Scrub for the scalp at home

Any woman wants to always look attractive and have beautiful long hair. To achieve their goal, women are ready to try a lot of cosmetics and spend big money on visiting various salons. They, sparing no effort, spend their time on gyms, exercises, massages and cosmetic procedures. Among all this, hair care is an important task that girls try to diligently perform. For the beauty of hair, good shampoos, conditioners, oils for split ends and paints that do not contain ammonia are acquired. But sometimes, despite all the efforts, the hair does not look as we would like. And what is it worth staying and just giving up? Or again spend a lot of money on another superfude for hair? Of course, many people do not even suspect that the key to beautiful and long curls is a properly selected specialized scrub for the scalp.

Why is it needed?

Scrub for the scalp

A good scrub is required to increase the speed of hair growth due to the renewal of the scalp. Many people forget that it is the same in structure and structure as the skin of the body. Accordingly, she needs some care. It is important to periodically clean out dead cells with the help of a scrub so that the skin can breathe. At the same time the removal of dead cells is not the main task of such a tool. Scrub is also needed to remove the remnants of care products from the skin, as many girls, using their hair, use all kinds of lacquers or skins. Regular shampooing does not help cleanse the skin of such cosmetics. Thus, gradually accumulating, such funds clog the pores, which blocks the access of oxygen to the roots. As a result, the hair begins to fade, becoming brittle and weak. Their growth slows down, dandruff appears. Scrub for the scalp will help to avoid all this. In this case, it can be purchased at the store, choosing a good company, or cook at home by yourself.

Scrubs from the store - yes or no?

Scrub for the scalp at home

Today, tools such as scrubs for hair, are quite common.Many manufacturers offer their mixtures to improve the condition of the hair, but how to figure out where the really high-quality product, and not just another deception? The answer to this question is quite simple: you need to acquire and use only known, proven time and people means.

Action scrub "Nature Siberika"

Quite a well-known product in the Russian market of cosmetics is the Scrub Natura Siberika. This tool is in a neat tube with a capacity of 200 ml and has a specific, but pleasant smell of sea buckthorn.

home scrub for the scalp

This scrub for the scalp, reviews of which are good, really deserves attention. It is an example of a quality product, as it copes with all the tasks for which it was created. The tool cleans the skin well, strengthens the hair at the roots, adds shine and removes dead skin cells. The only drawback of this scrub is the difficulty in its application. The structure of the packaging does not allow to evenly apply the product to the hair, but it is the simplicity of the design that makes the scrub so cheap. It is also necessary to remember that the sea buckthorn scalp scrub needs to be washed off.In addition, it is important to carry out the rinsing procedure several times, as otherwise the scrub particles may remain on the scalp, which will create some discomfort.

We are testing "Siberika"

The main ingredient of this scrub is a unique component - Altai sea buckthorn. Specialists of the company claim that they had to study a large number of varieties of sea buckthorn in order to identify the most useful variety of it, which is the basis of this product.

scrub for scalp reviews

Sea buckthorn grown in Altai is characterized by adaptogenic qualities, in addition, there are a large number of vitamins and essential amino acids useful for hair. Due to this, Scrub for the scalp "Nature Siberika" restores the health of the hair follicles, stimulates the hair roots, cleanses the skin well and carries out prevention that protects the hair from dandruff. And most importantly, according to the results of tests, this tool is suitable for any type of hair. Amino acids that are part of the scrub, deeply nourish the hair, while restoring their structure. In addition, thanks to sea buckthorn and Moroccan oils, keratin is formed, which adds shine and strength to the hair.

How to apply the tool

Siberian Scrub

This scrub for the scalp should be applied after washing the hair. It is necessary to rub the product in massaging movements for 3 minutes, then rinse the hair and scalp with plenty of water several times. After the procedure it is recommended to wash your hair with shampoo again. You can repeat the procedure no more than once a week.

Apply home scrubs

Scrub for the scalp at home can be prepared quite quickly and easily. Such funds produce the effect is not less impressive than the store. If you properly prepare a scrub for the scalp at home, it will perfectly clean the skin and promote hair growth. In order for the product to be effective, it is important not to deviate from the recipe of preparation, apply only once a week to damp hair and not to use on damaged skin.

Salt scrub at home

Scrub for the scalp natures of Siberia

Home Scrub for the scalp can be prepared on the basis of regular salt. This type of homemade hair care product is quite common thanks to a simple recipe and ingredients that are always at hand. A classic scrub is prepared from three tablespoons of fine salt, which must be diluted with warm water 1: 1.After that, this composition must be rubbed into the skin for 10-15 minutes, then allowed to stand for another five minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. In addition, you can mix the salt not only with water, but take, for example, kefir, olive oil or a special hair balm.

Another option

You can also make a scrub for the scalp at home from salt and lavender. A couple of tablespoons of salt must be diluted with one yolk and juice, squeezed out of half a lemon. After mixing these ingredients, add a few drops of lavender oil. After this, it is necessary to spread the scalp with the prepared mixture and evenly distribute it through the hair. Massage for ten minutes and leave for another five minutes to soak in the product, then rinse with shampoo.

Homemade coffee scrub

In addition to salt scrub at home, you can prepare a high-quality and effective remedy of aromatic coffee. Coffee scrub is quite popular, as it not only improves the growth of hair, but also strengthens the hair itself, its bulb, and improves blood circulation.

sea ​​buckthorn scrub

In order to prepare such a scrub yourself, you need a sleeping coffee grounds.It remains in the Turk, after natural coffee was brewed there, small grains of coffee are visible on its bottom. Of course, such a product must be clean, without the addition of milk, sugar and cream. According to the recipe for making coffee cleanser, you need to take two tablespoons of sleeping coffee and a spoonful of honey, which is heated to a liquid state, as well as yolk and a little lemon juice.

All these ingredients need to be mixed until a homogeneous mixture is formed, after which the agent is allowed to infuse, and then it is easy to apply it on the scalp with massaging movements. Then you should wear a special hat or bag. You can also wrap the hair on top with a towel and let the scrub soak in for half an hour. After this, it is necessary to massage the scalp again for about five minutes and thoroughly wash off the scrub with shampoo. It should be borne in mind that scrub for the head of coffee can affect the pressure. In addition, such a tool can give your hair a certain characteristic shade, and if for brunettes it is not scary, then for blondes it is unlikely to be a pleasant addition. In addition, do not forget that coffee can be allergic.

Regardless of whether you buy a scrub for the scalp of Siberik or another brand or prepare it yourself at home, you should remember the rules for its use: use no more than once a week and thoroughly rinse with water using shampoo.

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