Juicer "Rossoshanka" - your reliable assistant!

Every good housewife must have in his arsenal such a household appliance as a juicer. For some, it is used to make morning juice and baby puree. But for lovers of growing crops, an aggregate capable of processing impressive volumes of fruits and vegetables, such as Rossoshanka, is needed. This amazing device strikes with reliability and performance.

Rossoshanka juicer

Special features

The Rossoshanka juice extractor was developed in Russia (Voronezh) specifically for gardeners and gardeners. The device is quite large and initially involves almost industrial scale processing. Therefore, it makes no sense to keep it in a close Khrushchev kitchen as a daily use device. But on the issue of blanks for the winter, the Rossoshanka squeezer will become an indispensable assistant.

The main advantage in comparison with the fashionable brand models is the performance of this device - 70 liters of juice per hour! At the same time, fruits and vegetables do not require cutting, and the amount of juice, in relation to waste,is over 90%! Working power - 180 watts.

The Rossoshanka squeezer works by centrifugal force, rubbing food and sucking maximum juice and flesh out of them, the skin and bones do not pass through a reliable filter. It is also important that the bones remain intact, which means that toxic substances that usually accumulate in them will not get into the juice.

Scheme juicer "Rossoshanka" is quite simple: a powerful motor and a centrifuge with a grater and filters - nothing superfluous.

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How to care for the Rossoshanka juicer

The body of this food processor is made of high quality durable plastic, and the unique trowel mechanism is made of stainless steel. It is not difficult to guess that the Russian manufacturer could not put a pig in the form of a fragile and tender machine for its citizens. And because all the details are quite easily detached and cleaned with the help of ordinary warm running water.

Recommendations for use

You can easily prepare the juice from apples, pears, citrus fruits, beets, pumpkins and other hard fruits or vegetables. However, it is not necessary to recycle in it tomatoes, watermelons or currants.Soft and too juicy products are turned in this juicer into a paste-like mash, quite unlike juice. The processing of tomatoes with this device should be started only if you are going to make the sauce.

What do the owners say

In the hard mode of the fruitful season, the possibility of processing whole fruits, and even in large quantities, can certainly affect the decision in favor of the fact that the Rossoshanka squeezer will be chosen. Reviews of gardeners mainly relate to this aspect. Those who have already purchased this device, shout about the miracle of processing apples in 5 minutes! What else can cause greater confidence than the sincere and genuine emotions of compatriots.

Often, customers do not like large size and strong vibration when working. Yes, this unit can not be called quiet and modest. But, taking into account the principle of operation of the centrifuge, which makes it possible to achieve an industrial scale of production, one can understand the nature of noisy work and the expediency of intentionally weighting.

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The price of this juicer is quite reasonable, especially in comparison with the cost of imported units of this level.However, it is quite durable, and does not require special attention.

Anyway, only the Russian producer is able to understand what Russian lovers need for self-sacrificing agrarian labor. And therefore, it is worth discarding all your ambitious import fantasies, and choose a reliable device with a stamp “Made in Russia”!

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