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Education plays an important role in modern life. Having the necessary knowledge and diploma, you can find a prestigious job, build a good career and arrange your life. In which educational institutions can you get a quality education and a document that is listed on the labor market? This is a very important question. Let's consider the Ryazan State University (RSU) them. Yesenin.

Brief information about the university

The history of the Ryazan State University began in 1915 with the creation of a teacher’s institute. During all subsequent years, the university was engaged in the training of teachers. The transition to an increase in the number of areas of training and profiles occurred in 2005 due to the fact that the educational organization was given the status of a classical university. After that, the university began to produce not only teachers, but also economists, managers, psychologists, specialists in tourism, etc.

The university has about 12 thousand students. Two institutions are involved in their education: foreign languages ​​and pedagogy, psychology and social work.The structure of the university also has an institute of continuous education. He offers pre-university training, advanced professional education and advanced training programs. Still involved in the educational process RSU them. Yesenin faculties. All of them should be considered in detail.

Rgu im Esenina

Faculty of Natural Geography

The preparation of teachers of chemistry and biology was begun at the university in 1934, when the Faculty of Natural Science appeared in its structure. This structural unit expanded, changed its name. Today it is called the Faculty of Natural Geography. It is preparing:

  • teachers;
  • specialists in natural sciences, which are necessary in the industrial field;
  • specialists in hotel business, tourism.

The faculty is notable for the fact that at its base in the RSU Yesenin (Ryazan) there is a scientific and educational center "Planeta". In it, experts conduct research in topical areas, unite with foreign scientists to obtain new knowledge. The center also deals with students. They conduct experiments, the results of which are used to write term papers and graduation projects.

Rgu im Esenina faculties

Faculty of International Relations and History

For more than 80 years the faculty of international relations and history has been working in the structure of Ryazan State University. At the time of its creation, it was called historical-philological. In the future, the name was changed due to the expansion of the scope of activities of the structural unit.

The modern faculty of international relations and history at Yesenin State University (Ryazan) publishes:

  • teachers for schools and teachers for vocational schools and universities in such subjects as history, social studies, English;
  • advertising professionals in demand in many modern companies that provide various services, produce food, appliances, etc .;
  • specialists in international relations and foreign policy required in the diplomatic service, state and municipal bodies, firms that operate not only in the domestic, but also in the foreign market.

Rgu Yesenin, Ryazan

Faculty of National Culture and Russian Philology

At the S. Esenin State University (Ryazan), the faculty of national culture and Russian philology grew out of the Faculty of History and Philology, which was founded in 1938. This structural unit introduces students to the culture of our country, instills in them the need to preserve the existing values, traditions,fosters in them love and respect for the native language and the Russian language. The faculty graduates teachers of Russian language and literature, journalists, specialists in the field of cultural studies and theology.

The structural unit of the university is famous for its interesting student life. Students periodically hold photo exhibitions, decide to participate in the literary and creative association "Vocation". Regular trainees carry out actions to promote reading and respect for the Russian language.

Rgu name Yesenin Ryazan

Faculty of Management and Sociology

This is a structural unit at RSU. Yesenina (RGPU) was established in 2000 as a department of economics, sociology and management. In 2008, the name was changed. Work on the training of sociologists and management personnel continued the faculty of management and sociology. He currently offers applicants 4 areas of undergraduate study:

  • "Sociology";
  • "Personnel Management";
  • "Municipal and state administration";
  • "Management".

The main activity of the faculty is educational. Qualified teachers and specialists of large enterprises acquaint students with important disciplines, teach them to collect information on topical issues,conduct in-depth analysis and find the appropriate "drugs" - solutions. The faculty also carries out scientific activities that contribute to the formation of first-class specialists. On the basis of the structural unit operates a center for sociological research. It studies economic, political, spiritual and social problems, students here undergo research practice.

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

In RSU them. Yesenina (Ryazan) faculties are diverse. Among the humanitarian and natural sciences departments there is a structural division of physical culture and sports. This faculty has been working since 1980. It trains students in 2 areas:

  • "Physical culture for people with disabilities in the state of health";
  • "Teacher Education".

At the faculty, students study many disciplines - subjects related to sports, Russian and foreign languages, law, tourism, and psychology. Students also learn sports games. Trainings are conducted on the basis of RSU and urban sports grounds. Graduates of the faculty work in various institutions - in children's junior schools, colleges and universities, sports centers.

Rgu im Esenina Ryazan faculties

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Since 1934, Ryazan State University has trained teachers of mathematics and physics at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Now this structural unit produces not only these specialists. At the faculty you can get a modern education, because there are the following specialties:

  • "Software and administration of information systems";
  • "Service";
  • "Innovation";
  • "Technical Physics".

The faculty provides high-quality education, because in its structure there are laboratories in physics and computer science. In them, students apply the theoretical knowledge obtained at lectures, reinforce practical skills. Also on the basis of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics there are research laboratories.

Faculty of Economics

One of the most famous and popular structural divisions of RSU them. Yesenin is an economics department. He prepares specialists who are able to work in different areas of the national economy. Suggested directions:

  • “Economics” (profiles - credit and finance, taxes and taxation, accounting, analysis and audit, etc.);
  • "Trading business".

At Ryazan State University, the faculty has a good material and technical base and an excellent faculty. These advantages make it possible to produce specialists with a fairly high level of professional training. Graduates of the Faculty of Economics work in various enterprises of the city and region. Some of them occupy rather prestigious positions.

faculties of rgu named after a asenin

Faculty of Law

Training lawyers RSU them. Yesenin began studying in 1993. The current law school continues to do so. People entering the bachelor's degree are offered the “Law” direction with 3 profiles (state law, criminal law, civil law). The faculty also conducts training for graduate and postgraduate studies.

The faculty has laboratories, specialized classrooms. The library for future lawyers has the necessary literature - books, periodicals. For students provided free access to the Internet. Students can use reference information systems “Consultant Plus”, “Garant”.

Reviews about the educational organization

About the Ryazan State University leave positive reviews. Students and graduates praise the school, talk about good teachers, they note that special attention is paid to the control of knowledge. Employees never take bribes, because they are aimed at training highly qualified specialists.

Rgu name with a Esenina g Ryazan

In positive feedback, students note that the faculties of the RSU named after S. Yesenin are well equipped. In the educational process, modern technologies and computer equipment are used. The university has for students a modern cafe with a TV, music.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that Ryazan State University is an educational institution that cares about its image. The university offers a higher education decent level. That is why graduates RSU them. Yesenin are in high demand in the modern labor market.

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