Russian Navy and its composition

The fleet of Russia is recognized by the Armed Forces defending our country. He is ready to guard his homeland on the oceans and seas around the clock. The fleet cooperates with the likelihood of continental wars. considered one of the most powerful in the world along with the army. To understand the principles of its work, it is necessary to elaborate on each association in more detail.

Flag history

The flag of the Navy symbolizes valor and glory. He has a famous story. He appeared under Peter I, and his name is associated with the Apostle Andrew the First-Called, who became the first disciple to be called by Christ. In carrying out the mission, this saint appeared on the territory of Russia, conveying faith to people. And in 1696, when the Russians began to respect this apostle more, the Order of St. Andrew was created,

Russian fleet

Peter the Great himself was engaged in heraldry. He worked on historical parallels, symbols. The main motive of the banner is an inclined cross, so for most sailors the image of the king symbolizes faith and the Fatherland. By tradition, the captain, sending sailors into battle, ends his farewell with the words about the preservation by God and the flag of St. Andrew. The historical flag has been in operation since 1992, which continues the tradition.Under him are various combat missions.

What does the fleet do in peacetime?

In the peace period, the Russian navy restrains the enemy’s aggression towards the country. Also carried out combat training activities. It seems to be peacetime, but on the routes rocket-carrying submarines are constantly on duty (RPLSN). In the most important territories, search, observation and maintenance of RPPLN of possible opponents is carried out. Performs counter opposition to the enemy.

Russian navy

The navy of Russia is examining areas where, possibly, military operations will take place. He is always ready to protect the coast, to cooperate with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and internal troops in civil conflicts. If it is required to eliminate the consequences of disasters, then work is carried out jointly with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and civil defense.

The Russian Navy is considered to be the reliable defense of the country in the World Ocean. He represents Russia in the waters, carries out defensive work through the visit of ships. The fleet fulfills interstate duties. He also participates in peacekeeping operations, if they are in the interests of the country.

The activities of the fleet in wartime

During the war period, the Russian fleet protects the country's sovereignty within the limits of inland waters, on an exclusive territory and on the continental shelf. If there is a military threat, then the freedom of the high seas is upheld. To perform such functions, the fleet is transferred to the martial state by rapid deployment.


The main task is localization and conflict prevention, if this can be done. In the state of active operations, the fleet infects the enemy’s distant ground targets, ensuring the combat readiness of the RPLSN activity. It protects the coast of the country from the enemy.

What does the fleet consist of?

The fleet is led by the Main Command of the Navy. The authorities manage the following forces and means:

  • surface and underwater;
  • naval aviation;
  • coastal troops;
  • coastal artillery-rocket, marines.

Navy consists of several associations. They have their bases. Each industry performs its functions. But in general, the Russian fleet is united, and in the event of war, it acts in an organized manner.

Northern Fleet

The main bases of this association are such cities as Severomorsk and Severodvinsk.The Northern Fleet has the name of the ocean, nuclear, missile. The base serves as nuclear submarines - missile carriers and torpedo submarines. Missile cruiser is "Peter the Great". He is considered the flagship of the entire Russian Navy. It has 2 nuclear reactors.

Russian army and navy

The flagship can sail for 2 months, since the supply of products for the crew is only enough for this period. But as for the technical characteristics, it can swim without restrictions. The Northern Fleet is considered a powerful operational-strategic formation, its ships constantly perform various military tasks.

Baltic Fleet

This navy of Russia is located in the Baltic Sea. Its composition is now actively being updated. This is done with the strengthening of the military power of the NATO countries. The formation was founded in the city of Baltiysk (Kaliningrad region) and in the city of Kronstadt (Leningrad region). The union serves to protect the Baltic zone, ensures the safety of the transfer of vessels, and carries out foreign policy.

The Baltic Fleet is considered the oldest in the country. Now it is based on destroyers of the destroyers - "Restless" and "Persistent."Diesel submarines, surface ships, ship formations provide combat readiness. Over time, many systems will be updated to improve the work of the association.

Black Sea Fleet

When the Crimea in 1783 became part of our country, this Russian Navy was created. Now he is based in Sevastopol and Novorossiysk. This association has diesel submarines, surface ships, naval aviation. The fleet protects economic territory and shipping.

navy of Russia

The flagship is considered the missile cruiser "Moscow". Now there is the formation of naval coastal troops, artillery. It is assumed that new aircraft and attack aircraft will appear in naval aviation. It may be reinforcement of anti-submarine aviation with the help of additional means. The creation of land units of the peninsula is also being carried out.

Pacific Fleet

This union protects the country in the Asia-Pacific region. The headquarters is located in Vladivostok. Combat power is provided by submarine missile cruisers, nuclear submarines, ocean ships.

The flagship is the Varyag missile cruiser.This fleet performs complex strategic tasks. Submarines are on duty around the clock to ensure safety. Ships protect regional economic territory.

Caspian flotilla

The association is based in Makhachkala and Kaspiysk. The region of this sea is a territory of responsibility. The structure includes surface ships. The flagship is the watchdog "Cheetah", which has the Kaliber-NK missiles. The Caspian flotilla protects the country from terrorism, ensures the safety of navigation, protects the interests of the country.

Russian submarine fleet

Submarine fleet

Now the Russian submarine fleet is considered one of the most developed in the world. In order for this to continue further, it is necessary to develop and modernize it. Construction of submarines began with the reign of Peter the Great.

Now the Navy has 3 of the largest boats in the world - Project 941 "Shark": TK-17 and TK-20 are in reserve, TK-208 is used to test such missiles as the Bulava. In the association there are submarines, ships, boats. Everything is on alert for the defense of the motherland. Coastal troops also have their own tasks, without which the protection of the state is impossible.It is planned to complete the missile systems, the preparation of the marines to perform combat functions.

The army and navy of Russia are closely interconnected, because in peacetime and wartime they are actively cooperating. They are developing intensively, new combat vehicles are emerging, corresponding tasks are being set. This ensures reliable protection of the motherland from enemies.

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