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Do you know which state is the oldest and smallest? This is San Marino, whose sights we describe today. In the case of this country, its small size and antiquity only add to its merits. Rest in San Marino is remembered for a long time, and today you will find out why. We will tell for what it is worth to come here.

Approaching the city of San Marino, the capital of the state, you understand how he managed to preserve his independence to this day (from the 4th century). It is all about the mountain of Monte Titano that reliably protects it.

How to get there?

In order to get to San Marino, which attractions attract many tourists, you need to fly or drive to the two major cities of Italy, closest to the republic (Rimini or Bologna). From here, you can get to the capital by taxi, bus or your own car (trains do not run to San Marino because of the mountainous landscape that is uncomfortable for this type of transport).

Do I need a visa?

It will be enough to have an Italian visa in order to see the sights in San Marino. In any case, you will have to put it, since you cannot get to Mount Titan except through Italy. However, if you want, you can find in the capital of this tiny state a special office in which you will be given a San Marino stamp for memory in your passport (for a fee).

A bit about San Marino

Do you know where is San Marino on the map of Italy? This state is located in its very center, and its shape is an irregular quadrangle. The country is famous for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, long-livers and cachella caramel cakes. According to the life expectancy rating created on the basis of CIA data, only residents of Andorra live a little longer than Sanmarinians. There is not much space at the disposal of the local population (a little more than 60 sq. Km). However, this did not at all prevent him from settling down comfortably in 9 “castles” (here it has been called administrative districts since the Middle Ages), and also to turn his country into one of the most interesting tourist places.

Monte Titano and its role in the history of San Marino

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The sights of this country are concentrated mainly in the region of Monte Titano. It reliably protects the capital. The mountain rises 750 m above sea level. It is located in the Apennines and is composed of limestone. Its three-headed summit - Montale, Chest and Guaita - is crowned with three ancient towers. They are symbols of democracy and freedom of the Republic of San Marino. This mountain, as well as the historical center of the capital, are included by UNESCO in 2008 in the list of cultural heritage.

The whole life of the capital is compactly located on the slopes of Monte Titano. To get to San Marino, drive up the serpentine. When there were no cars, climbing this mountain was a serious obstacle for the conquerors.

During the Italian campaign, Napoleon decided that San Marino should be preserved as an example of freedom, and so he passed by. The republic managed to avoid ruin and to maintain neutrality during World War II. In 1503, Cesare Borgia took this fortress city, but after a few months, the Sanmarrians got rid of the tyranny.

In San Marino shopping

San Marino is popular among tourists as a duty free zone.However, this is not its only advantage. Stunning views of the hills of Italy open to the mountains of Monte Titano. Rimini, a popular seaside resort, is located just 22 kilometers from the city. You can see from the walls of the fortress in good weather and the Adriatic Sea.

San Marino and Rimini connects a multi-lane highway. Many Italians go shopping in the shops of this state. In the supermarkets of San Marino prices are encouraging.

The continuous flow of tourists ensures the state proximity to the seaside resort. The official language is Italian, and in Russian, which is very surprising to our compatriots, almost all sellers speak. It can be seen that tourists from Russia in the stores of San Marino are welcome guests.


If you are traveling in Europe by car, it should be noted that you can park the car under the very walls of the fortress, just 50 meters from the gate of San Francesco. Note that parking is paid, but the price is quite reasonable. Pay should be in the machine, and then put a check under the glass.

San Francesco Gate

They were built in the 14th century and were guard posts. You can get into the city through this gate.A medieval inscription has been preserved to this day, prescribing that weapons should not be carried into the city. Even for J. Garibaldi and his warriors, no exception was made. A small country throughout its history has defended itself as best it could. Today, ironically, being in this sunny peace-loving republic, you will not be able to take a step without meeting with a gun shop. In addition, there is the Museum of ancient weapons (about it later). In San Marino, you will find everything from slingshots with a sight and ending with knightly armor. It sells both state-of-the-art automatons and curved blades. Of course, this is only an imitation, but many items are made so believable that they can confuse experienced customs officers at airports in Italy.

Beyond the gate

Only walking route is possible from the gate. Violent trade reigns immediately behind them. However, rising higher up the mountain, you will find that people and fuss is getting smaller. Many travelers are not interested in landscapes and architecture, and prefer to go shopping.

The city was fortified with 3 rows of fortress walls, which were built at different times.The cloves on the towers are somewhat reminiscent of the Moscow Kremlin. On Monte Titano there are 3 ancient fortresses in total. Museums are located in two of them, and the third - just a tower, inside which there is no entrance. On the coat of arms of the state are three fortresses, as well as on the flag. Tell you more about them.

Coat of arms and flag of San Marino

The flag is a rectangular panel consisting of 2 horizontal stripes of the same size. From above - white, and from below - a light-blue strip. The image of the state emblem is placed in the center of the flag. The coat of arms is a shield surrounded by branches of laurel and oak, with the image of 3 towers. The crown is crowned with a shield, and below is a ribbon with the motto of the state "Libertas" (translated as "freedom"). The civil flag of San Marino differs from the official one in that there is no coat of arms in the center.

At the foot of the fortress

Modern sculptures are set at the foot of the fortress. Under the wall is the quarry crossbowmen. Competitions are still held here. Shooting with a crossbow has a lot of fans in San Marino (Italy).

Government Palace and Freedom Square

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Government Palace - "new building", its construction was completed in 1894.It was built on the site of an ancient, dating back to the 16th century. Images of St. Marino you will find over the clock of the palace. This is the founder of the state. He is surrounded by St. Leo and St. Agatha The Statue of Liberty (sculptor - Galatti) towers in front of the palace. In 1876 she was donated to the town of Geyrot-Wagener, a German countess. Behind the statue you will find a marble rose built into a stone pavement with a picture of a "rose of winds". Under the square there are tanks that were used to collect rainwater in the Middle Ages. The fact is that there are no rivers in the country, only a few mountain streams that run down from the slopes of Monte Titano. Therefore, an important source of drinking water in antiquity was precisely these tanks. A wonderful panoramic view opens from Freedom Square. From here you will see the city, as well as the Montalbo cemetery, which is considered to be another local landmark.

Church of San Francesco

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This church, as well as a monastery located nearby, was built around the beginning of the 15th century. The monastery, located in Murato, should be saved from the raids of Malatesta, so the pope decided to move him to a safe place, namely in San Marino (Italy).

Church del Santo Pieve

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This church is also a new building.Its construction was completed in the middle of the 19th century. Residents of the state acknowledged that irreparable damage was caused to the country when the old church of Pieve was demolished. She stood at the very origins of Christianity and was a unique monument of culture and history of San Marino.

Some of the relics of St. Marino are kept in front of the altar of this church, and to the right of it, in the "sacred chest" - the skull of this saint. By profession, this man was a bricklayer. When in the Roman Empire the emperor Diocletian made a Christian pogrom, he fled from Dalmatia and at the beginning of the 4th century AD er founded a small community, as well as a Christian parish at Mount Titano. This legendary character, who lived here a long life with his followers, was canonized by the Catholic Church after his death, and the state of San Marino was later named after him. The photo of the Church del Santo Pieve, in 1926 by decree of Pius XI attributed to the rank of councils, is presented above.

San pietro

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This church is located next to the cathedral. In San Pietro, before the beginning of the 18th century, the remains of St. Marino Right in the rock, behind the altar, 2 niches were built, which according to legend served as a bed for St. Marino and Leo.

Guiata (first fortress)

It is impossible to say exactly when its construction was deployed. It is only known that in 1371 there were already 3 fortresses on the mountain. We learn about this from documentary sources that the state of San Marino has. Approximately 10 century include the beginning of construction. During the long years of its existence, of course, the fortifications had to be restored and rebuilt many times.


Inside you will find an artillery gun, which Sanmarinis presented to the kings of Italy in the 19th century. Nowadays it produces idle shots on holidays. The fortress until the 60s of the 20th century was a prison.

Chesta (second fortress)

This fortress is sometimes called Fratt. It is rightly proud of the capital of San Marino. It was built in the 13th century. Like the rest of the fortress, Chest is located on the very edge of the cliff. It is located on the highest peak of Titano. Inside it today operates a museum of ancient weapons. If you decide to visit it, you will be interested to know that the ticket is a plastic card that you can give back at the exit and get 1 euro for each ticket. Ancient scenic paths lead from one fortress of San Marino to another.

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According to many tourists, the second is the most beautiful. Walk through the towers of the fortress, which hang over the cliff, can only those who have purchased a ticket to the museum of ancient weapons of San Marino. Reviews about his visit suggest that it is definitely worth buying. In total, the museum features about 700 exhibits dating back to 13-19 centuries.

Montale (third fortress)

It represents only one tower. Most likely, it was simply not completed because of the changed political situation. This tower was a watchtower and observation. She covered the left flank of Chesta.

Museums of San Marino

In this city you will find many museums: ancient weapons, wax figures, interesting things, modern weapons, torture, old cars, the National Museum, etc. Many people are attracted to the Museum of curiosities, which occupies a large area. Here you will find a collection of all sorts of oddities, as well as "the very-very." In his collection there is, for example, the egg of a prehistoric bird, considered the largest in the world. In addition, there is a wax figure of the fattest man in history (weighing 639 kg) and the tallest (2 meters tall 95 centimeters).You will also see the figure of Wilfred Hardy, an Englishman, famous for the most incredible tattoo. This person painted the inside of the gums, tongue and cheeks.

Temples in the vicinity of the capital

The environs of the capital are also famous for their historical monuments. The main attractions, in addition to many castles and other samples of urban planning of the Middle Ages, are unique temples. Temple complexes in the thousand-year history of the state played an important role. They provided propaganda for the ideals of brotherhood, freedom, hospitality, which always distinguished this ancient land. In addition, they served as scientific, cultural and educational centers. Among the most interesting are the church of St. Andrew, the castle of Monteserreto, located in Aquaviva. We also recommend visiting the San Marino Chapel in Baldserrone, carved out of a rocky massif. You can be attracted by the San Rocco Oratori complex located in Kailungo. Here you will find the canvas "Madonna and Child", dating back to 1594.

These are just some of the local attractions that San Marino is famous for.Photos, unfortunately, do not convey the full flavor of this country. A trip here, of course, you will remember for a long time. Tourists who have made a trip to Europe note that San Marino is one of the most interesting places.

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