to bring in help. She has to convince Unkas longer than other hunters: the sisters and the major are in the hands of Magua, the negative hero who was created by Fenimore Cooper (“The Last of the Mohicans”).

Summary of the episode of the captivity of Magua

summary of the book the last of the Mohicans

Prisoners and kidnappers stop to rest on the hill. Sly Fox tells Kore, for which they were kidnapped. Colonel Munro, her father, as it turned out, once insulted him very much, ordering him to carve him for drunkenness. In retaliation, he is going to marry his daughter. Cora resolutely refuses. Magua decides to crack down on his prisoners. Major and sisters tied to the trees, near which lay out brushwood, to light a fire. The Indian advises Kore to agree at least for the sake of a young sister, still practically a child. However, having learned about what Kora Magua demands in return for their lives, the brave heroine of the work The Last of the Mohicans prefers to die in agony.A summary of the chapters does not describe in detail all the misadventures of girls. Let us turn to the story of their salvation.

Rescue girls

Indian throws tomogavk. Sticks a hatchet into a tree, nailing Bark's blond hair. The major breaks free from the fetters and attacks the Indian. Duncan is almost defeated, but a shot is heard, the Indian falls. It came Hawkeye with his friends. Enemies after a short battle defeated. Pretending to be dead, Magua takes a moment to run again.

Travelers arrive at the fort

The dangerous wanderings end safely - the travelers finally reach the fort. Despite the French besieging him, they manage to sneak in under the cover of fog. At last, the father sees his daughters. The defenders of the fort are forced to accept defeat, although under conditions that are honorable to the British: the vanquished retain their weapons and banners and can retreat unhindered to their own.

New Abduction of Bark and Alice

However, this does not end the misadventures of the main characters in the work The Last of the Mohicans. A summary of the further misfortunes that have fallen to their lot is as follows.The garrison, burdened with wounded women and children, leaves the fort at dawn. In the close wooded gorge located nearby, the Indians attack the wagon train. Once again, Magua kidnaps Cora and Alice.

Colonel Munro, Major Duncan, Unkas, Chingachguk and Falcon's Eye on the 3rd day after the tragedy occurred inspect the place of the battle. Unkas concludes by the barely perceptible traces that the girls are alive and that they are in captivity. Having continued to inspect this place, the Mohican even establishes that Magua kidnapped them! Friends, after consulting, go in a very dangerous way. They decide to sneak into the homeland of the Sly Fox, into the lands that are inhabited mainly by the Hurons. Losing and finding traces again, experiencing many adventures, the pursuers finally find themselves near the village.

Unkasa's Salvation, Sly Reincarnation

Here they meet David, the Psalmist, who, using his reputation as a weak-minded, voluntarily followed the girls. From him, the colonel learns about what happened to his daughters: Magua left Alice in his house, and Cora sent him to the delaware living on the Huron lands next door. Duncan, in love with Alice, wants to penetrate at all costs in the village. He decides to pretend to be a fool, having changed his appearance with the help of Chingachgook and the Hawkeye.In this form, Duncan is sent to explore.

Are you probably curious to know how the work of The Last of the Mohicans continues? Reading the summary is, of course, not as interesting as the novel itself. Nevertheless, his plot, you see, is breathtaking.

Reaching the Huron camp, Duncan impersonates a doctor from France. Like David, the Hurons are allowed to walk everywhere. In the village, to the dismay of Duncan, lead captive Unkas. At first he is mistaken for a mere prisoner, but Magua recognizes him as the Fast-Footed Deer. This name, hated by the Hurons, causes such anger that, if the Sly Fox had not stood up for him, Unkasa would have been torn to pieces. However, Magua persuades his fellow tribesmen to postpone execution until the morning. Unkasa is taken to the hut.

Duncan as a doctor is asked for help by the father of an Indian woman who is ill. He comes to the cave in which the patient lies, accompanied by a tame bear and the girl’s father. Duncan asks to be left alone with the patient. Indians obey this demand and leave, leaving the bear in a cave. That transforms - it turns out, Hawkeye is hiding under an animal skin! Duncan, with the help of a hunter, discovers Alice hidden in a cave, but Magua appears. Sly triumphant fox. However, not for long.What does Cooper (The Last of the Mohicans) tell the reader next? Summary outlines the fate of the heroes in general terms.

Escape from captivity

the last of the Mohicans

The Bear attacks the Indian and squeezes him in his arms, while the Major ties his hands to the villain. Alice from the experienced stress can not take a single step. The girl is wrapped in the clothes of the Indians, Duncan takes her out, accompanied by a "bear." The self-styled “doctor” tells the sick father to stay in order to guard the exit from the cave, while referring to the power of the Evil Spirit. This trick succeeds - the fugitives safely reach the forest. Hawkeye on the edge shows the path to Duncan, which leads to the Delaware. He then returns to release Unkas. He deceives with the help of David the warriors guarding the Fast-Footed Deer, and then hides in the forest with the Mohican. Magua is furious. He is found in a cave and released, he calls his fellow tribesmen to revenge.

Required sacrifice

At the head of the military squad Sly Fox decides to go to Delaware. Magua, hiding a detachment in the forest, enters the village and appeals to the leaders demanding that he be given prisoners.The leaders, deceived by Magua’s eloquence, at first agree, but Cora intervenes, who says that in fact, only She is the captive of Khitra Fox, the rest are freed themselves. Colonel Munro promises a rich ransom for Kora, but the Indian refuses. Suddenly made the supreme leader, Unkas must release the Sly Fox, along with his captive. Magua warned in partingly that after the time necessary for escape, the Delaware would take to the warpath.

Dramatic finale

We turn to the description of the finale of the novel, whose author - Cooper ("The Last of the Mohicans"). Summary does not convey, unfortunately, all its drama. Military action soon brought a decisive victory for the tribe thanks to the leadership of Unkas. Hurons are broken. Capturing Bark, Magua runs. The enemy is chased by the Rapid Deer. Understanding that it will not be possible to leave, the last of the satellites of Magua, the survivor, brings a knife over the girl. Seeing that he may be late, Unkas rushes off a cliff between an Indian and a girl, but falls and loses consciousness. The bark is being killed. Swift Deer, however, manages to kill her killer.Having seized the moment, Magua thrusts a knife in the back of the young man, after which he starts running away. A shot is heard - this Hawkeye does up to the villain.

the last of the Mohicans chapters

Thus, the fathers were orphaned, all the people were orphaned. The Delaware had just lost the found leader, who was the last of the Mohicans. However, one leader can replace another. The youngest daughter stayed with the colonel. And Chingachgook lost everything. Only Hawkeye finds words of comfort. He turns to the Great Serpent and says that Sagamor is not alone. Perhaps they have different skin color, but they are destined to follow the same path.

the last of the Mohicans read the summary

So finishes his work F. Cooper ("The Last of the Mohicans"). We described its summary only in general terms, since the work itself is quite large in volume, like all novels. The plot of it, as you can see, is very fascinating. Readers are never made bored by F. Cooper. The Last of the Mohicans, a brief summary of which we have just described, is only one of the many works of this author. Familiarity with the works of Fenimore Cooper is a pleasure for many readers.

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