Salted soup: what to do to save the dish?

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salted the soup what to do

And if, due to inexperience, some people, with diligence, begin to pour the spoiled dish into the toilet and start to cook a new one, then I really want to stop them. After all, there are several ways in which you can correct the situation and in vain do not translate valuable products.

Salted soup: what to do in such a situation?

Now we will look into this problem in detail. So, the situation has already happened when the hostess, having taken a sample, realized that she had hopelessly oversold the soup. What to do if there is not another soup set at hand?

One of the available options is to use rice. This product is almost always available on the farm, and also has a valuable quality. It absorbs salt very well, surely many people paid attention to it when cooking it.A small amount should be placed in a cloth bag or cheesecloth.

how to fix salted soup

Then immerse in boiling liquid and boil until the cereal is fully cooked. It is advisable to rinse it a little before this, to get rid of excess amyloid coating, which can spoil the consistency of the first dish. Then just take it out. Here is one of the easiest ways to fix salted soup.

Another variant

An alternative to rice groats is potatoes. He, too, must be lowered into the boiling thick (it can be wholly), if over-salted. What to do next? Pull out the tubers in 10-15 minutes, without waiting for the potatoes to boil down. This is the advantage of this option over rice, as well as the fact that it is not necessary to apply gauze or tissue packaging.

if you oversalt the soup

The only disadvantage in using potatoes as a neutralizer for salt busting is that the fruit takes a portion of the liquid, so you have to dilute the broth a little.

Another way

By the way, many people use water as a way to save the main dining dish. Knowledgeable housewives recommend their inexperienced girlfriends to still use fresh broth for dilution, if they over-salted the soup.It allows you not to lose the overall taste of the dish and not to add additional spices. They also contain salt and can return the whole situation to the original problem.


Young hostesses are offered several more options to “work on the bugs” when they oversold the soup. What to do if rice and potatoes suddenly run out? Perhaps there is a lemon in the fridge. True, he will be an assistant in the case when the salt is not catastrophically much, but a little overkill. It is enough to drop a small amount of juice, trying to taste the broth.


Lump sugar will come to the rescue of the faulty cooks. True, you have to do a virtuoso job and stand at the stove. It is necessary to take a deep soup ladle, on the bottom of which to put pieces of refined sugar, and immerse it in a slightly boiling soup. Pull out should, as soon as the sugar began to dissolve. The operation is repeated a couple of times.

There are more acceptable options for correcting salty soup. Add the ingredients that make up the dish. For this method, various cereals, noodles or vermicelli, the same potato are well suited. If the soup is already thick enough, then you can remove the cooked components, and fresh lay and cook until tender.


Recommend the use of flour.It must be collected in a dense fabric bag and dipped in a boiling dish. You need to keep it for about 15 minutes, then remove it from the soup and taste it. Next, you should act on the situation. If the result suits you, then the procedure can not be done a second time. Otherwise, repeat the bookmark flour. Be prepared for a side effect. From flour the broth can be slightly cloudy. So try to find a fabric more tightly - this is at least a little, but it will preserve the transparency of the liquid.

how to save salty soup

And a few more ways to save salted soup. This is everyone's favorite sour cream, as well as chopped greens. The options are good for everyone, but only if the dish does not taste like a salty riot, and also if these additives are relevant to the general recipe of the soup.

There are situations when under the "salty sight" there are other dishes of your home menu. In these cases, citric acid, exotic coconut milk, sour cream-based sauces and other options help.


To summarize and once again list options for how to save salty soup. The main ways:

  • dilute with fresh broth;
  • boil the potatoes, rice or flour in the bag;
  • add sugar;
  • pour in some lemon juice;
  • dilute the ground with the same ingredients;
  • add greens or sour cream.

One of the options mentioned here is sure to be suitable, as there is always one of the rescue products in the house. But, probably, the over-saling is not so terrible, if it happened precisely because of the love of the mistress!

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